Jack's Story


4. four

Chapter four

   The summer flew by. It was almost time for change. We had enjoyed our lazy way of doing things; somehow, we never did go on that trip. Instead we spent the time and most of our money on going out with our friend.     

   Suddenly it was the last Sunday of the season before going to university. We were playing for about an hour when it started to rain. It was torrential and, although under cover, there was a strong wind that drove the rain in and nearly everything including my drums, got drenched. By the time the rain had stopped and the sun had come out, it was too late for us. We were like drowned rats, I was more worried about my drum set than myself. Because that evening it was a big night for the trio. We were to play in a real jazz club, which was a first for us.

  When I contacted the club concerning my wet drum kit, I was relieved to hear that they were expecting me to use the ones already set up,

    We were the last to perform. The audience was packed full of our friends, who clapped and cheered when we came on.

   At first, I tested the drums as a warm up and, to be honest they were better than my own.

   Thankfully the audience love us, especially my arrangement, it was so cool, we were joined by several of the other musicians in an adlib jazz session, which ,lasted well into the following morning. It was a good way to end the trio’s playing as I could not take my drums away to university.


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