The Snowing A novel

Tony Daniels and his sister Zara, are normal thirteen year old teenagers. When it snows heavily across America, they're trapped in New York where they meet all kinds of people who are waiting to be saved from death.


1. The Snowing-Prologue


​New York, December 23, 2017; 5:00 PM.

It started with the heavy snow. 

Tony Daniels gazed out of his bedroom window in New York.

He was with his sister, Zara. "Mom is way. And so is Dad", she said. She glanced at the workers outside shovelling frantically with their shovels in their hard hands; she saw several of them ignoring them, as they continued on their work, alone.


Tony gripped his grey coat with his cold hands. He looked at Zara. She walked to the brown wardrobe in the middle of the spacious room. As she opened it with her small, left hand, she heard the sound of shouting coming from outside. "Something's happening. I know it!", he said. Zara watched him, and they saw the snow falling across Times Square.


The woman stared at the old man.

"It's a bad end, Evan". 

"Nothing's ever 'bad'; nothing. I mean there's so much trouble these days. And the snow's creating more ​problems", he said. He lit up a cigarette. The burning flames illuminated his lined face. "It's Harvey Oliver's fault", the woman said. The old man shook his head. He was concerned about his wife, Edna. She was thinking about their fortieth wedding anniversary; she was eager to see him grin, as the snow battered the city that never sleeps. "Harvey Oliver is corrupt", the woman added. By five-ten PM, the night's glow dimmed. The old man shook his head. He was shattered by the news that his son, Chad, was dead in a car accident last month. Chad, who turned forty-four on November 5, had been driving his blue 2012 van, when he crashed into another car. Their deaths was the beginning of the trouble; their lives weren't the same as before. The woman's hazel eyes gleamed by the lamplight. She sipped her warm coffee. And, when she scanned the news app about the wintery storm, she knew that Evan would dream of a better future.


Tony stared at the falling snow. He pondered on the news that the weather was awful. It was a nightmare, as everyone knew that the time was right to seek help after darkness fell in the city.

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