Under the Moon

Soul names.

The most valuable to a werewolf's person. The hidden name that is interlocked with the very being of one's self. It is this very name that sets that one individual aside from the masses. This one name shall come forth when you stand before the one, the one true mate. It bares everything within you and a bond stronger than most forms.

Right before all hell breaks loose, Blake finds his one true mate - just to find out that his true mate rejects his soul name, tries to shatter the very bond to dust and run away. What is a fairy tale for most, is a painful nightmare for Blake. But Blake was never one to give up.

Ember stands once again in a situation where running is the only option left. So, she runs. But the matters of the heart are complicated affaires, and Ember finds out just that, when she meets her fated one, her soul mate.

In the mist of the unknown threat it is not just an unexpected mate that needs attention. The werewolf kind has an enemy ready to destroy.


8. Chapter VIII



Tales of the past


A timeless dance of grace


The two wolves stared at each other. Every move was watched as Blake stepped down the stairs. He dwarfed her in more ways than one, but she held her ground. His tail was lifted. His head kept high. Dominance was sizzling in the air, but it was not that of hostility. It was a mix; dominance but also playfulness.

It was a known fact that the raw and wild nature of their wolf-blood, would be more pronounce when in wolf-forms. There was no other way to communicate then the language given to the wolf; no mind-link and whatnot like Ember had come across in past readings. This also made them exceptional good at interpreting other animals and humans.

Ember’s own stance mirrored his in lot of ways. Her tail was just not raised as high. Almost conservatively their snouts neared, as they took in the scent of the other. Though there was tension in the air, their facial expressions were calm. Then began the dance of learning one another in the new form. Close, but not quite touching, they move around sniffing and seeing. Like a pair of koi fish in the movement of yin and yang.

The dance came to an end by the touch of muzzle against muzzle once more. This time he licked the corner of her mouth, tenderly. Her ears flicked a bit before she mirrored the gestures. In a way it was showing submission to each other. The tension had been sipping out of the situation, and now nothing held back the wagging of tails.

The tale goes that in wolf-form, the werewolves were the closest to their soul. And in such, the need and longing for each other could not be denied. He jumped to the side, barked and looked imploringly at her. She needn’t much before she leapt at him. Their faces radiating joy. The two wolves began a ritual old as time, as they jumped around, intercepting, playing. Nipping, growling and barking. All in great fun and blissed souls.

The snow flying around them, as they kept going - soon there was little undisturbed left. He sprang over her, making her tumble over and landing on her back. A growl left her as he stood over her. They began a mock battle with their muzzles. Ember wasn’t much for lying down in this submissive position. She stretched her legs against his underbelly and kicked. With flying grace, she was back on all four paws as he was pushed away from her.

She wasn’t in doubt that he had let her get away. If he really wanted to pin her down, there was no chance she would have gotten away. Looking over her shoulder she had a steady gaze on him. Blake swore she had a smirk on, right up to the point where she suddenly bolted away through the trees. In a second, he took chase. Not wanting to let her get out of his sight.

The trees passed by in a blur. The air in her lungs cold and hash. Yet never had she felt more alive. She was brought back to reality when she could feel teeth nipping at her hindlegs - Blake had caught up to her. Turning sharp right, she used the momentum to get up on her hindlegs, where she pushed at his back. They both went tumbling down. Rolling in the snow. Blake kept his back on the ground as Ember righted herself and leaned over him.

Their eyes never left each other as the understanding of him willing lying in a submissive posture, filled in. Blake tried hard to be still. It was unnatural for him showing belly and neck - to be in such a delicate position. To his pleasure Ember laid her front legs on him, and once more a playful mock battle began. Her simple presence on him made him relax.

Their growls were blithe and low. Ember didn’t think much as Blake held her to him with his front legs. When the last snap was made, Blake replaced his next move with something completely else. Instead of continuing the mock bites, he licked her once more.

She blinked, tilted her head as her ears faced forward. They flicked for a bit. The ludic atmosphere changed. It was a completely other game now. Collected Blake got onto his paws. Ember stood pending - as if she was not quite sure how to take the next step. Blake didn’t hesitate. Gently he nuzzled against her snout, cheeks then neck mane. Within a second Ember was doing the same. 

They left their scent on the other, not thinking about anything but the now. Relishing in the nearness of the soul mate. He brushed up against her. Finding just how breathless the run had made her. The deep snow had not made it easier. He too could feel the strain of the run. It hadn’t really hit him how exhausted the sleepless circumstances made him until then. 

With soft guiding he turned her. They began the walk towards the cabin. Ember hadn’t thought about much when she ran, but it surprised her anyway how far they actually had gone. The walk back took about half an hour. Starting side by side, Ember soon found out it was far easier walking behind him, making use of the trail he made through the deepest of snow.

Blake didn’t stop at the veranda though. He walked around the cabin, and Ember soon saw the lake behind. It was partly frozen over. Blake stopped by the shoals, looked over his shoulder to Ember. When she was by his side, he began to drink from the cold water. It was refreshing and all that was missing was some kind of meat.

Ember followed suite. When finished, they licked their muzzles for runaway drops. Ember looked in the clear water, finding her own eyes. It was like the water was spinning an idea in her head. There were no second thoughts before her paw dipped in, and before Blake could react she had made her move.

Blake jumped in shock. Drippings hang onto countless strands of fur. If Ember could laugh, she would have. The splash of water made him look somewhat like a drowned kitten. He blinked a couple of times, then something of a smirk was radiating from him. His tail was wagging, a bit of teeth showing. It made Ember wary. She took a step back. Then another when he took one closer.

Ember stopped when she could feel a wet cold pricking into her back paw. He had manoeuvred her straight into the lake. Surprised she tried to bound to the right, but he intercepted her. Causing them both to stand on their hindlegs. A mischievous glint played in his eyes.

Oh no you don’t

Ember thought as she tried yet again to get away from the water. But he wasn’t letting her. The lake splashed around them as the rougher game played out. She was not going to acceded, but neither was he. The game lost its purpose though, since they both were wet by the time he finally got her down on her side in the water. They huffed and buffed, their eyes sparkling. Their thick coat had held them warm, but the cold water was beginning to have its effect.

He licked her then, between her eyes before he nuzzled her. She closed her eyes in small delectation she allowed herself to feel. When she finally got up she shook her fur, making waterdrops dance in the air - and hitting Blake quite effetely. The satisfaction was short lived though, because he did the very same. She leapt around him and out of the lake. He followed much slower.

A certain kind of peace fell over him as he looked at her walking towards the cabin. She was truly beautiful. This stunning female before him was bestowed upon him, and he was not quite sure what he had done to deserve her. But he was damn sure he would do everything in his power to make her want to stay by his side.     

Just as they reached the stairs of the veranda, Ember proceed Blake. On the veranda she found a sunny spot. She closed her eyes and reached her muzzled towards the warm rays. Blake would have been in awe if it wasn’t for the need to sit beside her and enjoy the moment, overtook his being. Without wind, the winter day was warm, filling them up.

Blake laid down, still watching her. A few moments later she finally opened her eyes. The calmness in those light blue orbs could just as well have been connected directly to his heart and soul. Then she laid down besides him. Their flanks almost touching. Ember jawed, showing her white teeth, before she put her head down on her front legs.

In the afternoon sun Blake kept watch over the surroundings, making sure everything was safe while Ember rested. He licked her between her ears once, twice, and later he would place his head besides hers. Closing his eyes, and sleep found him without trouble.    

(The game changed)


Ember was standing outside on the veranda. This time she was on two legs, damp hair and a blanket around her form. She was leaning on the pole, looking but not really seeing. Blake was inside, tending to the fire. She had fucked up. Really big and badly. She bit on her lip. She felt for once rested as well as she could be. She had slept for over an hour, as far as she could tell.

But it didn’t change the facts - she had still mucked up. There was nothing wrong with playing - and just playing. But half way through, the game had changed.

Shit! What the hell were you thinking Ember?!

There had been nothing innocent at that turning point. The conjunctions had turned from playing to courting. She had been flirting with him, dammit. And he with her. And where left that her? Her plans were still not changed; she did still not want a mate. No matter how wonderful…

Forget it.

She sighed and held the blanket closer still. She needed to find a way out of this mess. Soon rather than later. Perhaps it was for the best if she left. Quickly. The mere thought left a dry, bleak taste in her mouth. Phantom tears at the ready. She could barely figure herself out anymore. Hearing the door open, she turned just a bit, but not looking backwards. Blake came out with a chair in his hand. He placed it up against the wall, but he did not near her.

“If you want to sit down, you can sit on this chair…” It was sweet, really, but Ember simply shook her head. A barely noticeable sigh left him. He could feel how the air seemed fragile around Ember, so he kept his distance. Well as much as the veranda allowed. Instead of Ember, Blake sat down.

As much as everything likely were screaming at him to give her some time for herself, he found out that he did not dare to leave her now. Not because he was afraid she would run away. No, it was a simpler nagging feeling. A feeling that told him if left alone, Ember would retreat more into herself. Making whatever progress they had made together, fall to pieces.

He knew he was being selfish, but this time he would have to live with it. He was no saint.

“Can I ask you something?” Blake said.  This time Ember turned around to lean her back on the pole.

“You just did,” she teased, trying with a tired air to get a more light-hearted ambience. It didn’t succeed.

“Why are you not in a pack?” Ember sucked in a breath. The question surprised her. She knew it would come at one point, but she hadn’t really been ready for it. Probably never would. Shortly she looked him over; his gaze was concentrated on her. He looked relaxed - but she knew he was anything but. She wanted to back down, give in to the dominance in his stare. But she had never been the type, nor would her own self let her.

She shrugged, “there was just not really anything left for me there…” a little part of her hoped that was enough to satiate his curiosity. The rest of her knew it was completely impossible.

“Did something happen to them?”

“Oh no, no, they are very much alive and kicking - I just had some shortcomings with the Alpha… we did not really see eye to eye.” She was fingering a lock of hair, trying to seem indifferent about the whole ordeal. His forehead furrowed a bit as he observed her closely.

“So, what you are saying is that you left your pack, your family, because you couldn’t agree with your Alpha?” There was something missing. Blake knew. One did not simply just leave one’s pack. It was the last resort to any problem in a pack. Especially for a female. He was surprised that her old Alpha would even agree to let her go so simply as that.

He would have wanted her to be mated within the pack. For the future of the pack. It was old thoughts, of course, but such was their world put together. It had been even more animalistic in the older days. He knew, because his father and grandfather had lived then. Blake had heard the tales. Seen the after match of some of the fights for females.

It had not been pretty. For neither male or female. Of course, Ember’s past Alpha could be fairly young, or simply have more idealistic ideas for how to run his pack. Blake did not know. Blake himself was a fairly unorthodox leader in his laxer ways anyway.

But something in Ember’s face told him, this was not quite it. So if he had not been of more idealistic ideas… he could have been the complete opposite. An Alpha of the old way. A sour taste spread in Blake’s mouth. A warm that did not connect with pleasing feelings seeped from his heart, filling his chest going straight for his throat. An Alpha as such would never have let Ember go. That Blake knew.

Ember didn’t reply, but she needn’t. Blake more or less had gotten his answer. An anger he had not felt in a long time, peeked out from it’s locked chest. It was all he could do to not spring up from the chair and take her in his arms. Making sure that nothing would ever hurt her. Or simply set out to find this male. Whoever he was.

It took some effort not to growl. The sound itself was a lump in his throat. He swallowed, just to repeat the session again. Either his throat had become smaller or his muscles did not work as they should. The lump did not disappear.

“Did he hurt you?” His voice was an octave lower. A bit raw. Ember blinked, somewhat baffled. The voice she had not expected. She hadn’t been looking at him, meaning she had not known of his internal struggle. Now she knew.

“N…no, he didn’t - not really anyway,” she replied.

“What does that mean?”

“It means what I said - he didn’t hurt me per say. He mostly kept his temper and hands to himself.” It did not help with the blazes of anger within him. Far from it. Mostly was not always. Mostly was not good enough. He clenched his jaws. He needed his composure. He had practiced this. He had experience in this. Well that experience kissed him goodbye and jumped right out the window.

“What about your family?” Blake tried to steer this into safer water. Tried being the keyword here. Least to say, he failed splendidly. Ember could feel the tension, and with the new question she almost flinched.

She wetted her lips. “Maybe we should just talk about something else…” she tried. And failed.

“Ember, tell me… please.” She almost, almost, scowled at him then. The she sighed, scratched her neck and told him.

“They’re dead.”

The apathy was so thick you could cut it with a knife. Nothing in her voice, eyes or posture showed the sorrow of the lost she spoke of. It was like it was merely old news now. The grief a lost memory. It was a fact she could not change. So she lived with it. Ember may have conversed in indifference, but Blake felt bad. He shouldn’t have brought it up.

Whatever hotness he had felt by anger dimmed. Left was abashing. Her parents were dead. Her Alpha had been rough. She had left her pack. How did he steer out of this? Thinking hard he was.

“After dad died, I left the pack and have been moving around since,” Ember told. Apparently, Ember did not take it insensitive. But Blake caught onto something else. Something that couldn’t help but freeze his inside. If what he was thinking was true.

“Why did you have trouble with your Alpha?”

“Well… ehm, because he wanted me… as - as a mate,” She was looking everywhere but him. Crossing her arms. “Because I was the only female of suiting age for… yeah… ehm… for mating.”

“What about your father? What did he think of this?”

“My dad? Well…” She looked thoughtful, “he was for the most part indifferent, but he did tell the alpha off once.” She wasn’t sure what it had to do with anything though. Blake rose from the chair taking all of Ember’s attention onto him. He was going to be insensitive again, but he had to know.

“Did the Alpha kill your father, Ember?”

“W-what?” She stammered. She had completely lost where this conversation was going now. How in the world they got this theme of subject she knew not. He placed his hands on her forearms. Gentle it was, but the fire in his eyes told of other emotions.

“You said you only left after your father died - your father who had stepped in and told his Alpha off from courting you.”     

“Woaw, hey! calm down Alpha-boy,” Ember interrupted. Loud. It got his attention. He had barely recognized the frenzy he had worked himself in. Whilst his worry was sweet and thoughtful, it was wrong. But she knew then that he listened with every fibre of his being to what she said. So much he actually had overthought the possibilities of what had happened back then.

“It’s alright Blake - Tron did not kill my dad - or my mum,” She told in a gentle voice. She had laid her hands on his chest. It seemed to bring him back completely. He blinked, took a deep breath. The fire in his eyes dulled. “My dad died of natural courses. He had been sick, crippled and simply old.”

“Sorry, I didn’t meant to-“

“I know, it’s fine,” she spoke. His small smile was a bit sheepish. He was normally not the type to spin tales in his head. But everything had made sense in the moment. He thought of that she had said again. He had really jumped the gun too fast, hadn’t he…

“Wait, did you just call me Alpha-boy?”

She laughed, bit her lips and a mischievous sparkle lighten in her eyes.





The drive back was nice. Ember relaxed. She had finally caught some sleep. It had done good. So had Blake and it showed in the colour of his skin. The light in his eyes. They could probably have slept for longer, but duty called as Blake had said. He had already been away for far too long from the pack. It had been a fine day Ember thought.

So fine, that the feeling not a single ting could go wrong was present. Not a single thing…

Blake had barely parked the car by his den, opened the door, before the front door of the house was opened. Fast. Out came a Cailean whose face was more serious than Ember had ever seen before. His steps covering the ground quickly. She felt rather than saw Blake stiffen. Just as Cailean neared them in front of the car, Blake spoke.

“What’s wrong?”

Cailean slowed, glimpsed at Ember, as if unsure but then made up his mind.

“Alpha Ryan called.” 

It apparently meant something in their world, but not in Ember’s - she hadn’t a clue what it meant. Nor what could make Cailean so serious.


“Half an hour ago.”

“I see - Ember I will see you later, stay with my mother, will you?” Ember blinked, then repeated. Stupefied.



Another chapter done - would you look at that. I didn't think I would have it ready so soon! It's not as long as some of the others (yay) - it actually succeed. I'm kind of impressed by myself haha x'D Anyway, we get a bit about Ember's past in this one - about time if you ask me :P
I hope you enjoyed!
Peace out!

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