Fantasy Land A novel

Simone Gregson is a normal girl from Glasgow, Scotland. When she meets some elves hiding in the birch trees, she is transported to Fantasy Land, a place in which magic happens.


2. Fantasy Land


Simone grabbed Mister Harold Smith in her right hand.

She opened the front window. 

She took a deep breath. And jumped swiftly towards the grassy section of the stone steps. She saw the bear was falling out of her hands; she saw the bear wasn't hurt. "Sorry Mister Harold Smith. Mummy was concerned about the fact that you were...", she didn't finish speaking. A black carriage was nearby. It was like out of a 18th century period drama book. A tall, regal, woman who was wearing a white gown, smiled at Simone. "Dear child! Aren't you cold?", the Scottish Lady asked concernedly. "I...was looking for my bear, My Lady", Simone asked her; the Lady nodded, as if by way of a swift answer. "Here it is, child! Where's your parents?", the Lady asked her. "They're in the house...", Simone begun to say. Then she stopped. To her surprise, her house was gone. All that remained was the dark woods. "Oh, Book Land", Simone stated. "Aye, Book Land. Where everything comes alive. I'm Lady Elena Braydon". Simon smiled. "Simone, I'm a young lady who likes to read", she said. She saw Lady Elena's green eyes focusing on her. "Indeed do I. Now, let's head into the carriage. And you can tell me all about your bear". And Simone nodded. "Aye, my Lady", she said formerly. 


Simone gazed out of the archaic looking carriage. A dwarf was sitting nearby. It rubbed its long, white beard with its small hands; it was wearing a red coat. It was wearing black boots on its small feet. "My Lady, we have company?", it asked her. "Yes, Briar. This is Lady Simone of the Light Woods", Lady Elena answered. Simone couldn't believe she was a 'Lady'; she was nine years' old. She imagined that this was a vivid dream. And that she, and Mister Harold Smith, would be waiting for her to finish reading Charles Dickens again. In her mind, the magic of the woods wasn't something that caused her to react negatively. The dwarf smiled at her. "A bear! How rare it is to have one here", it said. Simone smiled. "My bear has many uses. He walks, and guards me from enemies", she said. Briar nodded. "Smart! There's the Dark Orcs who live in the Stolen Mountains of Glasgow". Simone nodded. "Dark Orcs! They're grey ones", she said. "Aye, Grey Orcs are two hundred and fifty year's old. And they use clubs in their arthritic hands". Simone hugged her bear. "Arthritic orcs! I don't think they're deeply affected by such an affliction". Briar nodded. "It's something that bothers them, Lady Simone; it's something that causes them some pain in their joints. It slows them down during attacks on us". Briar gripped the strong, grey reigns of the horses with both hands, and rode faster towards the White Castle.

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