Jack's Story


2. two

Chapter two

   All through the winter months Dad worked the orchestra really hard.

   Come springtime the orchestra was ready to go out and perform in the park for the enjoyment of the general public.

   It was great. We were on from 10am to 2 pm then again from 5pm to 7pm. Friday Saturday and Sunday, what a life. The weather was glorious, Dave and I had plenty of time to chat up the girls, Josh, who was gay, had several of his friends come around too. All this happened while waiting for our cues. In fact, we had quite a following, mainly from the gigs we played.

   Gramps was replaced by a girl named Jill who thankfully didn’t need waking up. In fact, the reverse would happen. I would be busy chatting with my friends and she would call me back so, thankfully, I didn’t miss my turn to play.

   There was this one girl that caught my eye she was quite a looker with big breasts and a very nice arse. She obviously worked nearby and would come during her midday break. She would sit on one of the deckchairs and eat her lunch while watching and listening to us play.

   One Friday the other boys bet me I couldn’t get her number. Always up for a challenge, I nipped over to where she was sitting and said a quick hello. Returning just in time after finding out her name was Sandy to receive my cue to play.

   On the following day, Saturday, she came over to see me before eating her lunch. We arranged to meet in the park later at seven thirty giving me time to change into something more casual.

  It was just approaching twilight, when I arrived at the north entrance of the park and, as agreed, Sandy was waiting for me. There were only a few people around it being just over an hour until the park’s closing time. I had changed from my uniform into loose fitting trousers and a tank top with a hood. We kissed, awkward at first but by the time we had slowly walked and talked about this and that, it became quite natural to stop and kiss every now and then.

  We sat side by side on a secluded bench, kissing and cuddling. My left hand slipped under her top, and worked its way without resistance to her breast which I fondled, until the nipple hardened. That’s when she started to poked her tongue into my mouth; French kissing was a turn on for me.

   I took her hand and guided it down to meet my rising shaft. Once there I could feel her hand moving up and down it length through the fabric of my pants. It felt so good. The next thing I felt was skin on skin. She had gone through my elasticated waist band and was now holding my dick. Before I knew it, she had taken control of the situation. She removed my hand from under her top, then stood up, and began walking. I had to follow, she was still holding me tightly. She told me she was looking for a place where we could lay down together.

  Unfortunately, the movement of walking and her holding was akin to stroking and I could not help myself. Laughing she wiped her wet hand on my tank top hood. I was really embarrassed. She kissed me goodbye as we left the park saying she would see me at lunchtime tomorrow.

   At about midday Sandy came and we had a good laugh over what had happened the previous night. She said it was her fault and next time we would find a place first before doing anything.

  Hopefully I thought it was the beginning of a friendship which would have many shared experiences.

   Sandy and I were lying in the long grass hidden from sight having a bit of for play before actually fucking when this blasted dog came out of nowhere and stood there barking. Hastily we had adjusted our clothes before its owner came to investigate. By the time she and her damn dog had left, frustratingly my body was no longer in the mood for sex, which had never ever happened to me before.

  I was relieved to find in bed that night alone everything was back to normal and working well.

  Naturally in the morning when chatting with my friends Josh and Dave about getting my leg over the previous evening, no way was I going to admit what really happened instead, I lied.

    Sandy had the house all to herself over the weekend. To say I was tense by the time Saturday arrived would be an understatement. I think the problem was we went straight to bed and, once again, I couldn’t get an erection. I must admit Sandy tried everything. I tossed and turned most of the night eventually falling asleep.

  In the morning I was late arriving at the park having overslept amongst other things. Even the telling off from Dad about my timekeeping didn’t affect the happy mood I was in.

   Around midday Sandy came and we openly had a quick kiss.  

  When I arrived home that evening Dad wasn’t finished with me yet, “Jack Your mother was worried you didn’t come home last night.”

  “I stayed at a friend’s house. No big deal, okay.” I declared defensively.

  “No, it’s not okay.”   

  “But I’m almost eighteen.”   

  “That’s not the point. Your mother was worried.”  

  “Sorry, I didn’t think.

  “Well next time if you feel the need to stay away from home, tell her. Alright.” Then he gave me a smile and asked to my surprise, “What’s her name?”  

   “Sandy,” I replied, knowing he had seen us kiss.

   “She looks nice,” he replied then spoilt it by saying, “I hope you’re using protection.”  

    “DAD,” I said somewhat shocked.

    OMG! I thought to be honest when I woke up this morning finding I had an erection I was more than happy to make love to Sandy. It was only now that Dad mentioned it, I realised, I hadn’t worried about protection at the time.


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