Amelia Campbell is a 16 year old girl, with a violent past. She's in a psychiatrist hospital, and tries to escape. Suddenly she meets a boy named Blake Harris, who's also in the psychiatrist hospital. Together they escape and hides from the world. What do think happens? Do they get caught?

Hey everyone! This is my first story and i'm quite excited to write it. But i'm not sure how good or bad it is, but I hope you'll enjoy it!


3. A friend?

Amelia's POV

We've been walking for quite a long time, maybe 3 hours. Why didn't we just fucking steal a car? Or at least a bike? I am so fucking exhausted. 

"Can we take break again? My legs are dying." We have already taken 2 breaks, and of course in some hidden areas. Blake stops and looks at me. 

"We're there soon. I promise. Maybe only one mile left." I sigh and looks down. "Want me to carry you or something?" He laughs. I frown and starts walking again. 

"I have 2 legs, but thanks for the offer." I say sarcastic. He laughs again, and starts to walk. We finally get to the destination. It’s a grey house in a dark area, with an old brown door. Blake opens the door carefully and looks inside. It’s dark, and everything seems old.

“Is this your old house?” I ask him.

“Yeah, it is.” He says while he walks inside a big room. He turns on some light, and i blink a few times to get used to it. I see an old green couch and a little brown table. There’s a small tv and a few books on the table.

“Welcome home.” Blake says to himself. “What do you think?” He turns to me, while he’s smiling.

“Not bad. But you need some new furnitures.” I look around. He chuckles.

“I guess I do.” He nods and smiles to himself again. He sits down on the couch and claps beside of him to make me sit down. I roll my eyes, I sit down and enjoys this relaxing feeling, and gets an overwhelming feeling of tiredness. I sigh in relief. 

"What now?" I turn to him and he looks at me. 

"I don't know." He shrugs and leans back. "We'll find out tomorrow." He closes his eyes and yawns. A few moments later he's asleep. I smile and take my shoes of and places my legs on the couch to make myself comfortable. Even though it's a little weird that we sleep on the same couch, I don't want to get up and find somewhere else to sleep. I'm too tired for that. 




Blake's POV

I slowly open my eyes and rub them as I yawn. I feel something on my lab and look down to see 2 feet, with some black socks on, lying there. I look to my left and see Amelia sleeping peacefully. I smile. She's actually pretty cute. I carefully tries to wake her up.

"Hey, Amelia. It's time to wake up now." I say, almost in a whisper. She moves a little and begins to wake up. I giggle and look at her slowly waking up.

“What time is it?” She asks while rubbing her eyes. I look at my old clock on the wall.

“It’s almost 11am.” She yawns. Her hair is a little messy, but mine is probably too. When she's about to sit up she realizes that her feet is on my lab. She quickly sets them in the ground and looks away blushing. I smile and looks down too. 

"E-Ehm.. Sorry about that." She says. 

"Oh, no no it's fine. You were asleep, you didn't know." I say and look at her. She looks up and smiles. Maybe we can actually be friends? I get up and find some old clothes in my bedroom. A white t-shirt and some blue jeans i put on. I get a small black hoodie for her.

"Sorry I don't really have any clothes in your size, but this hoodie is the smallest clothes I have. You probably have to wear the pants from the psychiatrist hospital until we find something else." I hand her the hoodie. She nods and takes the hoodie on over her shirt. It's a little too big and I laugh. She takes her arms out to the sides and looks down at her self while smiling. 

"I like it. It's big and very comfy." She hugs herself with a big smile on her face. 

"Glad you like it! But we have to go now. I have a friend in the area, but we have to be carefull so the police don't find us." She frowns.

"The police? You think the police are after us?" 

"Yes. I mean, we did knock those guards out." I go to the bathroom and tries to set my hair a little in the mirror. I hear her go to the kitchen and take something in a drawer. I listen to her footsteps that's heading to the bathroom. Did she take a knife or something? Is she going to kill me? When she reaches the bathroom I see that she has a fork in her hand. I take a step back, but then she begins to brush her hair with it. I sigh in relief. 

"What? Do you really think I would stab you down with a fork? If I would stab you down I would've taken a knife." I look at the mirror again and smiles awkwardly. Wow, i'm really paranoid, what the fuck. 

"Um.. We really have to go soon, if we wan't to be safe." I say trying to change the subject. I walk out of the bathroom and waits for her at the door. She gets herself done, and we walk out. 

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