Jack's Story


5. five

Chapter five  

   I gave Mom a goodbye hug.

   Yesterday had been her birthday and like a dutiful son I had come home on a surprise visit. It had been my first visit back since leaving some three months earlier to go to university. Last night it had felt strange sleeping on my own.

  I had got used to hearing Tom’s snoring and the occasional loud fart in the night.

 I had found it easy to make friends and had joined a band. Thankfully Dad didn’t have to bring my drum set as this chap Jimmy had a set in his garage-come-studio that I could use. Although I was still in contact with Susan, sex long distance didn’t work for me. So, naturally, I had found someone new.      

 After breakfast dressed in my leather gear, I was almost ready to leave. I rang Dina before putting on my helmet.

   I must have interrupted her singing, for in the background I could hear the sound of the band’s latest tape recording.

   “Hi. Sorry to disturb you, but you did ask me to ring before I left.”

  Dina’s husky voice came back, “No problem. I’m here with Jimmy and we’re just going over a couple of songs. When you get here we can have a live session. Drive carefully, love you.”

   “Okay I will. Love you too. See you in a few hours. Bye.”

     Helmet on now, I gave Mom a wave and was off. The motorway to the university was heavy with traffic and slow moving most of the time, that’s until I hit the tail end of a jam. Even though I maneuvered my bike between cars, I arrived at the turn off ramp very late. Wanting to make up time with just a few miles to go, I opened the throttle and accelerated to top speed. I had just come over the rise in the road when the dog ran out.

   Jimmy White swore as he clicked off his phone.

   “Well, what’s wrong?” Dina asked, seeing the annoyed look on his face. Jimmy swore again, “It’s Jack. He’s broken his bloody arm.

   “Oh no, what’s happened?” Dina anxiously inquired. Jack was not only their drummer but her boyfriend.

   “The bloody idiot has only crashed his blooming bike,” Jimmy informed her. He then started moaning about how Jack had let them all down and where was he going to find a replacement.

“Hell, bugger all that,” Dina said interrupting Jimmy’s ranting. “How’s Jack?”

 “What do you mean bugger that?” Jimmy asked. “You’re the singer and it’s your one big chance as well as the bands. Oh Jack. Yeah, he said he had a busted arm, which is now in plaster, and some bruises. Other than that, he told me to tell you he’s okay.”


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