Under the Moon

Soul names.

The most valuable to a werewolf's person. The hidden name that is interlocked with the very being of one's self. It is this very name that sets that one individual aside from the masses. This one name shall come forth when you stand before the one, the one true mate. It bares everything within you and a bond stronger than most forms.

Right before all hell breaks loose, Blake finds his one true mate - just to find out that his true mate rejects his soul name, tries to shatter the very bond to dust and run away. What is a fairy tale for most, is a painful nightmare for Blake. But Blake was never one to give up.

Ember stands once again in a situation where running is the only option left. So, she runs. But the matters of the heart are complicated affaires, and Ember finds out just that, when she meets her fated one, her soul mate.

In the mist of the unknown threat it is not just an unexpected mate that needs attention. The werewolf kind has an enemy ready to destroy.


10. Chapter X




Mother time


This was madness. Absolutely! She wasn’t even sure what she was doing here… well… that wasn’t completely true. She knew what she was doing there, she was just not sure why. It all started after that run in the forest with Blake. Something innocent turned… not so quite innocent.

Then upon returning Cailean had said something with a Camp? Campell? Cimpell? Something! Trouble all around and then, and she was still not sure what in the world possessed the male.

Damn that Alpha-boy!  

What the hell was she supposed to do with his mother?! Why couldn’t she simply be in her room? Why oh why did she have to be in the same room with the very female whose son she had rejected? How awkward did this have to be?

“Ember dear, do you want some?” Ember almost jumped when Mrs. Macbay interrupted her internal struggle. It would not really matter what Ember did to seem calm - her heart rate exposed her to the enchanted hearing abilities that werewolves possessed. In contrary to that of humans. Her scent was screaming out her nervousness. In short, her body was betraying her inner tumult at every turn.  

“No, thank you,” Ember answered, shaking her head politely. Mrs. Macbay placed the plate with cookies on the coffee table. As always Mrs. Macbay didn’t seem affected by the situation. Nothing seemed to faze this woman. Mrs. Macbay took a seep of her tea, while sitting before Ember in a comfy sofa stool. Behind her was the open door out of the room.

Ember was trapped. Trapped in the sofa she was sitting on. Her hands were clasped between her thighs. Her cup of tea on the coffee table untouched. At first Ember didn’t notice Mrs. Macbay pointed stare at the table, but when she did, she looked down almost uncertainly. Ember’s tripping foot was shaking the whole table.

At once Ember stopped the tripping, looking a bit sheepish. She had not caught on to the restless action. Soundless, Ember took a deep breath to calm down. This was embarrassing. Ember looked around the room, trying to occupy herself.  

The room wasn’t anything special, nothing big and fancy. But just as with the many other rooms, it was homey. This room had the colours of a dull light green and furniture in wood. Big windows let a natural light stream through the room. A carpet with patterns which twisted and turned around, almost seeming alive if one stared long enough. On the walls hang pictures. Some of nature, some of other people they obviously knew. Some of them photos, others painted.

To break through the green colours, a creamy colour had been put into play, by that of the fabric of the furniture. A simple gold chandelier hung from the ceiling. While some of the stuff in the room could almost make one think of it being posh and uptight, the room itself was almost speaking, implementing one to relax and feel at home.

“So, Ember, how do you feel here in our pack?” Ember had been staring at one of the pictures, but abruptly turned to look at Mrs. Macbay. Was it a trick question? Ember barely knew what to say, her tongue almost twisting and turning as much as the carpet’s pattern. 

Sound forced out of her mouth was a mass of low unintelligent noise. At last her mouth simply seemed to keep itself slightly open, no form of communication coming through. Ember seemed such a fool. She certainly wasn’t showing her best sides. But did she really need to? And the question was, why did she want to?

A modest chuckle tickled the air around them, as Mrs. Macbay looked on the troubled female.

“Let me rephrase that question, shall I dear.” What was meant in kindness, made Ember feel like digging herself into a hole in the ground. “How has your time been so far in our pack?” The question wasn’t much better - really, it was like tiptoeing through a mine field, trying not to say something the older female could take negative.

Ember pulled herself together, thinking for a bit, but the answer came fairly quickly.

“Well, everyone is very nice - of those I have talked with,” Ember found herself thinking on the times she had been wandering around. Yes, the members of the pack she had talked with had been nice. Some… barking mad but fun to be around. Teddy’s grizzly features bloomed in her thoughts, and it was all she could do to keep from smiling.

“I see, that’s good to hear - so you have talked with a lot from the pack already?” Just as Ember was about to answer she stopped. She hadn’t, talked that was, not really now that she was thinking about it. Exchanging pleasantries, sure, some a bit more, but had she really spent time with most of them? She had spent time with Adam and Teddy, sure. She had been in the company of May, Shane, Jessica, Mariam and Alexia - the last one not exactly willingly.

But other than the ones who had forced their company on her in the first days, she hadn’t really spent time getting to know the pack. The surroundings, yes. She had barely talked to any of the guards she met on her morning routines. When Adam had introduced her to some werewolves, she had barely talked at all. She wasn’t even sure she could their names - had she even stored their scents?

Had she without knowing, been putting up a barrier around herself? So when she left she wouldn’t have made friends? The thoughts baffled her, taking her by surprise. She hadn’t even thought about it. She had just done as she always did when around others.      

And what about Blake? What had she done around him? She had talked with him, more than with most. But… it wasn’t like she truly opened up. Sharing deep thoughts and shared herself. Suddenly Ember felt very uncomfortable with the question. She would rather not answer it. It would be a lie to say she had, indeed talked with a lot from the pack. Perhaps she could twist it a bit, but Ember was fairly sure there was no fooling the older female.

The grey eyes were looking at her, like she was transparent. Like every thought and feeling was readable to her. It made Ember clam up. Instead of preying, Mrs. Macbay took another sip of her tea. The silence was awkward and uncomfortable if you asked Ember. The door had never seemed more promising than it did then and there.

To keep herself from going mad, Ember took a swig of the tea before her, burning her mouth and tongue in the progress. The new aesthesis kept her a bit occupied. Taking the awareness of the uncomfortable feeling in the air and placing it around her hurt mouth instead.  

“I know it must be quite a daunting prospect-“ Ember looked a bit puzzled, she wasn’t sure what Mrs. Macbay was on about now, “- being the Alpha female is a big responsibility, and a stray like yourself may feel trapped in a position where she can’t drift around anymore.” Ember felt how her spine straightened. Her breastbone pushed forward. In one word, Ember felt how her hackles were raising. Her eyes narrowed a bit, the blues sparkling with glowing intensity.

A stray?!

Whatever awkwardness Ember had felt was burned up from the flames that was beginning to lick her insides. She didn’t do anything. Didn’t say anything. But she certainly held a close eye on the oldest Macbay. She took a deep filling breath, trying to take in the woman’s smell. Trying to decipher what her feelings were at the moment. It turned out that Mrs. Macbay was skilled in concealing her feelings. Nothing pulsed around of which would betray a feeling of dislike of Ember.

It was quite the opposite. It almost seemed like the woman was having fun.

“Well I would know - having been the Alpha female when my mate was the Alpha of the pack.” It wasn’t such a surprise that Mrs. Macbay indeed had been the Alpha female. Ember had noticed the very moment she met the female, that she was indeed an Alpha. And it wasn’t unusual that the Alpha pair’s offspring would take over their position, but not so usual that it was a given.

But knowing Blake and Cailean, it wasn’t a surprise that they had indeed followed in their parents’ footsteps. Especially Blake. But it did not mean the simmer which was slowly turning to a steady boil inside her was explained away. Every part of her had understood the jab, the ridicule, the critique of her.

And her very being responded to the disrespect of her. Incandescent, the blue flamed up. Yet her body was not sprung tight. There was nothing in her which showed she was ready to jump at the old female. But the burn within was not to be mistaken. The very fire made eye contact so much easier now. It would almost seem like the grey was to be absorbed by the blue.

But instead of getting provoked by the younger shewolf, a warm smile spread across the thin lips. A pleased expression took hold of Mrs. Macbay. It was all very confusing, but nevertheless, it did not distract Ember in her ire.

“Now, look at that - see my dear, you do not need to feel smaller than you are. I do not bite pup, no need to be so unsure around me - be that proud wolf that you are. You are truly an Alpha female - now act like it.”

Ember’s lungs sucked in her next breath. It was true; her ire had vanished whatever uncertainty Ember had held within her, being in the present of Morgana Macbay. But to be called an Alpha female of one who authentically was one in the very essence of the word. That stumped Ember the most.

“You will certainly need it if you are to be a mate to my pup - he can be such a hard-headed fool sometimes, my Blake can. You would be surprise to know how many times I thought I would drop dead from fright of all those stupid stunts he has pulled throughout the years.”  

Speechless Ember remained. She was not sure what to say or do with such information. But she couldn’t help but feel she should in some way defend Blake. Even if just a little.

“He can’t be that much of a fool…” The moment the words were out, Ember regretted them. The trap was sprung and Ember had fell into it with hook, line and sinker. At once the light grey eyes sparkled with mirth.

“Oh? Has he given you another impression? This I must hear dear, do tell.”

“Well… he… I’m… ehm…” Shit. There was no getting out of this one. Everything in Mrs. Macbay’s expression was like a smug cat, who was playing with its food. What could Ember tell? That Blake was nice? That so far, he hadn’t done anything she would describe as stupid? - if you didn’t take their whole first meeting into account.

So far Blake hadn’t done anything to make Ember think of him as a foolish being. He was a respected Alpha, who’s pack saw up to him. Praised him when talking about him. More than once had Ember had to hear how lucky they were for such a wise Alpha. At the time Ember had simply nodded, thinking of them sweettalking and nothing more.

They bantered, they talked, sure, they had fun. Perhaps not as deep and heartfelt as his mother would want, but… she didn’t run in the other direction when she saw him. She didn’t dread his company as much as she perhaps had hoped she would.

Ember began fidgeting with her fingers, still not saying anything. She definitely didn’t feel like sharing her thoughts. They felt way to personal - and new. The silence stretched. One sat expectantly. The other fretful. Neither parties gave in.  

Who would have thought that the very being who passed by the door, would be the very salvation Ember prayed for?

It was not Ember’s sudden shift in attention, which told Mrs. Macbay of the new presence. The sound of light steps out in the corridor and the well-known smell had already alerted her of such.

“Alexia dear! Come and join us,” the older female had turned half around, so she could look towards the door. Alexia stopped just as she reached the door. She blinked a couple of times but didn’t say anything. She was far more engaged in what was happening behind Mrs. Macbay. Actually, she looked fairly baffled.

Now facing Mrs. Macbay’s back, Ember had braved forward and used every means she could to get out of the situation at hand.

She begged.


“H E L P M E!” She mouthed the words. Her eyes big puppy eyes.

“Well, I was-“ said Alexia, just to be interrupted.

“Now, now, I insist! Sit beside Ember - come on dear. Good!”

With a slap, Ember hit herself with a facepalm. But as soon as she sensed that Mrs. Macbay was moving, she straighten her spine. Looking like she had done absolutely nothing while Macbay had been facing the other way. Though, nothing was fooling this woman.

A small, ambivalent glint was working behind the light blue eyes of Alexia, as she sat down beside Ember on the sofa.

“Cookies?” Mrs. Macbay offered, but Alexia declined politely. So even Alexia could be polite in the right company - who would have thought…

“Now, where were we - right, Ember -” Startled Ember’s eyes widen. It took everything in her not to look soliciting at Alexia for help. “How was your run with Blake?”

The new question wasn’t much better than the last one - if you asked Ember. The question got her thinking of the… flirting, the nuzzling and the tranquil mood while laying beside Blake on the veranda. Feeling that for the first time in a long while she was able to relax. Not having to be alert. Because she knew. Blake would not let anything harm them.

“It was fine…” Ember answered after a moment.

“I see… fine… What about you Alexia? Have you been out enjoying life with your mate lately?”

Alexia looked exactly like Ember felt. Completely out of place. Alexia fumbled a bit with her words, but at last simply told that they both (being Jet and her), had been busy. That very idea seemed to shock the mother. She began a long tirade of how they were still young, and they needed to live life a little.

And then she began to tell of her own love life. That meaning when she had had one. And while Ember didn’t doubt for one second that Mrs. Macbay had loved her mate very dearly, she did not need to know details or how “her Bjorn couldn’t keep his hands to himself”.

“Did you hear that?” Interrupted Ember. The other two sat to listened to whatever Ember had heard.

“I don’t hear-“ A jab in the rips made Alexia quiet. A death glare that was so much colder than her light blue eyes was send Ember’s way, but Ember was not put out. With a pointed stare Alexia began to caught on.

“I don’t hear anything either dear-“ Began Mrs. Macbay, just for Alexia to interrupt her this time.

“Yes! That sounds like Jet - I should be going!”

“I should probably go with her - you know… to make sure that… that she doesn’t get lost,” the excuse was a bad one. Ember cringed internal, but the two she wolves had already rose from the sofa, and quickly made way towards the door.

“See you around Morgana.”

“Yes, Mrs. Macbay, it was… nice talking to you.”

The older female had barely said a word before she was alone.

Yet they had left so quickly that they did not see the complacent smirk which graced those feminine lips. Yet did not hide the small light of lugubriousness swirling in the light grey eyes.

“Oh, Bjorn, you would have laughed at my antics, wouldn’t you dear?... yes, you would have indeed.” A small sighed left her while one hand was playing with the pendant around her neck as old memories flowed.  

Doesn’t get lost?!”

“Well you were about to leave me there - ALONE!”

“What was I supposed to say?”

“Well, what do I know? Something that could get us both out of there?”

“Like what?”

“I don’t know - fire?”

The two females had not slowed down in the corridor, until they stopped to looked at each other in silence.

Then they both busted out in laughter.


(Danger is a preying beast)


“Eric, we are here.”

“Good. Make sure that nobody knows you are there.”

“Of course - we have set up our equipment. Freddy and Kent are walking around town as we speak, we will begin scouting around town for real tomorrow.”

“Good - Greg don’t you lose her this time, you hear me?”

“We won’t fail this time Eric, I promise.”

“Hm, that’s all I want to hear - May faith carry us, may faith protect us brothers.”

Greig repeated the sentence before the call was ended from the other end. Tomorrow the hunt would reach it next phase, and Greig was as ready as the silver bullets which resided in his riffle and handgun.

It was only a matter of time.    



Yeah, so... I know that from the last chapter it felt like there was finally something happening - with the prospect of a war and all. Sorry. But this is a slow story. And it is first and foremost a love story. I'm sorry if you are bored out of your mind.

But I like these slow developments of my characters (as many as possible). You need to understand that Ember has a lot to accept (and a long way to go) before she can even swallow the idea of being and having a mate. Whether it's Blake or not.

We are getting there, sure, but Ember has known Blake for 10 days. Yes people, the story hasn't covered more time than 10 days so far. I actually feel that at some parts it's going too fast between Blake and Ember, but I also know I can't keep dragging on.

This is also a story where you need to have a open eye for the small details. I don't write with uppercase letters in a lot of sceneries. You have to understand the characters, their feelings and catch onto the details. And there is a lot of balls in the air at this point ;)

So, in this chapter a friendship begins to bloom and the danger is lurking just around the corner. Are you ready my dearies? Are you ready for shit to hit the fan? :P
I hope so... because when the ball is rolling, I hope you are ready to for the ride!

Hope you enjoyed!
Peace out.  

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