Under the Moon

Soul names.

The most valuable to a werewolf's person. The hidden name that is interlocked with the very being of one's self. It is this very name that sets that one individual aside from the masses. This one name shall come forth when you stand before the one, the one true mate. It bares everything within you and a bond stronger than most forms.

Right before all hell breaks loose, Blake finds his one true mate - just to find out that his true mate rejects his soul name, tries to shatter the very bond to dust and run away. What is a fairy tale for most, is a painful nightmare for Blake. But Blake was never one to give up.

Ember stands once again in a situation where running is the only option left. So, she runs. But the matters of the heart are complicated affaires, and Ember finds out just that, when she meets her fated one, her soul mate.

In the mist of the unknown threat it is not just an unexpected mate that needs attention. The werewolf kind has an enemy ready to destroy.


5. Chapter V

Layla Stone



It had been on a little bit of a weird note they had started their trip to the city. Ember could not completely relax in the silence that filled the Land Rover. One thing was for certain - the Land Rover had seen better days, both inside and out. Used and dirty. Not so dirty that she scrunched her nose in disgust, but it was not the car you would drive in to your soon to be mother-in-law, that was for certain.

“So, ehm, tell me a little about yourself?” Ember soon heard herself say, not knowing what to say before it was out. Blake looked mildly surprised for a second or two, then composed himself once again.

“Are you asking me or telling me?” he teased. “What do you want to know?”

Ember shrugged - so far, she had yet to think about such questions. The only thing she could think about was how old he was - which just seemed rude, or his favourite colour - and that didn’t really matter…

“How long have you been alpha for?” - yeah, she could work with that, she thought, pleased with herself. Blake looked to think about it, “for about a hundred years I think, give or take some years - yeah, sounds about right.”

“Wait - how old are you?” It slipped out and she was instinctually ready to facepalm. It wasn’t because it was a lot… it kind of was, but not that he was old, just that he had held the position already for so long… no, she was not sure what she thought. Blake? Well, he grinned a little, probably finding the question and her tone of voice funny.

“About 168 if I remember right.”

“Can’t you remember your own age?”

“Sure, I can - can’t you?”

 “What? Of course I can, but you just said that-“


Of course! I can! I’m 122 years old, not that that is any of your busin- wait… did you just?” Ember said, getting the hunch that he was playing with her. His playful expression told all she needed to know.

“You little-“

“Now, now, no need to be rude.”

“Rude? I’m not rude, you are!”

“How so?”

“Well, for one, you just asked a lady her age!” Not that she really cared or was ashamed of her age - by werewolf standard she was young, in her prime, but they had taken it this far, right?

“I didn’t, you told me - I simply just asked whether you were sure you knew your age, not how old you are.” Ember shook her head with a disbelieving smile, knowing he was right.

“You cheat,” she simply replied, earning a smug smile from Blake, the mood no longer weird or awkward in the car. It was nice for once just having a light-hearted conversation - or banter as it was.

“Soo, what is your favourite colour?” Blake asked. Ember fought back a laugh, once more shook her head and looked out her window with a small grin on her rose coloured lips.     


(The longer the better)


Ember and Blake stood under the sign that made up of: Corron’s Photography - Capturing the Moment. A certain intensity that was not alarming nor surprising, surrounded the alpha for a short (almost unperceivable) time. It could have been a well-practiced dance throughout the years, except that they had barely known each other for more than two days, yet Ember found herself waiting till the alpha relaxed before she proceeded to open the door.

It had been a small, barely noticeable reaction, but Ember was well aware that she had done it, and perhaps Blake was as well. She did not turn to find out. She just knew that it did not bode well for her. He had tensed up by the mere fact of making sure that everything was alright and safe for her to proceed.

It had been so long since she had been subjected to such behaviour, yet it seemed so natural with Blake. She knew, though, that the behaviour itself was partly a reaction to them being “mates”. She ought to feel bothered - the problem was, that she wasn’t. Not really anyway.

Once again, she found herself in the store. Pictures graced the walls and cabinets where expensive photography equipment could be found, and yet again, Ember did not take much in. With determined steps she walked right up the counter where Steph – as a first for Ember - was ready for them, looking professional and in his element.

Blake was right behind her.

“Ah, Mr. Macbay, long time no seen,” Blake was greeted. It did not go unnoticed that Blake had been the first to be acknowledged by Steph, and Ember found herself liking the guy to a lesser extent each time she talked to him - especially since she stood in front of Blake. At least Blake didn’t seem to be completely ignorant of this. Blake gave a little cut nod in greeting, and then with a hand at Ember’s back, made sure she was in the centre of this meeting.

“I’m sure you know why we are here - you have a business meeting with-“ Blake began.

“Ah, yes, Ms. Stone - great of you to be able to come so fast - I wasn’t aware that you knew Mr. Macbay though, what a coincidence.”

Nope, Ember definitely didn’t like the guy particularly. But a potential business partner was not something she could turn down just yet. Later perhaps, but not now with an empty wallet. But it certainly didn’t feel great to sell some of her work to this guy, she just hoped that the two others who he co-worked with, was of a better mind-set.

She hadn’t thought of it before she had done it. But with a small step backwards, she found her back in close contact with Blake’s front. It felt like a wall. Not in a bad kind of way - more in a supporting posture. She only (barely) felt how his lungs expanded his chest against her, before she removed herself.

Steph didn’t seem to notice what was happening right in front of him (but he didn’t seem to notice much, Ember thought). Blake, on the other hand, did. Instead of reclaiming the lost intimacy, he simply let a hand press slightly against her lower back, before he removed himself completely and began to walk around the store. Seemingly looking at pictures at the walls and some of the equipment in the glass cabinets.

Normally, Ember did not find business talk boring and dreadful - she loved a challenge, but as she did with almost everything that was connected to Steph, it was just the opposite. The USB with the pictures was connected to the laptop before them. They had selected which pictures they would buy, the prices, and now they were talking about the possible commission.

“- the buyer wants something stunning, and connected someway with wolves, be it landscape or whatever, something creative,” Steph said. Her heart palpitated a bit with the mention of wolves, but she did not show it.

“I see, I think I can work something out,” Ember said, wanting the conversation to be over and done with, so she could begin her work.

“Well, yes, I just need you to sign here, and I think we are done.” Steph slid a paper across the counter alongside a ball pen. With a fluid movement Ember had signed after reading the paper. Steph took the paper and looked it over.

“Layla Stone, is that correct?”

Instantly Ember knew when Blake tuned more into the conversation. She also knew he had caught onto the name - something she could not quite decipher was radiating from him. But she had a pretty good guess. She nodded, trying to seem unaffected, while knowing that Blake’s golden eyes were now settled on her with a pensive gaze which was bordering on the edge of hardness. 

“So, Layla Stone…” Blake said later in the thick silence in the car, as they drove away from the photography shop. Ember said nothing. Just looked out the window and trying as good as possible to seem calm and collected. She wasn’t so sure she succeeded, but she was determined to try - at least. (As with many other things Ember realized Blake caught onto this pretty quickly.)

“Layla Stone is a thirty years old lady, with an obnoxious husband and three kids who keeps messing around the house while she saves the world every other day,” she blurted out, crossed her arms and thought that she must have lost her mind.

Unsure whether to grin or shake his head, Blake simply replied: “Right, and does this woman know that her name is being used by an old bird?”

“Oh, I’m hardly the first one to impersonate her; she is a very inspirational woman you know,” 

“No, I didn’t know.”

Ember turned to look at him with a shocked expression on her face; he could just as well have said that he didn’t know who the president was. “I am shocked! Truly, utterly shocked - not knowing who Layla Maria Antoinette Sophia Stone is.”

She looked out the front window. “Blasphemy,” she muttered under her breath, earning a silent headshaking grin from Blake, which - if she had seen it - she would have found quite charming. Not that she would have admitted it, though.

Silence fell around them once again. Blake didn’t prompt her for an answer, but she found that the silence did that for him. She sighed, lost her posture and tried to relax against the car seat. He didn’t look, nor commented, but she knew he had registered each and every movement - and apparently already knew what it meant.

“Layla Stone is the name I use for my work,” she finally admitted, not really sure why she hadn’t wanted to explain.

“Why?” She asked; he still had his eyes on the road, yet she knew he was just as much focusing on her.

“What why?” she inquired, and for a single moment he gave her a peripheral glance.  

“Why would you use Layla Stone as a cover name?” Just as she was about to open her mouth to answer, she caught on. She turned with an (almost) scowling face, a dismissive kind of stare. “I don’t use it as a cover name, it’s just… it’s just much more professional sounding than Ember Martel Reyer - and creative.”

This time, with eyebrows raised sky high, he looked fully at her (of course not for long, but the effect was still very much the same, thank you). “Love, not to disappoint you or anything, but Ember Martel Reyer is so much more creative and artistic sounding than Layla Stone - just saying.”

“Well, it certainly isn’t Blake Macbay, that’s for sure Love,” she retorted. A suppressed laugh was coughed from Blake, and Ember felt how the corners of her mouth turned slightly upwards. “Ah, no that is true, but now now, one must not forget the full name.”

Before she could inquire, he kept going, “Blake Maria Antoinette Sophia Stone Macbay - I hear it is a very creative and professional name.”

For a heartbeat there was silence, then Ember could no longer hold her composure and broke out into a heartfelt laugh. A laughter which spread such a warmth and wonder in Blake chest that he was almost ready to stop the car to just look at Ember - for he had never really heard her laugh or giggle before now, and he found that he liked the sound very much. So much that he would have liked to bottle it and drink himself full and utterly drunk on it.    

Instead he kept casting fleeting glances at her, until she finally calmed down, but never did the charming smile leave her lips completely. He could not help feeling just a little proud of himself that he had made her giggle like that, made her smile like that.  

“Well, at least now I know your full name,” he said, as the name Ember Martel Reyer kept playing like a broken record in his mind. There was a kind of closeness in knowing her full name. Now she wasn’t just Ember. Now she was a person with a past and family roots. Now she seemed so much more real in his mind (though she was sitting right beside him). Funny what a full name could do.

“What do you mean now you know my full - oh,” Ember began but stopped, knowing what he meant.

“Indeed,” he replied with a small grin.

“And I know yours, Blake Maria Antoinette Soph- what the?” she broke off, staring ahead of them.

Before them a massive group of people were spreading out, holding signs and banners. Yelling was heard, music was played and pictures were displayed. Protesters quickly flashed in Ember’s mind, just as Blake gave a deep sigh.

“I forgot about this,” he muttered while slowing down, but still kept going. The people weren’t angry or violent, but Ember was not in doubt that they meant what they were saying - whatever it was. She tried to read some of the words there were on the signs, to get a clue on what it all was about.

“What in the world?” she whispered when she finally could find a sign that was not being shaken up and down in the air, or suddenly turned around, because the person who held it did so.

She turned to Blake with questions in her eyes. “Are you having problems with hunters?” she asked. They stopped behind another car, waiting for the road to be clear.

“Well, no, not really - we have had few illegal hunters around in the last twenty years, but we dealt with them pretty quick - this is probably more one of those reactions that happens once every five years…” Ember turned to look at the people as Blake stepped on the gas pedal, moving on.

Almost every age could be found, but it was mostly young people in the crowd, Ember saw. They were demonstration against shooting animals, and especially endangered animals - wolves being one of them.

“But why here, though?” she asked as they turned a corner, and the protesters vanished from view. Blake seemed to be in deep thoughts.

“It’s because the zoo here takes a forefront position in the killing of endangered animals and they have had some problems with some of the hunting groups in these parts.”

This alarmed Ember more than she wanted to admit. Hunters were never a fun thing to meet - no matter that it was only silver which really had an effect when trying to kill a werewolf - that and a broken neck. Besides, an ordinary bullet still hurt. It still meant blood loss or damage. Though normally not to the point of death, since their healing abilities would kick in before that.

Blake seemed to catch onto her thoughts; he let go of the steering wheel with one hand and grabbed her hand instead. He squeezed it gently before his thumb began a soothing rhythm over her skin, side to side.

“You don’t need to worry, Ember.”

“I’m not,” she answered, brushing it away with a wave of her hand, before she removed her hand from his. She turned to look out her window, ignoring the resigned look on Blake’s face.


(Just lying in waiting)


It had been a weird kind of mood in the car as they drove back. Nothing was said (or done), and Ember had kept to herself. Blake had not commented. For the second time she witnessed the welcome back Blake got as they drove deeper into the valley. Whether she wanted to accept it or not - his pack held him in high esteem. It didn’t seem like it got to his head. He either nodded or made a friendly gestured with his fingers (which was on the steering wheel) to those they met, before the small road ended up at his den.

She jumped out without saying anything or giving him the chance - if he had had such thoughts. It didn’t take long for Blake to follow as she opened the front door and walked in. Ember was more than eager to get going with her job, already thinking of which equipment to take with her, but her thoughts were interrupted by the deep voice of Blake.

“I think right about now some food would be great - let’s get lunch.” He overtook her, walking in the direction she knew the kitchen to be in. She hadn’t thought about food but then she could feel the emptiness of her stomach. Working on an empty stomach never led to anything good - she knew by experience. So, she followed.

It didn’t take long - actually just a few seconds - before she knew that there were others in the kitchen as she stepped in. Jet and Alexia, along May and Cailean. She almost stopped to take in the people but didn’t. It seemed like the kitchen was the centre of get-togethers.

“Blake, you’re back, Ember too, I see,” Jet said, as if this was his place and he was the warm inviting host. Ember raised a single thin brow. Blake looked towards his brother who simply shrugged with a smirk.

“You make it sound like I would have ditched her somewhere…” Blake said as he rounded the island counter and began to open the refrigerator. “More like buried me somewhere,” Ember murmured, making Blake smile into the fridge.

“What was that?” Ember looked with an innocent smile at Jet, then answered “Nothing,” with a light, sweet voice, causing May to giggle.

“You would almost think that you didn’t have a home of your own,” Blake mused as he began taking comestibles out and placing them on the table, beckoning Ember to sit across from him - which she did. She ended up sitting beside May, who had Cailean at her other side, then Alexia by his, and last but not least Jet, who Blake sat next to.

“Aw, don’t feel shy about how happy you are to see us,” Jet japed, while placing an arm around Alexia’s shoulders. Blake scrunched his face like the very idea was a cruddy perspective.

“So how did it go?” May interrupted the banter, looking quite interested - something Ember was not that used to, but it felt great.

“Well… it went okay. I got my pictures sold and a commission, so all in all not too bad if I have to say so myself.” She thought it was best to keep it simple. No need to talk about her thoughts on Steph, or the racket in town.

“Probably more than ready to bash that photo-dude’s front teeth in - what? I would have!” Alexia sounded more than a little serious. Kind of taking Ember by surprise - since she had had the very same kind of urges in the store.

Jet looked at his mate, not really sure what to think, “Steph is not that bad - I mean, he is perfectly friendly when I was there last. I’m not saying he is perfect or completely right in his head, but he likes Adam and threats him fine.“

Of course, he does - you are both males!” Alexia immediately prompted, as if Jet had little to nothing going on in his head. “I swear that man has something against women.”

Throughout this, none of the others said anything, and when Ember looked to see what Blake was thinking about this, she could not figure him out. His face was blank and nothing seemed to clue in on the fact that he listened to the conversation - yet Ember knew he was. How, she was not sure, but perhaps, there was a just a little bit of a glint was in those golden eyes.

“Well, Alex hon, how to say this - you are not exactly the friendliest looking female to walk into his store, he was probably intimidated by you,” Jet said, likely trying to get the fiery glare dampened down so he didn’t feel as if he was about to be burned to cinders. Ember didn’t think this would actually achieve the desired effect. But Jet knew his mate better than Ember; Alexia stopped for a moment and then looked quite pleased.

“Well, that is true,” she concluded - being intimidating was apparently a praise in her dictionar May was thinking more along Ember’s lines, though.

“Sweetheart, the mere fact that you took that as compliment should not even surprise me anymore,” then she sighed for effect, making the others chuckle.

A moment later Blake placed a plate with a sandwich in front of Ember. Mouth-watering it was and suddenly it was like the hunger really announced just for how long her stomach had been like an empty pit. With a grateful look she took the first bite, almost needing to hold back a moan of pleasure.

As she ate Blake kept an eye on her, while eating his own sandwich. His whole being felt more comfortable having her here, having her in eyesight. It was as if the restless night had never happened. But it had, and the pain was dull, like a buzz in the background, but never really gone, and he wondered if Ember felt the same. Knowing that at any moment the pain could jump to the forefront and be so strong that it took everything within not to buckle.

He didn’t say much, just enjoying the light banter and conversation that happened around him. Ember didn’t say anything either, but she listened and ate with an - what he would call - almost content face. As he took another bite he sensed eyes on him and connected with a pair of grey ones. Cailean had also been watching, but both of them. There was something in that look. Something that Blake could not describe without a sprinkle of sadness and weariness in the mix.

Yeah, Cailean probably knew some of the feelings Blake felt, simply because they were so close- knit. It was a weird combination to share a moment of closeness while conversation was being held around them. Blake closed his eyes for a short period of time, with a soundless sigh. When he opened them again, Cailean had turned his attention elsewhere.

It was Ember’s voice that really brought him fully back. He blinked and focused on Ember. Though he could see out of the corner of his eye, that Jet was staring at him. Apparently, everybody else didn’t seem to forget his presence.

“- I was thinking of doing that today actually,” Ember said. Blake had no clue what the topic was now.

“To get the feel of the woods and such,” she continued to explain. His back muscles tensed by those words. He wasn’t sure why, but something in him did not want her in those woods, not without him at least. Before he could say as much, Alexia was there. Surprising most of them.

“I will take you, show you around - I may not be Adam, but I know a few good places that’s worth a photo or two.”

Ember was a little lost for words, it would seem, until a cautious light flashed in her eyes. She was trying to figure out Alexia’s offer, and she was not the only one. Blake too kept a piercing sideway glance at Alexia, but she did not succumb and stood by her word.

“Well, thank you…” Ember said, only to murmur under her breath for just May and Blake to hear: “I think.” May hid an uncertain smile behind a hand, while her hazel eyes sparkled with something like amusement. And so, a deal was struck. A deal that did not stop Blake’s stomach from turning and worry to flow in his bloodstream.


(Trust is to be earned)
Part 1


It was official - Ember knew for a fact she had lost her mind when she stood outside waiting for Alexia. They had agreed to meet half an hour later after lunch, so they could get ready - and in Ember’s case, get her stuff and make sure everything was as it should be.

By her side May stood, humming a light happy tone, not at all worried. Just as Ember was about to ask May to please stop the freaking humming, Blake was spotted walking towards them - and in front Alexia was also seen, now having warmer clothes and hiking boots on. Ember turned to May and then Blake as he reached them.

“Okay, so, please know that it was a pleasure to meet you, May. I wish I could have learned to know you better,” May shook her head, giggling, “Blake, I promise you, so help me God - I will come back to haunt you if she indeed does bury me in your freaking forest!” Blake did not get to answer as Ember turned around just as Alexia reached them.

“Let’s get going then,” Alexia said and proceeded to walk into the forest, with a less then avid Ember. May waved farewell, not noticing their Alpha was not at all as calm nor finding the situation as funny as she did. His eyes did not move from the redhaired female - not until she could no longer be seen.

The frozen ground was a mix of snowclad and bare as they walked ahead. They followed a trail for the first part of the journey, and along the way they would stop when Ember found something she wanted a quick picture of. Ember looked around, taking everything in as she catalogued the places in her mind. Trying to imagine what kind of light the places could have as the sun changed position,  what the tone of the picture would be, and in what weather.

After a while, Alexia broke off from the trail, and the road became much harder to traverse - but both women were fit and steady on the uneven ground. They moved with as much silence as they could manage. Avoiding broken branches on the ground, dry leaves and for the most part deep heavy snow - which of course the off-road trail made next to impossible. But they tried - which was at least something, Ember thought.

Their next stop was on a hill where the trees had made space for free ground and view. The hill was steep, and from there they could overlook most of the forest. It was a beautiful sight to behold. The sun had begun to set early as it did in the winter season, and a pearly reddish light was spreading throughout the clouds, painting the sky.

Ember took a few pictures, but no matter how much she wished, there was just nothing which beat the real deal. No matter how good equipment one had. Those colours and feelings that spouted forth from a sight like this was something that required the real-life experience to understand what a wonder it was. The camera hanged around her neck, silenced while she simply watched. Alexia stood behind, not having said anything since they set out.

Until now it was.

“I don’t trust you.”

She almost gave Ember a shock. She fell out of her bubble and turned around to see Alexia walk towards her, but stopping some meters away. Alexia’s face was set in defiance, hard and collected. She had no doubt been thinking this since she met Ember. Ember studied her for a short while before answering.

“No, I wouldn’t either.”


(In which the predator becomes the prey)
part 1


He had been following them for a while now. Luck, it turned out, had not left him completely yet. He kept a sharp eye on them, trying to figure out every movement before they did them. The females were alone, a long way away from any civilization. It was this bugging feeling that made him sure to keep watch. He might get frostbites in the arse, but if they were what he thought they were, it was worth it.

They were talking. What they were saying he did not know. One of them stopped and the other turned around. He held his breath, though he knew he was too far away for them to be able to hear him. He was upwind, so they could not smell him either - not that he worried about that. He had already taken precautions for that.

He lowered the binoculars and slowly rolled one of his shoulders before he continued to watch the two females.


(Trust is to be earned)
Part 2


“What?” Alexia asked, baffled.

“What what?” Ember said before sighing. “You don’t know me, and I don’t know you. I don’t trust you either, but that is the thing about trust - it is something you earn, so let’s see what time brings, shall we.”

Alexia had not in her life thought that this was the reaction she would have gotten, when she got up this morning. But Ember’s eyes were blazing, almost too much for Alexia to keep eye-contact. It was like she was looking right into the very soul of Ember. And it was fire.


Alexia swallowed and cleared her throat before indicating that they should probably move on. Ember said nothing more but followed her. She knew that this was the reason Alexia had wanted to be one on one with her. Hopefully this could give her some ease.

One could always hope.

So, they continued on, and after a few more pictures, Ember had to ask. It was almost torture, being outdoors, surrounded by nature in its purest form. The need to be one, to stretch her legs - all four of them - was too much.

So, a little awkward after the speech she coughed to get attention, “Ehm, I was thinking, if it was possible, you know, to… maybe… shift? - only for a bit! just, I need to get this urge out or I am going to go mental.” Alexia seemed to think this through for a moment, before she shrugged and nodded.

“Why not, let’s find a place to dump our stuff and we can go for a bit of running.”

Ember could have made a victory dance right then and there. They found a bush which they put their clothes and Ember’s camera under, until they stood completely in the nude.

The cold was needles against their skin, and not at all pleasing. Shaking all over, Ember closed her eyes as she let the transformation rush in her blood, tingling and warming. Overall it was not a bad feeling. Knowing that if it wasn’t for the mere fact her body numbed itself while the transformation happened, her world would have been pure pain. This was also the reason that the transformation could and would happen so quickly as is it did.

Before she knew it, she was on all four - the same was Alexia. Ember shook her whole body, gave a bark and took a deep breath. All the smells she had not been able to sense as a human rushed into her, and she could make out both squirrels and hares near her. Lightness swam through her heart as she felt her whole body and the power which lay beneath skin and fur.

Beside her stood Alexia - she was bigger than Ember (just as she was in human form). But her breed of wolf was also a grey wolf, whereas Ember was a red wolf - and therefor smaller by default. It was not that Ember was tiny in comparison to Alexia, but still, the difference could be seen.

Alexia’s coat was in light colours; her snout had a creamy white underside and a darker mask above and around her eyes, and on her back were patterns of both darker and light grey and brown. Her body was cut and hard, muscled, her coat tight and sleek. In most ways she was quite the opposite of Ember.

Ember herself was in her reddish coat; dark from her nose and up towards her eyes, but a creamy white mask around her eyes which kept going out towards her puffy cheeks, and down her throat, and belly. Her legs were also in the same creamy white. The rest of her fur was in reddish tones. On her neck, back and tail, darker and lighter patterns took form.

The two wolves took a moment to take each other in, and then they both bolted through the undergrowth. Not even Alexia’s mistrust of Ember could stop her from feeling the light hearted and exciting energy that consumed the two females.

And so, they ran.     


(In which the predator becomes the prey)
part 2


It was with excitement and eagerness he held his breath as the two females began to undress. One thing was neither of them was hard to look at, the other thing was what was in store. He swallowed, trying to moist his dry throat. The grip on the binoculars tighten just before he let go of it, just as the girls had almost all of their clothes off.

But it didn’t take long before he was looking again, this time through the scope. But this time with a far deadlier aim on the females.

He watched it happen - never really able to get used to the sight. He steadied, took a few calming breaths, readjusting his finger, before he finally felt he got where he wanted them. He moistened his chapped lips once, twice.

They were aligned with each other now.

Breathe once.

Breathe twice. 


He had pulled the trigger with deadly precision, painting the snow red with the kiss of a silver bullet. 


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