Under the Moon

Soul names.

The most valuable to a werewolf's person. The hidden name that is interlocked with the very being of one's self. It is this very name that sets that one individual aside from the masses. This one name shall come forth when you stand before the one, the one true mate. It bares everything within you and a bond stronger than most forms.

Right before all hell breaks loose, Blake finds his one true mate - just to find out that his true mate rejects his soul name, tries to shatter the very bond to dust and run away. What is a fairy tale for most, is a painful nightmare for Blake. But Blake was never one to give up.

Ember stands once again in a situation where running is the only option left. So, she runs. But the matters of the heart are complicated affaires, and Ember finds out just that, when she meets her fated one, her soul mate.

In the mist of the unknown threat it is not just an unexpected mate that needs attention. The werewolf kind has an enemy ready to destroy.


6. Chapter VI


Crazy Teddy

Just Ember


It was just beyond her reach. Just there. So fragile yet so strong. It was overwhelming, but so needed. Like oxygen for the lungs. If only she could reach out, maybe she was able to slightly touch. Perhaps that would make it come to her. The longer she waited, the more it seemed like it would vanish. Leaving her behind in this dark place.

The darkness was not an effect of missing light. It was the very essence. The blackness seemed to swirl around her as if it was ink in water. Her eyes kept going back and forth between being able to focus and not. She tried to keep an eye on it. She could not lose sight of it. It would be the end. End of everything, yet it seemed like the darkness closed around her.

It was supposed to be nothing, but it felt like hundred eyes. She was watched. In a spider’s web every muscle in her was locked. Clammy and cold crept over her skin. She could neither scream or run. But she wanted to so dearly.

She was about to lose sight of the only thing keeping her sane. No, she could not. She mustn’t. Her lungs fought for something, anything, to fill its hunger. Tears began to run down her cold cheeks. A body without a voice, she screamed with nothingness into the silence. It was simply silence greeting silence. She kept trying.

She would soon be left behind. The only thing that she needed was that other piece. Nothing more. She would never beg for anything but for that piece. As her gaze dissolved into blurred lines, she screamed out yet again. It was a silence echoed into blackness with its own reply of a void.

With its leave, it ripped her heart out. She would have croaked when she could no longer keep the appearance of the silent screams. Her airpipe twisted slowly. Her ribcage grumbled, puncturing a lung. Her heart expanded, just to get crushed by itself. Ripped apart by stabbing ribs that were broken apart. The darkness was invading her eyes now.

Her heart was a gaping hole which emptiness was a hunger, ready to eat itself to fill it.

She was losing sight of the only thing she would ever truly love. Stopped by the only being who needed it but could not see. It was not her airpipe that was twisting itself, strangling her, but her own hands.

And just before everything seemed lost, a jolt, strong as a tide wave, spread throughout her whole body. Gasping and panicked Ember woke with a force that made her sit up in bed. Her eyes darted over the dark room searching for everything and nothing. Sweat was gliding down her forehead and neck. Her red locks were damp and viscid, and her t-shirt was sticking to her back.  

She closed her palm over her eyes, trying to breath slowly, calm herself, only to find out her hands were trembling. Closing her hands around themselves, she placed them under her chin. With eyes firmly closed she whispered to herself, hoarse, tense but determined.

“It’s okay, Ember - it was only a nightmare, nothing more.” It didn’t help much and Ember found herself not able to sit in bed for much longer. She needed out, away, now. But even with a want so strong, mind and body did not cooperate. With a failed attempt to get out of bed, she fell down on the madras. Pain pulsed with vibrations in her chest.

She hissed with a tensed jaw. Every sound was drowned out by hard breathing. It was a wonder that nobody was running down the corridor and asking her to be quiet - with all the noise she was making, she thought absentmindedly. In a bitter mentation she more or less scolded herself to get up.

“Pull yourself together Ember! This is stupid and beneath you.”

A minute later Ember had finally gotten out of bed. Her movements were rushed as she gathered some clothes and put them on. This time she knew a cold bath would not help. This time it was so much worse than before. She bended down tying her boots, trying hard to forget how everything hurt inside her. How her mind was trying to let go of the nightmare.

Afterwards she took her camera and was about to run out of the door, when she saw her key to her car, lying quite innocent on the small table. How easy it would be to just screw everything and just drive away. She would only need to make three steps, pick up the key and that was it. So simple.

One breath.

In. Out.

Second breath.

In. Out.

She turned around and walked out the door, leaving the key. The old clock in the hall told her it was barely five in the morning. It would be pitch black outside. She didn’t care. She was suffocating and she needed air.


(The boy who had yelled wolf)


Ember wasn’t quite sure whether she couldn’t feel her fingers anymore, or she suddenly had gotten the power to get frost tips as claws. It was tempting to just strip and turn wolf. A warm, wind restricting coat was just what she needed. It had been three days since she last had felt snow under her paws, wind in her fur, and the stronger ability to smell and hear everything around her.

Three days since she had been out with Alexia. Perhaps it had been pure luck she hadn’t been buried somewhere in the forest. Ember was not sure what Alexia’s standpoint was now, after they had their small talk. But Ember hadn’t really talked much to the woman.

Ember blew out a deep breath, rubbed her hands against each other and put them under her armpits. She could barely feel her bottom by now. She was sitting on an icy stone - but it was better than the frozen ground. She was not sure why she had walked up here, but something had made her do so. Perhaps it was because Blake’s hereness to this spot, had burned itself on her retinal.

She remembered how she had been sitting on that bench in the common ground and looked up. Now she found herself in the other position. She recalled when they had come back from the forest, how Blake had seemed so relieved. Ember hadn’t been sure as to why. They had not met anything dangerous, and the only thing that had hurt her, was the bond between them. The longer the hours had stretched, the more Ember had found herself wanting to go back. To be rid of the ever-growing pain.

In the darkness it was not really possible to take pictures, but Ember found it comfortable to feel the camera hanging around her neck, ready if needed be. It was no longer pitch black, but still, there was at least a half an hour left before sunrise. The hill gave her a nice view of the village. It wasn’t so surprising Blake would be up here.

She had met some of the guards who had the night watch. They had been surprised to see her but left her alone. It wouldn’t surprise her if one of them had told Blake. She had not seen him though. Perhaps he didn’t care. Probably thinking she was weird and not really worth getting up from his beauty sleep. A pitiful moan sneaked out. With knees drawn up to her chin, she hid her face there and tried to stop mean and unpleasant thoughts.

She was tired, so bloody tired. Every night since coming here, she had not been able to sleep peaceful. She barely slept at all. She was not so sure how much longer she could keep it up, but she had decided that she was not going to break. No matter what. 

At once everything in her tensed. She opened her eyes but did nothing but stare into her lap. Something was near her. Something big. Filling the air with both sent and presence. Slowly she sat up, sliding a little on the stone and took in her surroundings. She tried to place the smell. Heavy with wildness and nature, earth and fresh wind. The frost almost gave a mint lingering like sent. And there was the unmistakeable smell of fur.


She was not sure whether eyes were laid upon her. She felt watched. It brought her back to her nightmare. A ragged breath left her, turning her vision white for a few seconds. The feeling was gone almost as soon she had felt the presence. Leaving her very much alone, only to find out that she had gotten onto her feet, standing up.

Feeling suddenly exposed up there, she made fast work down the path to even ground. Walking for a bit, she calmed down some more. It wasn’t weird that werewolves would be around. This whole community was made up of werewolves.

Come on Ember, kickstart your brain, will you?! 

She had explored the village one day at a time, been pretty much all around. It was made up much as she had assumed, yet not quite. There were no omegas on the edge of the village. Most of those who lived near the forest were guards, stronger wolves. It was a unique way, and something Ember had not seen before. In her old pack, the alpha hadn’t had any problem sacrifice a few omegas - should an attack happen.

A bleak taste filled Ember’s mouth and she turned her thoughts to other places. She walked without a destination in mind, but soon thought better. Made a turn, walked a bit, and there. With the village in the centre, but with some trees giving way for the sun rays to seep through, Ember could almost see the picture before her.

She waited for the right time, knowing it was only moments now. So consumed by what was yet to come she didn’t notice the person standing meters behind her. Not before she heard the flutter of a lens. Only stopped by her ribcage, her heart almost jumped out of her chest.

In the semi darkness she could make out what had startled her. He seemed fairly familiar. And he was not a guard. But he held something she knew by heart. Something which almost made her calm. It was a camera. He seemed just as absorbed with whatever he was doing as she had been.

He was standing with a foot upon a tree stump, keeping his balance while looking through his lens. Ember forgot all about the picture to come.

“Hello.” She interrupted.


“OH DEAR - are you alright?” Ember ran over to the person. He was sprawling on the ground with his feet over the tree stump, holding onto his camera for dear life.

“I am so sorry, I didn’t mean to startled you,” that much. He blinked puzzled, before finally seeming to be able to recognised the fact that Ember stood above him, with an apologizing expression. “Ehm, good morning?” He answered stumped.


“Pfft, good morning, let’s get you up, shall we?” Ember tried to hold her grin back, got hold of his hand and with a heave he was on his feet. Together they began to brush him clean from snow and dirt. There was definitely something recognizable about the guy. No later it finally clicked - not by his face, but by his sent.

He was the juvenile she had seen at Steph’s. She tried to recall what his name was, but it was lost in the big amounts of information and happenings in the little week she had been in the pack. His cheeks were flushed in a light pink - whether it was because of the cold or embarrassment she was not sure. He was making sure nothing had happened to his camera before he finally locked onto her.

He seemed to blush a whole tone lower. Definitely embarrassed. Poor guy. She gave him a reassuring smile and nodded to his camera. “I see I met another photo-enthusiast.” He blinked, then, making what seemed impossible, blushed even harder.

“Em, yeah - you… you are Ember, right?”

“That’s me.”

“Oh, well, ehm, welcome?” An amused expression took form on her features, “Thank you…?” She drew out the vocals, while giving him a telling look. For a moment he looked completely clueless.

“OH! Right, I’m Adam - Adam Sommers.”

“Right, well, hello Adam Sommers, nice to meet you.”

“Right… right, so ehm.” Unsure, Adam scratched his jaw. Ember smiled before looking over her shoulder to take in the rising of the sun. Breathtakingly as it was, she suddenly felt like it was a morning for just the eye in the moment. Ember took a deep inhale and savoured the flavours she could almost taste. So rich was the air around her. Light and pleasing, though cold. It brought everything alive in her.

“Did you get a good picture?” Ember asked. Adam took a minute before shrugging. He fiddled with his camera, before getting the display to show what he had taken. Ember took a look. She blinked, and then did it again. The picture before her was not what one would have expected. There was something stagnant over it. A dormant time. Before everything woke and started anew. While she had waited for colours, he had taken it in one of the few moments of slumbering colourless.

“Oh, that’s not a good picture -“ Adam’s expression fell, already taking her words to heart. “It’s great! Really well done!” He blinked surprised before a small warm smile took hold. 

Suddenly what felt like a lifetime ago, she recalled words spoken just a few days ago.

… but he likes Adam and threats him fine.

I may not be Adam, but I know a few good places that’s worth a photo or two.

“So, Adam, I hear if I want to find the best places to take photos, you are the guy to talk to - think you could show me around?” He seemed surprised, but then he lighted up like a candle. He nodded, cleared his throat and told her he could do that, pleased.


(He is crazy)


Ember found out as time passed, that Adam was a sweet guy, who apparently was not as awkward as he first had let on. The early morning hours had been the trickster, and he had told her that he barely had been awake when they met, but he had opened his eyes and just knew he needed to get up and grab his camera. She knew that feeling. As the morning hours slowly but surely passed, they ended up just walking around, while Adam showed her places she had yet to explore.

With the hours, the werewolves woke up and began their day. So, Ember ended up more than once talking with some Adam introduced. They were all friendly enough, some a little wary, but mostly happy to finally meet her, and then making jokes about how Blake had kept her to himself. Being the protective new mate, as so often happens.

Ember hadn’t commented, just smiled and let the pack-members live on in their beliefs. It wouldn’t do any good to correct them anyway. The pain was never far away. They were walking on one of the outermost roads of the village. It was small and made of gravel. Shovelled and cleaned from snow.

“-So, you can believe me when I say, that I was quite surprised when I saw you.” Adam was talking. Ember smiled a little. “Oh, I don’t doubt you, I still remember your expression when you saw me - trust me, the feeling was mutual.”

“I’m surprised Blake hasn’t hold a gathering introducing you as his mate and as the alpha female yet…” Adam mused, knowing very well that the pack was talking, waiting. Ember suddenly found the ground very interesting.

“Well, I-“ She was interrupted by the sound of wood, splitting and groaning as the swing of what she instinctively knew was an axe, hit the bloke of tree. The sound was relentless, and there was almost a hypnotic beat to the rhythmic sound, where the only break was when a new bloke of wood was placed. Turning she saw an older male on his front lawn chopping firewood.

Instantly she knew he was old. Old but strong. His arms were muscles. His face, though, held the grace of time. His hair was greying and white, and a mess. It almost astounded her how aged he looked when it came to colour, but his body radiated nothing but being capable. He had to be around Mrs. Macbay’s age - if not older.

“Oh, that’s crazy Teddy.” Adam told, when he saw what had captured her attention.

“Crazy Teddy?” Disbelieving she eyed Adam. He shrugged, “Or Ted if you want to.” She wasn’t sure she wanted either one. Turning to look at the older werewolf; certainly, he seemed to completely ignore them.
“Why is he called crazy Teddy?” She instead asked curious, suddenly wanting to talk with the male. Adam scratched his neck, probably thinking how to explain. “Well… it’s probably easier if I just show you,” she blinked, not really sure what he meant before she found herself needing to cover her ears.

“HEY TEDDY! HOWS IT GOING?” Adam yelled across the ground. There was a thud of the axe and then silence. But only for a second.


No matter how far away or how hard she had closed her hands over her ears, there was no way she wouldn’t have been able to hear that kind of rough loud bark. Crazy? More like barking mad. Ted or Teddy, it didn’t really matter to Ember - neither names fitted the sour male as he scowled at them.


Adam gave Ember a telling look before once more at Ted, “No, just saying hello.” This time he didn’t yell, but his voice was still strong and loud - and with a werewolf hearing the older male would be able to hear it. Ted - or Teddy - grumbled, before he took a hold of his axe again.

“WELL YA DON’T NEED TO SHOUT - GET OVER HERE!” - okay, she took it back, she definitely did not was to speak to the guy. Wide eyed she turned around to Adam, about to tell him let’s forget the whole idea and just go and live for another day. Adam had a small smile as he passed her and walked ahead.

Typical, well, let’s get this over with, shall we…

Ember followed a bit more uncertain, but she wasn’t going to be hiding behind a juvenile, when she herself had at least a hundred years more to her age. As she came closer she caught the attention of the male. His eyes were intense, staring orbs. Light blue, almost transparent it seemed. And something else caught her attention. The closer she came, the more she thought that he could not be a werewolf. He had to be a grizzly bear.

“Who are you?” He barked.


“That’s it? Just Ember?”

“Well, who are you?” Ember huffed, not liking the tone of his voice.

“You just heard, didn’t ya, just Ember?” He was staring straight into her eyes. Challenge, Ember’s wolfblood called out. Ember could not - nor would she - take her eye contact away from his. Her whole body stiffen in a way that made her seem taller. Back and shoulders straight. Feet slightly apart.

She was not backing down. She was going to show this male she did not take any crap. Their eyes were unblinking, holding an intense connection. Adam shifted uncomfortable on his feet, having neither age or rank to interfere with the two older wolves. At last it would seem a crazy smile crossed Ted’s lips. His eyes were crackling before his rough voice broke the silence.

“Hmm, not bad, I like ya.” It was over in a weirdly sense. Ember blinked one, two, three times, vanishing her scowl. She was not sure what had happened. It didn’t feel like she won the confrontation (or lost it), nor was the energy surrounding Ted one of capitulation. There hadn’t been any sign of surrendering. No showing of neck, no backing away, no looking down. Nothing.

Baffled she simply got a shrug from Adam who looked relieved that it was over. Once more the sound of wood getting chopped filled. Ted - or Teddy - had gone back to work. Adam moved closer to her and whispered in her ear.

“And now you have met Teddy.” A chuckle left him when she looked bewildered. “I’m not sure if I should think it was a pleasure or just take it as an experience.” She murmured back. “Most don’t” he answered with a grin.




The next night had been the same. Waking up in her own sweat - and this time tears. Ember was even having trouble focusing when she looked through the lens of her camera, when she walked that morning. The pain never left her, though it was dull and almost dormant. At the same time, she was picking up on other feelings, which were not so clear. She did not know whether they came from her, or the incomplete matebond - which would mean they came from Blake. The knowledge tugged at her heart.

It was restlessness and exhausting all mixed into one big pile, right alongside doubt. They could just as well be her own feelings as they probably could be his. Not that it mattered. It wouldn’t change a thing.  

She was walking around the village, not really seeing, not really hearing. She simply just followed the paths that were cleaned. The small and almost secret ones. Without meaning to, her thoughts took a path of their own. Thinking back to the previous day (where she met Teddy). Dinner had been nice, though she kind of did not want to admit it, but she liked Blake’s humour - when he showed it.

It had just been them - no doubt conducted by his mother, Mrs. Macbay. It hadn’t been candlelight and soft music in the background. If it had Ember knew for a fact she would have walked out. It had been simple but cosy. She was almost afraid he would think she thought him boring. Because as they sat there, talking calmly, she found herself actually getting sleepy and suddenly the possibility of getting a whole night sleep seemed more then possible.

It hadn’t escaped her that Blake looked much the same. While his eyes burned and glowed as gold, there were darker circles under his eyes. Ember did not need a mirror to know she looked much the same. Hers were probably just a tad more perceptible - being paler than Blake.

They had made small talk, about everything and nothing. It had a certain calming effect on her. Like there wasn’t a pressure on her shoulder. That something had to happen after this. He seemed interested to know more of what she had been doing.

“You met Ted? He had asked, while taking another bite of his meat (red and tender, close to raw).


“What did you think of him?”

“Well… ehm… he - he seemed… interesting?” She could barely keep eye contact, as she grabbed after words. Blake could not help himself. A wry smile tucked a corner of his mouth while looking attentively at her. Warmth swirled in his gold, it almost made Ember speechless.

“That’s more positive than what most think of him,” Blake answered, taking a swig of the water. She eyed the movement, finding herself unable to look away as the Adam apple moved under his skin. There was something fascination about the motion. She bit her bottom lip. A sudden urge had blossom in her, but she quickly shot it down.

“Is he always so…”

“Outspoken?” He suggested. “Loud?” she finished immediately after. Grinning once more, he shook his head, while she watched him closely. He used his napkin at the corner of his mouth, then settled himself in his chair.

“I don’t think I have yet had a day where Teddy did not shout at least once so far, so I would have to go with yes - yes he is loud most of the time.”

“And what is with the whole ruined stuff?” A knowing smile with a hidden laughter worked on Blake’s face at the mention. “Is he always expecting that you have ruined something?”

“Yeah, pretty much”

“What does he do?” If it wasn’t for the fact that Blake had pretty much burned himself on her brain, Teddy would probably had done so. She did not seem to be able to let him completely go from her thoughts.

“Right now, he is just enjoying a well-deserved pension - though if you ask me, he bloody hates it,” Blake almost laughed. It wasn’t very often a werewolf did go on a pension. Simply because most liked to do something, but also because not many reached the age where a pension was probably for the best.

“He definitely doesn’t seem like one to settled down, that’s for sure,” Ember said, but more in an afterthought. Blake didn’t say anything. He nodded for a bit, before he seemed to be getting lost in thoughts, making Ember’s curiosity burn brightly - perhaps too brightly. Blake focused on her again catching her staring. With cheeks a bit flushed she turned her gaze away, not seeing the warm smile which spread on his lips.

Idling she made her fork dance on the plate before her in the leftover food. This time it was not Teddy who pursued her thoughts. But a golden eyed man.

“So… what do you do?” She finally asked. She looked him in the eyes and let a feminine hand stroke a lock of red hair behind her ear. His eyes followed the movement like a hungry wolf. He cleared his throat, wetted his bottom lip before answering. Something intense was swirling in the depts of his gold. It was making the small hairs on her body stand on end. She was not sure whether it scared the crap out of her or excited her more.

“I work as the head ranger in the area. I make sure that everything around and in the forest is kept as it should be. Making sure that there are no hunters on the grounds and tending to sick animals. Well, for the most part I leave that to some of the humans - wild animals would much rather have us keep our distance. Much more than a human anyway. Some of the others in the pack are also rangers under me, so mostly I just delegate tasks to them and keep check of the economy in the pack.”

It shouldn’t really have surprised her that he had a job like that. It suited him when she thought about it. Much more than sitting behind a desk all day long anyway - as she had seen him before on a few occasions. She smiled then, mirroring his relaxed attitude and found herself completely and utterly consumed by what he was saying.

Questions were never far apart but he picked up on them before she could ask.

“The others in the pack works with whatever they find interesting. Some of them don’t work, because they already have earned three worth of their lifetime or have inheritance. But as many other packs, we help each other - be it with pups or money. Of course, not all of the pack lives here in the valley.” This, though, did surprise she quite a bit.

“They don’t?”

“No, some of the elders live in the city closer towards their jobs… well not only elders, but also some of the ‘younger’ ones - of course, they keep in touch and we see them almost every day. They also keep a look out in the city.”

The more she found out, the more she realized that Blake’s territory was very well guarded. Right alongside his pack-members. A security net was all over the territory - not that that was a surprise. It was more the fact that the pack-members had so much freedom and was not obliged to live in the valley. 

The evening had ended on a pleasant note. Neither awkward or so sweet and hearted shaped she was ready to run the other way. It had been nice. Comfortable even. She sighed heavy before she saw where she had ended up at. She stood before crazy Teddy’s house. It was small, made of wood and had a nice porch. And on that porch, she was being watched with those almost transparent eyes.

“Well if it isn’t Just Ember - did ya ruin something?” A small strangled giggle escaped her, after a second where she had taking in what was being said. After that, a resigned smile took place. Every little thing she did, did not go unnoticed. He was sitting on a rocking chair where he was whittling a tree-man. Tired but not resignedly she walked towards him.

Stopping just before the porch’s stairs, she kept her hands in her pockets, trying to warm them as she looked how his fingers efficiently worked with the dagger on the wood. “Are you always expecting somebody to ruin something?” She asked. A single bushy eyebrow raised on his forehead.

“Shouldn’t I?” He asked. She shrugged, “You tell me.” She answered. His fingers had stopped the work on the wood now. He nodded then. “I would be mad if I didn’t - all those youngers, ruin things all over the place.” His finger began working once more with the dagger. She wasn’t too sure what to do now.

“Sit down, will ya!” Teddy growled. A thin red brow rose slightly before she sat down on a step on the porch stairs. Showing back to a stranger was not something she would normally do, but this was a member of Blake’s pack. She was not expecting a sudden attack from behind. Nevertheless, she still had a certain alertness over whatever movements Teddy was making and could make. But she also needed to show that she trusted Blake’s judgment of his pack. He had not (yet) warned her of anybody. 

Nothing happened and Teddy continued his work. While Ember began to feel the awkwardness, Teddy did not seem to notice the slightest. Ember pulled her knees to her chest and folded her arms around them.

“Is your name really Teddy?” she blurted out, surprising herself - but found out that she was not really embarrassed. Looking over her shoulder she found his eyes just resting upon her for a few moments, before a smug rough smile took place on his face.

“Wouldn’t you want to know, huh?” She sighed and turned around again.

“What? Are your name really weird then?” an unintelligent noise was the only answer she got. “Really?” She turned around again. “What? Is it like… Ignacio? No? then Nixon? Yehuda?... Reuben?”

“NO! Are ya making up ya own names now or what? Do I look like a ‘Yehuda’ to ya?” He barked. Ember bit on her bottom lip to suppress her chuckle. “Well, you don’t look like a Teddy either… you could just tell me what your real name is.”

“And where is the fun in that, hm?” A moment silence and then a wry smile spread on her lips.
“True, I will just keep on guessing then if you don’t mind.”

“Whatever pleases ya.” Ember moved around again, closing her arms once more round her legs. Silence followed but the awkwardness did not return this time. It didn’t take long before she was looking with unseeing eyes, staring into thin air.

It was as she sat there, in her own mind. In the company of one she would never had thought she would find, her reflecting thoughts began.

So, Ember what you did not want to happen, happened. What are you going to do now? Run away? Fight the whole time?... or follow the flow?


No freaking idea… why does everything has to be so damn complicated? Life. That’s life. Nothing but one big freaking hunting game.

So tired. So damn tired…

I just… don’t want a mate… I don’t need… I won’t be… I can’t… ARGH!

Forget it. Forget it all Ember. Not now. Just… not now.

Nothing good comes out of it anyway.

Just stop.




Chapter 6 is done. I hope you enjoyed. Some important characters got some screen play, some information and in next chapter a lot more is going to happen. Don't worry. Sorry for the long wait.

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