The Snowing A novel

Tony Daniels and his sister Zara, are normal thirteen year old teenagers. When it snows heavily across America, they're trapped in New York where they meet all kinds of people who are waiting to be saved from death.


2. The Snowing-Part One


The woman watched the African-American preacher holding up a large sign. It read: ​JESUS SAVES THOSE WHO KNOW THE TRUTH​. She wasn't Catholic, nor Jewish, or Muslim; she was an atheist. She bared her sharp teeth, and chomped on some sugar cubes. "It's not fair; it's my fault", she said. 

And she walked down 131st and 7th avenue...and watched the workers using their shovels to get rid of the heavy snow.


Tony heard it first. 

The wailing sirens of the fire truck. He saw a dozen people holding grey hoses in their hands; he saw them were anxious, as if the fire was going to be an inferno. Zara shook her head. She was determined not to think of her parents. They were away on business in town. "The snow will cause massive delays", she said. Tony, who was drinking coffee, gazed at her. "Yes, it'll be fine once everything clears up", he stated. And she nodded, as she waited for help to arrive.

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