Jack's Story


3. three

Chapter three

  Sandy didn’t answer her mobile phone or reply to any of my texted messages all week.  I even left a message on her parents answering machine. Eventually I popped over to the house where I rang the bell and banged on the front door but found no one in. Once again, I tried Sandy’s mobile number and to my surprised I heard its ringing tone coming from inside the building. Several thoughts went through my mind. Maybe she was there and didn’t want to see me. No way that was impossible. Or she was pregnant and was waiting to be certain before confronting me. Maybe she had just gone out without her phone. Whatever it was, I hoped to see her in the park when next I played.

  Friday at the park there was still no sign of her. By midday Saturday I was about to tear my hair out, when I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket it was a text from Sandy, saying, “Just arrived home, hope to see you tonight. As home alone once again, hope you can stay the night.”

  After texting her back to confirm that I would be there tonight. There was no way I could just wait until this evening. As soon as our morning session ended and my drums were safely stowed away in the lock up under the bandstand’s stage area. I was off.

   Sandy opened the door and greeted me with a surprised smile and a hug. I was so tensed up that instead of being relieved at seeing her, no sooner had I got through the door did I demanded to know where she had been all week. And what a dumb thing it was to leave her phone behind so I couldn’t reach her.

   To say the response, I got from Sandy was a bit chilly was to put it mildly. In no uncertain terms she stated that her coming and goings were none of my business.

   I apologised and told her that not answering my phone calls and text messages had worried me. So much so that when I visited her house and found it empty and hearing her personal phone tune playing when I rang her mobile, I was  very worried something bad had happened to her. 

   As I was telling her this, I could see Sandy begin to thaw and when I finished. she hugged me saying she was sorry she had both forgotten to tell me she was going away and that she had left he phone behind.

   I almost didn’t make it back to the afternoon session   but Sandy insisted that I go and honour my commitment.

   After the session in the park, while loading up my drumkit into Dad’s van, I asked him to tell mum I wouldn’t be home tonight, and yes, I had protection.

   Later back with Sandy and before having sex this time I mentioned protection. I was relieved to hear that from an early age she’d had something called a coil fitted and so it was alright to have unprotected sex.    

   Sandy was my first real girlfriend and I learnt a lot about relationships from being with her. However, I eventually got fed up with her wanting to be top dog and always taking control all the time.  It also amazes me how once having got my leg over a few times, the other girls seemed to sense it and got interested. Yet one never knows when one has a good thing going until one loses it. So, it was with Sandy and me. The next girl named Susan was very outgoing and had lots of friends and we went to a load of parties. But when it came to sex she was a dead loss. She just lay they’re passively waiting. Nothing like the rough and tumble, I was used to with Sandy, who gave as good as she got.

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