Book Land-A novel

A new fantasy novel about a new kind of magic and books.


2. Book Land-Part Two


Cate Jenkins stared at the bright doors of Shine Lock Orphanage. She wasn't used to the modern-day nightmares; she was slipping away in a psychiatric hospital where books were her only way to communicate to other patients who were too drugged up to notice the faded paperbacks of authors who were long dead. The semblance of irrational thought was something that Cate was used to; she was seeing the young, twenty-five year old nurse. She had long, black hair, hazel eyes, and tall; she was walking in her white shoes. Her face was etched in a bizarre shadow, as Cate focused on the dark brown chair in the middle of the small room. "It's nine-thirty Cate. Time to take your medicine. You can see Doctor Edmund Price, MD, soon". Cate remembered The Doctor. She looked around; she saw a flash of bright light; she saw willow the wisps surrounding the dank woods outside. "Fine. I'm sure you think I'm well", she announced. She stared at the Amy Kane, her best friend. She was banging her head on the brown table. "Dark elves! They're coming!", she said. One of the doctors grabbed her, and placed her in a white straight jacket, where she knew that the dreams would end.

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