Fantasy Land A novel

Simone Gregson is a normal girl from Glasgow, Scotland. When she meets some elves hiding in the birch trees, she is transported to Fantasy Land, a place in which magic happens.


4. A most bothersome event


"It's a most bothersome event", one of the Knights stated. He gazed at Simone. 

"What is?", she asked him.

"Dark Elves, child! Bothersome creatures", he answered her.

"There's no Dark Elves here", Lady Elena said.

"I heard about them, you see! Bad creatures, my Lady", the second Knight stated. He saw the bear. "What's its name, child?", the second Knight said. 

"Mister Harold Smith", Simone said. 

"A Lord​", the first Knight asked.

"Maybe", Simone grinned.

And she grinned, as she waited for them to open the double grey doors of the White Castle.

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