The Life He Didn't Live

What if James and Lily had lived? What if Harry had a twin?



1. Chapter One

The summer of 1991 seemed to pass faster than any summer had in the last eleven years. To some, the house would appear calm and quiet. Two trunks stood packed and ready by the front door; one for Harry, and one for Jessamine. The family of six was currently crowded into their small, basement kitchen, and this is where all the chaos was hiding. 

The Potters were simply trying to eat breakfast, before taking Harry and Jessa to King's Cross Station. This everyday part of the morning routine was proving to be more chaotic than it would have been believed possible. 

Little three-year-old Tyler Sirius Potter, the youngest of the family, was sitting in his high chair and screaming. You see, the cereal he was currently throwing at the walls and his siblings was not at all what he wanted; he had been given Honey Cheerios, not the Shredded Wheat that he wanted. James was trying desperately to calm him down, because at the moment, the Potters didn't have Shredded Wheat. 

"TYLER, WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT FROM ME?" James shouted, appearing ready to begin tearing his hair out. "WE DON'T HAVE SHREDDED WHEAT!" 

Tyler screamed on, and continued throwing handfuls of his breakfast. 

"Mum mum mum mum mum mum mum..." Eight-year-old Saige was hanging off of her mother's arm, and what she wanted was beyond anyone's understanding. 


"Mum mum mum mum mum..." Saige did not desist. 

Harry and Jessa were sitting at the kitchen table, trying to eat their pancakes, which was made difficult by the fact that Tyler's Cheerio's kept landing in their syrup. Although they were trying their hardest to not cause any problems, Jessa reached the end of her rope when a third handful of Cheerios landed in her curly red tresses. 

"Dad, will you please get Ty to stop throwing his cereal at me!" she cried, picking one out of a curl. "It's getting caught in my hair!" 

"I'm working on it, Jessa, please just eat your breakfast!" James pulled Ty's hands away from his tray, but that did nothing; his feet just went to work. 

Jessa sighed and began picking at a bite of scrambled eggs. 

"Just a few more hours, Jessa." Harry said encouragingly. "Just a few more hours, and we'll be on the train." 

"Yeah." Jessa sighed. "But..."

"But?" Harry asked. 

"Even though they're crazy, and they drive me crazy..." Jessa sighed yet again. "I guess I'm gonna miss these guys." 

Harry smiled at his twin. "Yeah, me too. But I'm really excited for Hogwarts!" 

Jessa smiled right back at him. "So am I."


"Jessa, come on!" Harry shouted up the stairs. "It's time to go!" 

"I can't find Crookshanks!" Jessa's voice echoed down to him. "He's hiding!" 

Something brushed against Harry's leg. Looking down, he saw it was the ginger cat. 

"Jessa, he's down here, now let's go!" James emerged from the kitchen, carrying a squirming and still screaming Tyler. 

"James where's Sirius?" Lily asked, coming out of the living room. "He's supposed to watch Saige and Ty!" 

"You're telling me he's not here yet?" James rolled his eyes. "I'll mirror him, hang on." 

Balancing Ty in one arm, James pulled a rectangular mirror down off the mantel. 

"Sirius." he said into it. 

The face of his best friend, and Harry and Jessa's godfather, appeared in the mirror. 

"Prongs, how are you?" he said casually. "To what do I owe this pleasure?" 

"Sirius, where the heck are you?" James asked. "Harry and Jessa are going to miss the train!" 

"Godric, is that today?" Sirius ran a hand through his hair. "Yeah, I'll just Floo over. I'll be there in a minute, okay?" 

"Hurry!" Lily shouted over James's shoulder. 

Sirius's face disappeared from the mirror. Not even a minute later, the Floo flared and deposited Sirius. 

"Padfoot!" All four children exclaimed, rushing over to hug him. 

"Why hello Bambi, Prongletta, Saigespice, and Ty-Ty!" Sirius hugged them back. 

"How many times do I have to ask you to stop calling me Bambi?" Harry scowled. 

"At least once more, and then I probably won't listen." Sirius smirked, picking up a now-calm Ty. 

"Well, like my nickname." Saige said, twirling around Sirius. "But Padfoot," she stopped twirling, "Mum and Dad won't let me go with them to say goodbye to Harry and Jessa!" 

"Come on, Saigespice, why would you want to go to some boring old train station when you can have fun with your uncle Padfoot instead?" Sirius pretended to be offended. "That hurts, Saige, that hurts." 

"You know that's not what I meant." Saige rolled her eyes. "I just want to see Harry and Jessa off!" 

"If your parents said no, they said no." Sirius shrugged. "My hands are tied." 

"We need to get these two on the train." Lily interrupted their conversation, helping Jessa put Crookshanks into his basket. "Sirius, don't blow up the house. Or kill the kids. Or leave the house. Or forget about Tyler. Or use the stove. Or go in our room. Or 'accidentally' turn Saige into a flower, again.

"Come on, that was one time!" Sirius pouted. "And it really was an accident." 

"Whatever, just try to be responsible." Lily rolled her eyes. "James, why didn't we call Remus? Or Peter? Or someone responsible?" 

"They'll be fine, Lily, Sirius babysits all the time." James said, guiding Harry out the door. "We'll see you all later, okay?" 

"Yeah, okay." Saige said. 

Tyler began screaming again. 

"Have fun." Lily said quickly, before shutting the door. 

"Are you two ready for the year of your lives?" James asked the twins. 

Harry and Jessa grinned at each other. "Yes." 


"Padfoot," Saige leaned over the back of the chair Sirius was sitting in. 

"Yes, Saigespice?" Sirius asked, bouncing Tyler on his knee. 

"Mum and Dad won't tell me why Harry and Jessa are famous." Saige said. "They keep saying, 'later, later,' but they never do. Since they never actually said no... could you tell me?" 

Sirius looked at his basically-niece. "You're good at finding the loopholes. You'll make a good Marauder once you get to Hogwarts." 

Saige grinned. 

"Okay, I'll tell you." Sirius's eyes lit up, like they always did before he began telling any story. 

"It was October 31, Halloween night, in the year 1981. The small family of four Potters sat in their living room. James was entertaining the children by making coloured puffs of smoke erupt out of his wand, while Lily laughed from the couch. 

Nobody noticed the dark, silent figure making his way up the front path, while a group of his followers gathered on the front lawn. 

James was about to throw down his wand, when the figure blasted the door open. 

"Lily, it's him!" James shouted, dashing into the entryway, wand at the ready. "Go! Take Harry and Jessa and run! I'll hold him off!" 

The figure, revealed as You-Know-Who, laughed. About to cast the fatal curse, he was caught off guard, when James brandished his wand. 

"Expelliamus!" James shouted.

Both men were startled when You-Know-Who's wand ended up in James's hand.

"Selwyn, give me your wand!" You-Know-Who turned, shouting, to one of the Death Eaters on the lawn. 

James sprinted up the stairs. 

He found Lily and the twins in the nursery. 

"Lily, you've got to go." James said. "He'll be up here any minute. Go, now." 

"James, I'm not leaving you behind." Lily said. 

"We should have done the charm already, Sirius was right." James muttered. 

The nursery door blew open. You-Know-Who had found them. Lily stood in front of the crib, arms spread wide, tears beginning to flow down her face. 

"Not Harry, not Jessa, please, not my babies, don't hurt them, don't hurt James, hurt me instead, please!" 

"Lily," James began, but Lily wouldn't let him speak.

"Please, not my family! I'm begging you, don't hurt them!" 

"Stand aside, you foolish girl, move aside!" You-Know-Who snarled. 

Harry and Jessa began to cry. 

"No!" Lily exclaimed, repeatedly pushing James away. "Please, don't hurt them, I'm begging you, don't hurt them!" 

"This is my last warning, move aside!" You-Know-Who was running out of patience. 

"Hang on." Saige interrupted. "You know that I'm not afraid of saying Voldemort?" 

"Well then." Sirius huffed. 

"Lily refused to move away from the crib, and Voldemort's patience ran out. He cast the curse, but it just barely missed Lily. Instead, it hit the twins, who were clinging to each other. 

As Lily let out a heart-wrenching scream, the curse rebounded off the twin, instead hitting Voldemort. There was a tremendous bang, half the roof caved in, and Voldemort was gone. Tears streaming down their faces, James and Lily turned to the crib, expecting to find the bodies of their beloved children. 

But instead, they found two babies, both with lightning-shaped cuts on their foreheads, just beginning to cry. Somehow, they had survived the curse. Nobody knows how, but James and Lily gave great thanks for the fact that their family had lived." 

"And that's that." Sirius shrugged. 

"Why did Voldemort want to go after them?" Saige asked. 

"Nobody knows." Sirius said. "I mean, Dumbledore probably knows, he knows everything, but he's not telling anybody." 

"That's amazing." Saige said, eyes wide with awe.

Sirius looked very smug about his story-telling abilities. 


"Are you absolutely sure that you've got everything?" Lily asked, running her hands through Jessa's curls. 

"Yes, mum, and you're pulling my hair!" Jessa complained, pulling her ponytail out of her mother's hands. 

"Sorry, Jessa." Lily's eyes began sparkling with tears. "It's just... I'll miss you two so much!" 

"We'll be fine, Mum." Harry said, hugging her and James. "Besides, we'll be home for Christmas! Probably with Ron." 

While Jessa was saying goodbye to Lily, James pulled Harry aside. 

"Harry, I want you to promise me that you'll be kind to Jessa." he whispered. "You know that, even though they get along just fine, she's really not friends with Ron, and that she has difficulty making friends. Promise me that you'll be kind, and include her." 

"I promise, Dad." Harry nodded, hugging his father again. "I'll make sure she enjoys herself." 

"Thank you, Harry." James pulled away from his son. "Make sure you enjoy yourself, too." 

Harry grinned. "I will." 

A whistle blew. 

"Off you two go." James gave the twins a little nudge. "Write often, come home for Christmas and Easter. Don't forget any birthdays. Have fun, and be safe." 

"We will." Jessa nodded. She stepped up onto the train, waving to her parents. "Bye!" 

"Goodbye!" Harry called, leaning out a window. 

The train began moving. The Potter's waved to each other as long as they could, until the train turned a corner and was out of sight. 

"Do you want to sit with me and Ron?" Harry asked. "Once... I find Ron?" 

"No, I don't think so." Jessa shrugged. "I think I'll see if I can make some friends. If I don't find anyone, I'll come find you." 

Harry nodded. "Okay. Talk to you later." 

"See you." 

Jessa wandered down the train, looking into different compartment. There was just one boy in one of them... maybe he could be a friend?

"Hi." Jessa said. "Mind if I sit with you?" 

The boy looked up, brushing his silver-blonde hair out of his grey eyes. 

"Who are you?" he asked, rather rudely. 

"I'm... I'm Jessamine, Jessa, Potter." Jessa said, startled by his tone. "Who are you?" 

"Draco Malfoy." the boy said snidely. "You're one of the Potter kids, are you?" 

"Yes." Jessa said. "But I can't say I've heard of you." 

"Well, I don't need a little Potter girl to follow me around everywhere." Malfoy said. "So you can go sit somewhere else." 

"Geez, you could have just said no." Jessa muttered, leaving the compartment. "I don't want to sit with someone like you anyway." 

After nearly ten minutes, she found another compartment. This one had just a single girl in it. Jessa tried again. 

"Hello." she said tentatively. "Are those seats saved for anyone?" 

The girl looked up from her book, and shook her head. 

"I'm Jessa Potter." Jessa slid into one of the seats. "What's your name?" 

The girl smiled, revealing slightly large front teeth. 

"I'm Hermione Granger." 


Wow, that chapter is, like, the longest one I've ever written! Over 2000 words! I thought, with a new book, I could try out making longer, more detailed chapters. What to you think of this story so far? 

So, as you hopefully realized, I'm following some of those "Crookshanks is the Potter's old cat" headcanons, and making him Jessa's pet. Also, since the Fidelius Charm never actually happened, Peter hasn't betrayed the Potters, so obviously Ron doesn't have Scabbers, which may just make some friendships less... rocky. 

Did I do a good job of coming up with the backstory of the Potters? Please tell me what you think in the comments! 

Sunday is Christmas Eve! I'm so excited! Merry Christmas, my lovelies!

Oh, btw, the cover picture is a picture of Jessa. I'm not sure who it is, but she fits in perfectly with the image I have for Harry's twin sister!

Tick Tick Boom, my lovely pinecones!

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