Under the Moon

Soul names.

The most valuable to a werewolf's person. The hidden name that is interlocked with the very being of one's self. It is this very name that sets that one individual aside from the masses. This one name shall come forth when you stand before the one, the one true mate. It bares everything within you and a bond stronger than most forms.

Right before all hell breaks loose, Blake finds his one true mate - just to find out that his true mate rejects his soul name, tries to shatter the very bond to dust and run away. What is a fairy tale for most, is a painful nightmare for Blake. But Blake was never one to give up.

Ember stands once again in a situation where running is the only option left. So, she runs. But the matters of the heart are complicated affaires, and Ember finds out just that, when she meets her fated one, her soul mate.

In the mist of the unknown threat it is not just an unexpected mate that needs attention. The werewolf kind has an enemy ready to destroy.


7. Chapter VII



Wild embrace


Impure thoughts are a bitch - a promise more so


A relentless force made up of gold and black stared right into her eyes, with no mercy. He held himself with strength and dignity. There was no mistake. Though he was not the king of the jungle, he was the alpha of the woods. Born a leader he stood tall. His fur healthy and dark, with cold brown and grey patterns lacing and interweaving along back and tail in the blackish coat.

A force to be reckoned with. If she had been his enemy she would have feared him, and whatever power hiding in the form of large paws and strong snout, concealing sharp teeth. His neck fur was thick and she couldn’t help of thinking of a lion male in his prime. The same kind of pride and majestic feeling was there. And suddenly it was not so strange why he had been in the position of alpha for a century.

His very being was filling and spreading in the area. The forest was alive and its gaze was on the alpha. Ready to respond to whatever he had in mind. This was who a higher power had bestowed her. This was her fated mate.

Her soulmate.

A cold hand squished her heart by the realization.



(Earlier same day)


The sun was up. The sky light. The birds were singing their early morning tones. The only thing Blake saw was the blackness caused by the palms of his hands. He pinched the back of his nose. Keeping his eyes shut for a moment longer, and then he tried again.

The words kept being blurry. It was almost comical that the undefeated alpha in fights had lost to the papers before him on his desk. No matter how he willed his eyesight, he was just not getting a single word in. No matter what he tried to do, the lines kept being a blurry mess dancing over the paper.

The paper had him utterly defeated. With a quick glance he looked at the clock and saw it was just hitting eight in the morning. He had been sitting by his desk for the last four and a half hours. He had scarcely gotten two hours of sleep. He was running on fumes now. He knew, yet he could not bring himself to his bed. Simply because the disappointment of failure was not something he could handle at the moment.

Each beat of his heart was followed with a trail of an aching pain. Spreading, making the use of his lungs burn and sting. He felt cold yet was hot. He kept wetting his lips, and they cracked under his touch. Learning back against his office chair he tenderly massaged his chest. Trying to remove the discomfort. Yet it was just a failure in another sense.

A deep sigh left him as he closed his eyes once more. With the back of his head resting on the backrest, he could dream of what sleep must feel like. It most have been years since he had last gotten a decent sleep. Or it felt like years anyway.

At once his whole body tensed. With brutal force he squished himself into a box where there was no such thing like pain or restlessness. Straightening up in his chair, it was only when he opened his eyes he saw that Cailean was standing a few meters from the closed door.

If it hadn’t been for years of experience and practise, he would have showed shock. Not even his sense of smell had picked up the new presence. The pain had overruled everything else. A cold wave started from his heart and spread out into his entire body. It was too late to save face but a small piece of luck seemed to shine upon him, when it was ‘only’ his littermate before him.

“Cailean.” Those grey eyes of his did not miss anything. Blake could just as well have been under the microscope with the way Cailean was staring at him. His grey eyes had always reminded Blake the silence before the storm. His brother was a man of few words, but he was always able to communicate what he was thinking when wanting to. And never quite to old to joke with Blake. Brotherly love.  

Blake was at that moment quite glad that he did not have a mirror in his office. He must have looked like a mess.

“I was looking for you… quite diligent of you to be working this early in the morning.”

“This is normal work hours you know.”

Mhm - Mother has made breakfast and wanted me to get you.”

“I see - Ember?”

“Just came back from a morning walk.”

Morning walk, huh…

She did those quite often lately - or she had always done them. Blake could not tell, since he did not know that part of her. But something didn’t seem quite right about that. He had seen her more than once when he had returned from his night runs.

“I will be there in a short while.”


(Not fit for an alpha)


His heart was pumping a bit faster. His throat was dry, and his hands felt clammy. His fingers were tapping against each other. Until he noticed it and stopped it. Just for the movement to start over again when he was not aware of it


It was ridiculous. Not a behaviour fit for an alpha. Yet Blake could not control himself. He felt both cold and warm the closer he came. He sucked in a deep, filling breath. He needed to get himself under control. Never had a door seem more overwhelming. He felt like he was being pulled in two directions. He wanted to knock, get closer, but at the same time he wanted to just pass by, like it had been his intention all along.


Before he could think more about it, he had already knocked on the door. It didn’t take long before he could hear footsteps. Blake used all the time given to recollect himself. Just as he saw the doorknob turn down, his heart busted out into fast heartbeats.

So much for being calm. Everything stilled in him though, when he laid eyes on the endearing female. Those deep blue eyes showed puzzlement. Her thick mane of red hair was up in a messy bun. Thin locks were curling around her face, and a few were touching her neck and shoulders.

It was by purely self-discipline in which stopped him for reaching out and tucking a few curls behind her ear. He hadn’t said anything and by the silence she tilted her head a bit. The gestures woke him from the inferno of wanting.

“Breakfast is ready if you would like,” which he hoped. Ember shifted a bit more weight onto her right leg. She was thinking with eyes resting on him. He was suddenly glad he had tried to tame the mess he had been before knocking on her door. Though his hair was still a mess, it was not that bad… he hoped.

There was something over her… something starting an alarm in his mind. Her eyes looked red, bags under them. Her shoulders hang. The blue irises had a certain kind of slumbering feeling to them. As Blake noticed the small things, he began to see what had alarmed him.

She looked a bit like him, of what he had been feeling, only half an hour earlier.

“That sounds nice, I will be down in a bit,” she interrupted his musing. He blinked before nodding.

“Should I wait for you?” He cleared his throat a little. A tired smile grazed her lips, then she shook her head.

“No, it’s alright.”  He nodded again, and as she closed the door a feeling that was beginning to be well-known in conjunction with Ember took root.





She was sitting before him. His mother was talking about something, but he did not quite hear, and only said few words that could mean either way. For once it was Cailean who contributed more to the conversation. Blake was more occupied with trying to figure Ember out.

She had definitely been more tired lately. He may not know her well, but he was not the only one who was casting fleeting - if not a bit worried - glances her way. Well he himself was not spared for such gazes; he ignored them of course. She had barely eaten anything but looked like she was already about to be finished. It did not sit well with Blake. He was not going to tell her how much to eat, but the amount of food she had eaten was hardly a crumb for a werewolf.

He wanted the blank face of hers to be in warm smiles and shining eyes. He wanted that heartfelt laughter to escape her mouth. He wanted to do something to change the dim energy around her.

“Ember I was thinking - would you join me for a run in the forest?” She blinked and quite sudden made eye contact. In the depths of never-ending blue, something began to swirl and dance in her eyes. Something that woke stars and play of colours.    

“Yes!“ She looked shocked “I mean, yes that would be quite nice,” she corrected herself, a bit of colour in her cheeks. She scratched her chin, biting a bit on her lips. Blake couldn’t help himself to a small smile. Then he remembered the others sitting around the table. So did Ember. Somewhat of a smirk was playing on his mother’s lips, as she quite innocently took great interest in her plate.

Caliean looked at their mother with a certain resigned amusement. Shaking a little on his head, Blake turned to watch Ember. She took another bite of her bread, thereby eating the last piece of food on her plate. Trying to look nonchalant.


“Yes dear?”

“Could you pass me the butter?” With a warm sure Blake got the butter and had swiftly turned the attention away from Ember. She peeked at him and what he betokened as gratefulness, shined in her eyes, a tiny bit of red in her cheeks and a small smile on her lips.

His mouth dried, his stomach burned, and his eyes were shackled to her. The air almost hissed in his lungs, so light, almost cauterizing it was. Even when she had turned her eyes away, could he barely move. He definitely needed another run. And soon. It was then, when he was caught in a net - only able to look at her, an idea began to take form, soon to be a plan. It almost prickled his heart.

Time could only go too slow then and there. Wanting to get out the door he took another bite of his meal.


(So exquisite)


The sky was blue and sunny, and the wind was still. It made the winter day mild and calm. Some places the snow had smelted whilst in others it laid in thick layers. It was refreshing and invigorating, but it was not what occupied Ember’s thoughts. It was the strong person of Blake who walked beside her, as they made way across the ground.

It was difficult not to be captivated or in awe by the male. She was small by his side, but not in a way that a child would be. The top of her head reached just above his shoulder. Making him a great deal taller than her. It could have felt intimidating, but it didn’t.

They were on their way to get Blake’s car. Why she was not quite sure. Something she asked him about.

“I have a certain place in mind, and we will need to drive for a bit - we could run, but then it would be quite a long run.”

“I see,” she simply replied, “So... where is your car?”

Blake scratched his chin. There was something about his eyes, his expression, she could not quite put a finger on. She squinted her eyes at him imploringly.


“My dear mother thought it needed to be, ehm - cleaned…”    

“W-what?” He glanced at her. Her voice had been infected with a laugh. A tone he liked a great deal, simply because it came from her. He was a sad excuse wasn’t he.

A reconciled sigh, his hair being messed up by his hand - he looked utterly resigned.

Dear mother did not think the car was clean enough for your ladyship,” he teased, but in a flat voice. Not that she minded it. “So, you got somebody from your pack to clean your car?” A red brow rose from its position. He quaffed.

“No, I did not. My mother made one of the younger wolves do it to earn pocket money.”

“Standing in line to clean their alpha’s car are they now?” She teased. A charming smile played on his lips, a certain sparkle in his eyes.

“Oh quite - I mean that exquisite car, they can barely keep their hands off it as it is.”

“Hahaha, right.”

“It’s true!”  

“If you say so.”

“I do so.”

Ember couldn’t fight the smirk on her lips. Humour was a delight for a heavy heart. With her hands behind her back she walked further with a new kind of energy. For once her mind was silent, nothing disturbing her in a moment that felt near to perfect. A gesture caught her attention. Turning to Blake she saw him wave to an older male.

She had not talked to the male before, but he looked older, calm and down to earth. Curiosity shone in her eyes as she directed them at Blake. With a side glance he saw it. A crooked smile took form.

“Who was that?”

“That would be Mitch - our healer, or doctor in newer themes.” Surprise spread throughout her expression.

“You have a doctor? - like an actual doctor?” A chuckled left him.

“An actual doctor, aye,”

“Would you look at that, that sounds handy as hell,” she mumbled to herself. He shook his head a bit, never missing his smile.

“You could say that.”

“Mhm, I just did so,” she teased, biting on her lip. Her gaze never leaving him. He looked her over with a dark brow raised, baffled amusement etched on his face. A rumble rose from his chest to be brought out in a deep chuckle, ending out like a laugh. Ember had only eyes for the warmth before her, so neither noticed the few who stood closest to them. They looked over at them with surprise on their faces.

When they finally reached the destination of the car, they spared no time to get going. Both a bit restless to finally being in their wolf-forms. Ember could see what he had meant. They were going a lot further then she had been so far. Whilst some part of her worried a bit about the distance, the excitement was a far bigger part.

When the terrain grew to be too inimical for the car, Blake parked. The place was like the last turning point for the hero and heroine in a story, Ember mused. Right before they would walk into the lion’s den.

But this forest did not contain lions. Blake took the lead and Ember followed him right into the heart of the forest.

The further they went the more dens grew nature. Small secrets and mysteries bloomed beneath them or climbed above them. Trees were either stark naked or lush with pines. A few trees still had the stories of the past summer and greens whispering on their branches in the never-ending circle of death, which clung onto them in brown leaves.

From time to time Blake looked over his shoulder whenever he could hear Ember had stopped walking. Most often she had fallen over something with her eyes and stopped to look, taking in the details. Just as he did with her.

His senses never really left her. He was always aware of her in one way or another. His fingers itched to hold her hand. Just being near her. He kept his distance though, knowing that he had to take small steps.

Soon enough he knew they were there. He loved his pack, his home. But there was just something about being able to be alone, having a place just for himself. A place where he needn’t think about pack responsibilities. Thinking of every little thing he said or did. This was his secret hideout, and now he was sharing it with Ember.

It was almost intimate - though they were not touching. But sharing this was almost as close to showing his deepest thoughts and desires. And he couldn’t quite help but hope she understood the implication of this gesture. This trust.

He could already see the place in his mind’s eye.

The little cabin which mother nature had adopted herself. Graced with a tranquillity and air so light it filled his lungs completely and absolutely, it could just as well have been his whole body breathing. Nature would always win in the end, spreading out, but it was not an invasion when moss began to grow on the roof. Nor when the trees around had their branches or roots entangled along the walls. It was an embrace.

How many times had he stood on the veranda and simply breathed, emptying his mind? He had no idea.

His heart was fluttering, butterflies in his stomach. He felt like a kid - now that he was going to show this place to his intended mate. He could not help but hope she liked the place. It was just as formidable in the winter as it was in summer. The sun rays that would fall through the trees gave a magical touch. Even though he knew the sight by heart, he would be just as stunned as always. It never failed to amaze him.

Three more steps, just around a big boulder and a bush and it would be in view. He could not help himself. Without a thought he turned half around and took a hold of Ember’s hand. She looked puzzled but nevertheless said nothing. He saw not the small sweet smile which graced her lips, as she felt the tingling in her hand - the very same he felt in his.

He removed a low hanging branch, holding it away from his face as he ducked under and held it upwards for Ember, as she did the same. In the cold colours her hair stood out amongst the white and grey, bringing warmth and vibrancy. She barely walked a few steps forward passing him before she stopped.

An intake of a breath broke their silence. He came up behind her and breathed deeply in. He could feel the shadows of wonder and amazement from her. Yet he could not stop himself.

“Do you like it?” Soft whispering near her ear.

Ember stood wide eyed, slightly open mouth and tried to think. But everything in her had simply stopped. The wonder in front of her had more meaning and beauty than she could comprehend in that single moment. Marginally breathless her lips moved.


In the secret, hidden from view it felt right to simply touch and feel. To let whatever doubt and misery residing go. With warm hands he caressed her arms up and down. The movement was slow and enhancing. She did not push him away or demanded him to step away from her. He took that as a good sign.

“I’m glad,” he answered, still in that soft voice. So soft it would have made the small hairs on her body stand on end, but she was too enraptured by the sight before her.

A small chimney, a veranda, two sets of windows and a single front door. It really was quite simple, yet it was a bliss for the eyes. The snow gleamed and sparkled. Untouched but for a few prints made from animals. Final being able to breathe properly again, but not turning around, she asked.  

“Is it yours?” 

“Aye, it’s where I go when I need to be just Blake and not Alpha Blake.” She blinked and slowly looked over her shoulder. Her eyes were slightly glazed over, truly getting the deep blue to be more pronounced. Something was working in their depths.  

Their faces were so close. Their noses almost touching. He could see the details in her eyes, the strokes of her eyelashes - thick and dark. Light freckles spread across her nose and cheeks like snowflakes. Her irises were not just blue, but in a variety of different hues around her pupils. Together it created nothing but beauty in his eyes.

She was concentration on his eyes, trying to figure something out.

When he finally understood his features soften. In that moment there was nothing more he wanted than to kiss her. To completely feel this moment with her in as close contact as possible. But he held himself back. He dared not to, knowing the consequences of giving into his desire.

She understood the significance in showing this place.

It took every control Blake had not to slide his nose against hers, in a single gentle nuzzle. Not once did they blink their eyes. With a gentle squeeze on her arms he let her go and walked towards the cabin. Breaking whatever magic which had held the moment together in fluttering hearts and calling souls.

When they were finally inside, Blake shut the door behind Ember. The cabin was cold from the lack of use, but Blake knew it was simply a matter of time after he had lit up in the fireplace. It really was just one big room. A small kitchen, a minor table with two chairs, a moveable tub for a bath (which stood up against a wall), and a single old sofa chair, standing close to the fireplace.

The fireplace was almost the biggest object in the room. It was not only the warm source, but also where he normally made his food. Beside was a stack of firewood. Before the fireplace laid an assortment of different furs, all long and fluffy. More than once had Blake fallen asleep on them.

“Where does the backdoor lead to? - other then outside of course,” Blake automatically lay his eyes upon her when she began to speak but soon after turned them on said door.

“There is a small lake behind.” Blake walked into the room the fireplace as his destination. After putting fresh firewood into the fireplace, he looked over his shoulder. Just to see Ember hadn’t really moved. She looked a bit uncertain.

“Ember,” She looked at him, “It’s okay - you can undress over there, I won’t look. Promise.” She was fiddling with her fingers, until she nodded and walked to the place he had pointed towards. It didn’t take long before Blake found out it had been so much easier to said than done.

When he began to hear the softly sound of clothes sliding over her skin, it was all he could do not to sneak a glance over his shoulder. His blood heated. He swallowed hard. He had promised not to look, so he wasn’t going to, no, nope… no!


He looked down, knowing he had just hit himself over his fingers with a log. He had been so close, dammit, he was made of better stuff than this.

He didn’t get to think more about it though, because he heard the unmistakably sound of claws against wood. This time it was not out of place to look. True to the sound, Ember had transformed. Where there once had stood a woman, a magnificent wolf stood instead. It was the first time he saw her in this form.

He could not help but take her in. Those attentive eyes of a wolf stared right back at him. Her dark blue eyes were now lighter. Almost ice blue. Regal and proud. Her chest fur was white, tick and begging for touch. Slender yet fluffy. The reddish coat shone of health and colours of dark and gold played throughout her neck, back and tail.

Ember was sniffing, looking around and taking in all the new information her wolf form could pick up. When her gaze captured him, it was for a moment like she had forgotten he had been there. Then she walked a few steps towards Blake, keeping their eyes locked.

Blake’s chest filled with a deep breath, making his chest expand, making his person bigger. It wasn’t a challenge per say, but there was definitely something in those light blue eyes, that did not want to submit. Not at all. If his blood had been hot before, it was nothing compare to now. It was not anger filling him. Dominance, but also the need to prove him worthy of this female filled him.

The wolf could not be denied. With grace and power, he walked over to the front door and opened it. Ember tilted her head a bit, but then the claws against the floor sounded as she trotted across the room and outside. Blake made fast work of getting undress and just as he was about to transform he closed the door behind him.

The transformation was nothing new for this 168 years old male. It was over fast. And the first thing he did when he stood on all four paws, was taking a long deep breath in. Embers smell was potent and delicate in his nose. Those strong golden eyes opened and like two connected points, their eyes linked.

He was standing on the veranda. She on the ground before the stairs. The difference in height made her look up at him. Something was playing in her eyes. Something he was not quite sure of. It didn’t stop him from letting her taking her full. Just as he did.

He tasted her smell. Licked his snout before he descended down the stairs, never letting her eyes go. 



I should probably have read this through more before submitting it, but I am tired of looking at it x'D
I hope you enjoyed! Until next time! Peace out! 

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