The Life He Didn't Live

What if James and Lily had lived? What if Harry had a twin?



3. Chapter Three

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"Hermione, we're here!" Jessa gasped from the window. "Look, I can see Hogwarts!" 

"You can?" Hermione shrieked, leaping up from her seat. "Let me see!" 

Jessa and Hermione stood side-by-side by the window, beaming out at the castle they could just barely see. It was beautiful, shrouded by mist, the black, starry sky as a backdrop. 

"It's beautiful." Hermione murmured. 

"Yeah, it is." Jessa whispered back. "I can't believe we're actually here." 

A crackling voice echoed throughout the compartments. "Attention, students. We have arrived at Hogsmeade Station. Please leave all your luggage on the train; it will be taken to the school for you."

The train shuddered to a stop, and all along the train, there were clattering noises as the students got ready to disembark. 

"Come on, Hermione, it's time to go!" Jessa grabbed Hermione's hand, and a small over-the-shoulder bag, and pulled Hermione out into the hallway. "Look, there's Harry and Ron. Let's go with them." 

Giggling, the two girls raced up to Harry and Ron. 

"Hi." Jessa gasped out around her giggles. 

"Hi?" Ron said uncertainly. "Who's your friend?" 

"This is Hermione Granger." Jessa explained. "She's my new best friend!" 

"Am I taking someone else's place as best friend?" Hermione suddenly looked worried. "I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings!" 

"No, Hermione, I meant you're my first friend." Jessa said. "Besides my brother, of course." 

"Oh." Hermione said. "Well, you're my first friend, too. Now come on!"

This time, Hermione grabbed Jessa's hand, and the pair raced out into the night air. 

"Firs' years over here!" A loud, booming voice sounded. "Firs' years this way! Firs' years over here!" 

"I think we're supposed to go over there." Jessa said, pointing towards the source of the voice. 

"No, really?" Hermione gave Jessa an exasperated look. 

Jessa rolled her eyes. "Come on." 

The two girls headed over to the loud voice. 

"Hi, Hagrid." Harry's voice came from behind Jessa. 

"Woah!" And there was Ron. 

Jessa stood on his foot. 

"Hello there, Harry, Jessa." Hagrid beamed down on them. "And Harry and Jessa's friends!" he looked back up around the platform. "This all the firs' years? Right, then, follow me!" 

A group of timid looking eleven-year-olds followed after Hagrid. Except Jessa didn't look timid at all. 

"Watch your heads!" Hagrid called, as the group passed under an overhang of rock, into a cave. Of course, Hagrid was really the only one who had to watch his head. 

"No more'n four to a boat!" Hagrid called. 

The first years were confused, until Hagrid lit what appeared to be a torch, revealing a fleet of little boats. 

"Come on Harry, Ron, Hermione!" Jessa leapt into a boat, before offering her hand to Hermione. 

"Everyone in a boat?" Hagrid, who had a whole boat to himself, looked over the first years. "Right, then. Forward!" 

With a little lurch, the fleet of boats moved out from the cave. They had only gone a short ways when they bumped up against the opposite shore, once more in a cave. 

"Follow me." Hagrid instructed. 

He led them up a flight of stairs, until they were out of the cave. Then he led them up another flight of stairs, to a large set of double doors. 

"Is everyone here?" Hagrid asked. "You, there," he pointed at a rather plump boy clutching a toad, "You've still got your toad?" 

The boy nodded. 

"Alrigh' then." Hagrid turned around and knocked three times on one of the doors, before they swung open. 

"Thank you, Hagrid." said a crisp voice. "I can take them from here." 

A severe-looking woman in emerald green robes was standing in the doorway. Her black hair was tied tightly into a bun at the back of her head, and was nearly hidden by a large, green, pointed hat. 

"That's Professor McGonagall." Jessa whispered to Hermione. "She's the head of Gryffindor, and she's deputy headmistress." 

"I know," Hermione hissed back, "She's the one who brought me my letter." 

"Oh," Jessa muttered, turning back to Professor McGonagall. 

Hagrid sidled into the castle, and through a pair of doors through which a lot of chattering was echoing. Professor McGonagall, however, lead them through a single door, off to the side. It turned out to be a rather small chamber, and all the first years crowded in, standing rather closer together than they usually would have. 

"My name is Professor McGonagall." she said briskly. "The start of term banquet will begin shortly, but before you take your seats in the Great Hall, you will be sorted into your houses. The Sorting is a very important ceremony because, while you are here, your house will be something like your family within Hogwarts. You will have classes with the rest of your house, sleep in your house dormitory and spend free time in your house common room.

'The four houses are called Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin. Each house has its own noble history and each has produced outstanding witches and wizards. While you are at Hogwarts, your triumphs will earn your house points, while any rule-breaking will lose house points. At the end of the year, the house with the most points is awarded the House Cup, a great honour. I hope each of you will be a credit to whichever house becomes yours.

'The Sorting Ceremony will take place in a few minutes in front of the rest of the school. I suggest you all smarten yourselves up as much as you can while you are waiting." 

Her eyes lingered on a smudge on Ron's nose, and the boy-with-the-toad's cloak, which was fastened rather strangely under his ear. Harry began smoothing his hair down nervously. 

"Would I look better if my hair was straight?" Jessa turned nervously to Hermione, while at the same time causing her hair to straighten. Already down to her waist when curled, Jessa's hair was now nearly at her knees, and extremely thick. 

"It looks very pretty either way, but if you're going to keep it straight, maybe shorten it a bit, and make it a bit thinner." Hermione suggested. 

Jessa nodded, scrunching up her face again. Her hair shortened to just above her waist, and no longer as thick and full of static. 

"This better?" Jessa whispered. 

"It looks fine, Jessa, please stop with the Metamorphosing!" Harry hissed. "People are staring." 

"People would be staring anyway, Harry, you know that." Jessa was going to keep speaking, but was cut off by the pale boy from the train; Draco Malfoy.

"So it's true." he said. "What they were saying from the train. The Potter twins have come to Hogwarts." 

All throughout the crowd of first years, Jessa could hear the name being passed around; Potter, Potter, Potter... 

"Yeah, maybe." Harry said. "Who are you?" 

"My name's Malfoy. Draco Malfoy." Malfoy said. 

Ron snorted. 

"What, do you think that's funny?" Malfoy snapped. "There's no need you ask yours; Red hair, hand-me-down robes, freckles... you're obviously a Weasley." 

Ron's ears began turning red. "Shove off, Malfoy." 

"What does red hair have to do with anything?" Jessa stepped forward. "Am I a Weasley?" 

"I dunno, are you?" Malfoy snapped. 

Jessa turned her hair blonde, like Malfoy's. "What about now, am I your sister now?" It turned black. "Am I only Harry's sister now, Malfoy, because my hair looks like his?" 

Jessa turned her hair back to red. "And by the way, I don't like your tone. Do you have a problem with the Weasley family?" 

"My father told me that the Weasley's are the biggest blood-traitor family there is, not to mention the poorest." Malfoy sneered. "So if I were you, I wouldn't hang around with them." 

"Leave Jessa alone." Hermione said quietly, also stepping forward. 

"And who are you?" Malfoy looked disgusted. "I've never seen you before, so you're obviously not a pure-blood." 

"I'm Hermione Granger, and for your information, I'm a Muggleborn." Hermione snapped.

Malfoy smirked. "A Muggleborn? Gee, Potters, I don't really like your taste. Weasleys and Mudbloods? That's who you choose to hang around with?" 

"I'm warning you, Malfoy, you better shut your big fat mouth!" Jessa shouted, taking another step forward. 

Malfoy did not back down. "Are you gonna fight me?" he sneered. 

"If I have to!" Jessa's voice rang out in the silent chamber. 

"Miss Potter!" McGonagall had returned, and she appeared scandalized. "I will ask you to compose yourself!"

"Yes Professor McGonagall." Jessa muttered, glaring daggers at Malfoy, who was smirking again. 

McGonagall took a breath, and looked over the first years. "We're ready for you now." 

She led the first years back through the Entrance Hall, and into the Great Hall, past the student tables, and had them gather near the Head Table. 

"When I call your name," she said, "You will come forward, place the Sorting Hat on your head, and be Sorted into your House. You will then join them at the appropriate table." McGonagall unravelled a long scroll. 

"Abbot, Hannah." she called. 

Hannah stumbled slightly as she walked forward, before she sat on a stool and McGonagall lowered the Sorting Hat onto her head. It fell past her eyes. 

"I'll kill Fred!" Ron was muttering behind Jessa. "He kept going on about wresting trolls!" 

"HUFFLEPUFF!" The Sorting Hat declared. Hannah hurried off to join the applauding table. 

As Emma, Bloom was Sorted, Harry and Ron started talking again behind Harry. 

"My brothers'll kill me if I'm not in Gryffindor." Ron was saying. "They already like to tease me enough as it is." 

"Well, they don't sound like great brothers then." Hermione muttered, not taking her eyes off of Chris, Blackman, as he was sent into Ravenclaw and Crabbe, Vincent stepped up.

"Don't worry, Ron, I'm sure you'll go into Gryffindor. Your entire family has been." Jessa said, bouncing slightly. "Gosh, that boy looks like a troll." 

Donaldson, Aubree was the first Gryffindor, while Fredrickson, Harold went to Slytherin.  

"Granger, Hermione!" McGonagall called. 

"Oh no," Hermione gasped. "Okay, relax." 

"She's mental." Ron muttered. 

"Shut up, Ronald." Jessa snapped. She was nearly at a breaking point, she was so nervous. 

"GRYFFINDOR!" the Hat shouted. 

"YES!" Jessa yelled. "YAY, HERMIONE!" 

Hermione grinned at her, before hurrying to join the cheering Gryffindors. 

Predictably, Malfoy was put in Slytherin, as was Goyle, Gregory. After much to much time, Potter, Harry was called forward. 

"Oh, Godric, Harry, please don't go to Slytherin." Jessa whispered. "Not with Malfoy. You won't last a day." 

After what seemed like ages, the Hat made a decision. "GRYFFINDOR!" he declared to the Hall. 

Ron and Harry grinned at each other, but Jessa was to busy starting towards the stool to pay attention. 

Why, hello there, Miss Potter. A small voice spoke in her ear. I've been looking forward to getting to Sort you.

"Well then, you best get on with it, shouldn't you?" Jessa muttered.

Pushy, I see. Well then... the Hat seemed to be deliberating. While you are loyal, I can't see you being very successful in Hufflepuff... plenty of smarts, but Ravenclaw doesn't seem quite right either... Well, you're much like your brother, aren't you? Slytherin or Gryffindor, you could do fabulously in each. 

"Don't you dare put me in Slytherin." Jessa hissed. "Don't. You. Dare."

And what's wrong with Slytherin? the hat asked. 

"Nothing's wrong with the House, but I cannot spend seven years in the same common room as a git like Malfoy." Jessa snapped. "No, don't even think about it one more second. I refuse to go to Slytherin." 

Well, you could have said it nicer. the Hat huffed. At least your brother has manners. 

"Yeah, yeah, just tell me where to go already." Jessa whispered. 

Well, it seems the only option left is... 

"GRYFFINDOR!" The Hat shouted to the Hall. Jessa breathed a sigh of relief, before taking the Hat off and heading over to sit with Harry and Hermione. 

"I can't tell you how happy I am that this is over." Jessa sighed. "What are they thinking, telling us who we have to spend essentially the rest of our childhoods with, on the very first day that we've met each other? Shouldn't they at least wait, like, a week?" 

"I dunno, Jessa, but just hope that we get Ron, too, would you?" Harry said, watching James, Jessica get Sorted into Hufflepuff. 

Ron did get Sorted into Gryffindor, as did a handful of other boys and girls. The Sorting was over. Dumbledore stood. 

"Before we all get muddled by our excellent feast, I have a few notices to hand out, one of which is extremely important." he said, smiling down at the Students. "First years, please note, the Dark Forest on the grounds is strictly forbidden to all students. A few of our older students should know by now, as well." His eyes seemed to flick in the direction of the Weasley twins, who grinned. 

"Mr. Filch has asked me to remind you that magic is forbidden in the corridors between classes, and that several items have been added to the list of forbidden items. The full list can be found on his office door, and I believe it now comprises of 427 items. And lastly, the third-floor corridor on the left-hand side is strictly off-limits to anyone who doesn't wish to die a most painful death."

"I think that is all of importance. Tuck in!" Dumbledore's eyes twinkled, and he sat down. The tables filled with food, and the first years gasped. 

"Woah!" Hermione gasped. "Where did it all come from?" 

"The... kitchens?" Ron looked at her confusedly. "Where else would it come from?" 

Hermione turned pink. 

"Oh, shove off, Ronald." Jessa said, helping herself to a handful of crisps. 

"Well then." Ron huffed. 

"Oh, come on, you two, be nice." Harry said, trying to stifle his laughter. 

Jessa rolled her eyes and took a bite of an apple. 

After a while, the food disappeared, only to be replaced by the desserts. There were blocks of ice cream, stacks of doughnuts, mounds of puddings, and more. The students ate until they couldn't eat another bite, and then the desserts disappeared, just like the food. The golden plates were left sparkling and clean. 

Dumbledore stood up again. "Well, now that you are all fed and watered, I think it's time for you all to go to bed. You've got a long day of classes tomorrow. Off you trot!" 

There was a deafening scraping noise as all the benches were pushed back and the students stood. 

"First years!" Percy Weasley, the Gryffindor prefect and Ron's brother, called down the table. "First years over here! First years!" 

"What is with everyone shouting for the first years?" Jessa mumbled. All the same, she followed Hermione over to Percy. 

"My name is Percy Weasley." Percy began explaining. "I am one of the Gryffindor prefects. I will be showing you the way to your dormitories, as well as some of the aspects of Hogwarts. Follow me, please!" 

The first years all followed after Percy, trying hard not to be the ones to lead the group. 

"Oh, for the love of the grindilows..." Jessa marched right up to the front of the group. "Well, lead on, Percy." 

Emboldened slightly by Jessa's example, the first years all looked less timid as they followed Percy and Jessa. 

"Careful on the staircases," Percy said, leading them up one. "They like to change. Keep up, please, we don't want someone to be left behind." 

The first years all stared around as they walked up staircase after staircase. 

"How many staircases are there in Hogwarts?" Jessa asked Percy. 

"Well, um, at least one hundred." Percy said. 

"Actually, there are  one hundred and forty two staircases, all throughout the castle." Hermione said knowledgeably. "I read about them in Hogwarts; A History." 

Percy spluttered, but Jessa just shrugged. 

"That's a lot of stairs." 

"Right, well, keep up, please, first years!" Percy said, turning around and continuing to lead them up more stairs. 

After twenty minutes, and what seemed like all one hundred and forty two staircases, they finally stopped in front of a portrait of a very fat woman, dressed all in pink silk. 

"Password?" she asked. 

"Caput Draconis." Percy said. 

The fat lady swung open, and the first years clambered through a circular hole in the wall. 

"That was the Fat Lady." Percy explained, once all the first years were gathered in the cozy little room. "This is Gryffindor Tower. There is a password that you have to give to the Fat Lady before she will grant you access to the Portrait Hole. Sometimes the passwords will be changed, but there will be a notice on the bulletin board the day before telling you the new one. The notice will be taken down the day after the password change. 

"The first year dormitories are just upstairs, boys on your left, girls on your right. Breakfast begins at six o'clock tomorrow morning, and ends at eight thirty. Classes begin at nine. Sleep well, tomorrow will be a busy day for you, adjusting to your home for the year." 

Percy marched away up the stairs. Slowly, the first years dispersed to their separate dorms. 

"Goonight, Harry." Jessa hugged her brother. "See you in the morning." 

"Yeah, goodnight." Harry waved at her as he disappeared into the first year boys dorms. 

"Let's go, Jessa." Hermione took Jessa's hand and led her through the door to the first year girls' dorms. There were three other girls already in there. 

"Hello," Jessa said. "What are your names?" 

A girl with ginger hair spoke first. "I'm Aubree Donaldson. This is Fay Dunbar," she gestured towards a girl with long black hair, "This is Lavender Brown," a girl with blonde curly hair, "And Parvati Patil," a girl with long dark hair and dark eyes. "Parvati's twin, Padma, is a Ravenclaw." 

"Cool." Jessa nodded. "Well, I'm Jessa Potter," 

"And I'm Hermione Granger." Hermione added. 

"Now that we've all been introduced," Lavender said waspishly, "May I please get some sleep?" 

She snapped the curtains around her bed closed. 

"Don't worry," Fay Dunbar whispered to Hermione and Jessa, "She's been like that all night. I think your names are both beautiful and unique, and you've both got really pretty hair." 

"You're really pretty, too." Jessa beamed. 

"My hair never does what I tell it too." Hermione sighed. "It's quite annoying." 

"I saw you stand up to that boy before the Sorting." Aubree joined the small group. "That was really cool, both what you said and what you could do with your hair." 

"Thanks." Jessa smiled modestly. "I've always been able to do it, and that Malfoy boy was really out of line."

"Yeah, he was." Fay nodded.

"Lavender was right about one thing," Aubree put in. "We should probably go to sleep. We've got a big day tomorrow." 

As the girls climbed into their beds, Jessa and Hermione beamed at each other. They had just made two more friends.


Well! That's a longer chapter! 3196 words! And I thought it was going to be shorter than the one that was 832 words! 

I'd like to thank all you people who are reading this book, because it really does mean a lot to me. 

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve! I'm so excited! 

See you later, my lovely pinecones! Happy Holidays!

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Oh, wait. The speech that McGonagall gave in the chamber is directly out of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. I almost forgot to tell you guys, give you the disclaimer, and that would NOT have been good!

Anyway, now goodbye, happy holidays, see you later,  pinecones, yadda yadda yadda. 

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