Fantasy Land A novel

Simone Gregson is a normal girl from Glasgow, Scotland. When she meets some elves hiding in the birch trees, she is transported to Fantasy Land, a place in which magic happens.


5. Inside the White Castle


The White Castle was full of servants in their small chambers. Simone gasped as she had a sense of wonder, as she explored the rooms. A servant-girl bowed at her. "Good eve, my Lady. May I prepare your room?", she asked her. "Aye", Simone answered. She held onto Mister Harold Smith, and glided inside. 

When she walked in, she noticed a small bed. The red curtains were closed. A bright lamp illuminated the spacious room, as Lady Elena smiled at her. 

"Sleep well, child!", she said.

"I will, my Lady", Simone bowed. 

And, as she dreamed, she focused her memory of her own bedroom in Glasgow. 

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