Under the Moon

Soul names.

The most valuable to a werewolf's person. The hidden name that is interlocked with the very being of one's self. It is this very name that sets that one individual aside from the masses. This one name shall come forth when you stand before the one, the one true mate. It bares everything within you and a bond stronger than most forms.

Right before all hell breaks loose, Blake finds his one true mate - just to find out that his true mate rejects his soul name, tries to shatter the very bond to dust and run away. What is a fairy tale for most, is a painful nightmare for Blake. But Blake was never one to give up.

Ember stands once again in a situation where running is the only option left. So, she runs. But the matters of the heart are complicated affaires, and Ember finds out just that, when she meets her fated one, her soul mate.

In the mist of the unknown threat it is not just an unexpected mate that needs attention. The werewolf kind has an enemy ready to destroy.


9. Chapter IX


Call for aid


Call pest control



Ryan Campbell.



Nothing was working out. Nothing was as it should. The only thing that was stable was the economy in the pack, and wasn’t that normally the very thing that should be burning?



How had his father made it seem like such an effortless task when he had held the position?

He was not new to this position, yet suddenly it felt like he was utterly and absolutely incompetent. Never had being Alpha of the Pack taken so much out of him - not of what he could remember anyway.

He was not sure if he felt so hollow that he felt stuffed - or if he was so stuffed that he felt hollow. He was definitely reaching the point where his desk was in dangerous water of being flipped over. Hadn’t he just used most of his energy of running by Ember’s side? He should not feel like this. But one call, one conversation, certainly put everything into perspective.

“-Blake, you know me…”

Ryan Campbell - the Alpha next door if you could call it that - had turned a lovely day into nothing but trouble - on more fronts than one.

“I’m not one to ask - I normally don’t need to…”

Indeed, and it did not stop there. Cailean. Dammit that stubborn wolf. No wonder he was his littermate. He, Blake, may be a nice fella, he may be trying to be understanding - but nevertheless, he was still an alpha. The very blood in his veins was to the point of near boiling from the exchange between Cailean and him.

“…but this time I have to swallow my pride…”

But it was not as much as who and what was said, as it was the dire truth of the matter that made the whole situation distastefully blood boiling. Stinging and burning and aching. But the fact of the matter was, the problem laid very much with Blake himself.

“Blake, I need your help - and fast.”

Well, Blake himself was probably the one needing help if the matter of his exhausting and sleepless nights was anything to go by. Something his brother had very much thrown in his face, when Blake had disagreed with him.




(Earlier - in the life of a werewolf)


Noiselessly Cailean slide inside Blake’s office, just as Blake was about to end his conversation on the phone. The door closed behind Cailean and he walked three steps into the room. Cailean knew things had been serious. Normally Alphas did not contact other packs for help - if they knew of others. But Ryan Campbell and Blake Macbay had an agreement - an alliance so to speak.

Whilst both Alphas did not put their noses in the other’s business, it did not mean the two alphas couldn’t enjoy a drink once in a while. But mostly they didn’t speak much with each other. Both having their hands full being fulltime alphas and not wanting to disclose too much about their own packs.

So, when Campbell ranged asking for Blake in a voice Cailean knew meant trouble, he became alert. More so when Campbell wanted Blake to call as quickly as possible. His brother had at this point been gone for several hours. Not knowing when Blake would turn up, Cailean had been keeping an eye out the window. Perhaps he had paced a bit over the floor.

Everything about Blake was grave - and tired. Being his brother, Cailean had seen first-hand how his strong brother was falling apart bit by bit. He had seemed better when he and Ember arrived home. Now the exhausting was back in full force. A force which invaded Cailean’s own thoughts in the form of a serious talk of which only happened hours earlier…


(Snarling and hackles raising - do something for Fenris’ sake)


“You need to talk to him!”

Ripped away from the sentence he was reading, Cailean turned towards the voice. The hard but almost desperate edge to the sound was not a stranger, but certainly not common in any way. Cailean had barely a respond on his tongue before the other continued.

“I have tried! He does not listen to me - this needs to stop!” At first Cailean was not sure what the male was talking about, but as he kept going, awareness washed over his expression. Tired and a bit hopeless - if one must say.

“Jet, there really isn’t much I can do-“

“Perhaps not but talking with him might be a start. If he won’t take my word, then perhaps his litter-brother might get through to him.” His appearance was almost as desperate looking as the sound of his voice. He kept messing with his hair, looking around, even walking a bit about. When his hands weren’t in his hair, they were animated as he talked.

Cailean leaned against the back of a sofa-stool, his arms loosely crossed, one hand holding the paper he had been reading. “Don’t forget Jet, he may be my brother by blood, but he is also my Alpha - it’s not my, ours, business-“

“Oh, cut the crap Cailean - don’t tell me you aren’t worried too - every-damn-one is. You know the Pack is talking. They can’t understand why their Alpha hasn’t hold a pack-meeting yet, presentating their new Alpha female.” The rude interruption was only overlooked because it was Jet; Jet who was worried out of his mind. Worried about someone they both held dear. He knew Jet was right though. They, everyone, was a bit worried by now. Some more than others.

“The Pack is talking Cailean - shit, Cailean, this can’t go on. This is too big of a disturbance in our pack. If Blake doesn’t get this situation under control soon, all hell could break loose - We need to say something, anything, to the rest of the Pack. They deserve to know at least… something.

“You know it is a complicated matter…” Cailean answered. His voice was calm, but his face mirrored his feelings better; resigned sadness. Jet snorted while turning half away, hands on hips. Cailean sighed as he collected himself. With a far more analysing gaze he took Jet in. 

“This isn’t only about that, is it?” he probed.

The surprise was painted in shocked colours on Jet’s face when he turned towards Cailean. Far more surprised than Cailean would have surmised. The astonishment faded in favour of his heated stare. The air around Jet was dismissing but he uttered nothing. Neither partner did anything against the silence nesting in the room.

He may have told Jet there was little to be done, for it was indeed a sore topic to impose on an Alpha, but it could not be denied that it had most surely crossed Cailean’s mind before it took root. Though he was Alpha, it was not him Cailean would need a word with, but his brother. For in a matter such as this, rank and blood could not truly be held up against one another.

“Will you please just talk to him?”      

Breaking through his thoughts, Jet brought Cailean back to the situation at hand; with a tired nod he answered. And so, Cailean found himself within his brother’s office, waiting to hear what the heck was going on.  

“I will be gone within the hour. I will need you to be head of the pack until I’m back. I will be taking Liam and Leon with me.” Knowing from past experiences, Cailean knew that Blake meant business. The edge to the voice was a well-made blade honed by lifelong acquisition and with expectancy of submission behind its swing.

Blake was already in next step - most likely left the building already. And if it had been in any other circumstances, Cailean would have obeyed his Alpha. But this time was different.

“What’s going on?”

The notion that Blake was going with two trackers was not lost on Cailean. Neither was it that Blake was not taking more wolves with him. It did not sit well with Cailean, but this he understood. It would not speak well if Blake came with a whole guard. Still a guard or two (or perhaps ten…) would have at least calmed Cailean a bit.

Blake’s eyes settled at Cailean. If Cailean had been a lesser wolf or not used to the intensity that those golden orbs could power through, he would have fallen to his knees. But even then, he struggled. His body stiffened in protest, and whatever alpha-genes he himself had, fought against the overwhelming power that was his brother.

The air was tense. Everything in Blake reacted to the slight repellent attitude that was given him. It was not something his very being would tolerate. Especially now. Now when everything was hanging by a thin thread.

“I will tell you when I know more.”

“You already know something; just tell me what you know.”


“Blake.” Silence followed but only stayed for a moment. Cailean did not hold his tongue, though the swirling gold demanded much of that nature. “Blake this is stupid, and I am going to be disrespectful now, but stop this madness now and speak to me - what is going on?! You cannot hide this much longer - we know something is wrong! Ever since you found Ember, things… you… have been degrading at a fast pace.”   

Both males were standing now. One breathing a bit harder than the other. Fits were clenched tightly before getting loose, just to repeat the sequence. A muscle tickled in the cheek. If not for the fact that the Alpha was holding himself back, he would probably be growling at his brother. And not in a kind way.

Seconds turned to minutes with the intensity battling between their stares. This was dominance, but not for title or power. But for respect - and understanding. But there was a reason why Blake was the Alpha and Cailean was not. A minute longer and Cailean could stand no more. With a deep sigh he closed his eyes, throwing his arms up in a surrendering way.

“Fine, fine! Whatever! Have it your way, you stubborn mule - but don’t come crying to me when you can’t stand up anymore!” he turned to leave. Just a few steps from the door he heard a sigh from behind. The raw energy that had been almost scorching his back was withdrawn. About bloody time.    

“No… no you are right - that was… childish of me.” Blake admitted. When Cailean turned to look at his brother, he found him standing behind his desk, closed eyes and a hand pinching the bridge of his nose. Everything that spoke of strength and dominance was gone. Left was one exhausting wolf who looked like he could tumble over any minute.

The very sight was so foreign for Cailean, he was almost afraid. This was not who his brother was. This was not the strong and dependable Alpha who had lead their Pack for a century. It took everything in Cailean to not rush over to Blake. Instead he forced himself to walk with calm steps.

“So what is going on?” Cailean asked while placing a chair before the desk, sitting down. It was not like he needed to sit down. He wasn’t even sure how long this conversation would be, but it would give Blake the opportunity to sit down himself. After the whole battle of wills, there was no way that Blake would sit down, while Cailean stood up, placing himself in a position where he was looked down on.

Normally Blake wouldn’t care, but he was riled up more than enough, so Cailean made it (hopefully) easier for the Alpha to sit down. Something Cailean hoped he would do - before he tumbled down, that was. As he hoped, it didn’t take long before Blake took his seat again.

“Campbell ranged because he needs help,” Letting the words sink in, Blake continued. “Three days ago, two from his pack disappeared - they have no idea where they could have gone or what happened to them, but Campbell is stretching his pack thin from the search, he needs more manpower, but not just manpower, but skilled trackers.”

“This is bad.” Blake almost snorted by how light Cailean’s words were. Oh it was bad alright. 

“It is - not only because two females disappeared, but because we are the closest known pack nearby. We are damn lucky we don’t have a hostile pack at our borders, thinking we stole two females from them.”


“Aye, yet... I agreed to help, which is why I have to be gone within the hour. Liam and Leon are the best trackers we got. The twins will hopefully find them.” Before it’s too late hang in the silence, left but not overlooked. Cailean suddenly understood a lot of their confrontation, why everything was so damned tense. Why Blake had so little patience - or some of it.

“But Campbell knows you - us, as pack - would never steal females.”

“Aye, but with tension running high Cailean, it wouldn’t be so surprising if some of the rougher males will be a hand to handle. Campbell is only one male - and while he is the Alpha, no matter how strong you are, if they all rebel against you, there is little you can do.”

“So we are to prepare for war?” Cailean could not hide his concern. But it was a daunting prospect to stand before - no matter one’s age. Blake looked his brother over. While he was concerned, there was no shadow of doubt, no panic, no tugging tail. When everything else failed, Blake could always count on Cailean to stand by his side. Blood did not birth loyalty, but he had undying loyalty before him in the form of his blood brother.

It was hard not to smile by the sight.

“No, not yet Cailean - it has not come to that yet. It’s the reason Campbell took contact now. As you said; he knows me and our principles as a pack. It’s one of the reasons why we can have this alliance that we have - otherwise we would probably have been at each other throats from the beginning - fighting for land and females.” The last was said with a snort - how unlikely it was that Blake ever would fight for land or females, but then again, he had never had the problems to begin with.

It was always easier denying something one hadn’t experienced. So perhaps Blake would have, if he had lived in another time, with another set of parents, with a whole other set of morals. One would never know, and it was not something Blake would be using his time musing more over.

“So, as I said, Cailean, you will be the head of the pack while I am gone, I will try to get back as fast as possible of course, and I will keep you updated so you know what is going on -“


Blake had been in the progress of standing up, that was, until Cailean being the calm wolf that he was, simple and steady interrupted Blake. A second gone by before Blake reacted. A bit of flare of the nostrils. Then a sigh. The expression on Blake’s face was almost of an adult that was reaching his wits end with a vexing pup.

Just as he was about to open his mouth, Cailean stopped him in his tracks with a single word.


Whatever saliva in Blake’s mouth desiccated abruptly. This was an aspect he had quite deliberately turned out. He dared not thinking about what this whole situation could mean for them. But he knew for certain; it could very well mean that for Ember’s sake, it would be best to let her go her own way. Just as she wanted. The very thought was making everything within him ice cold.  

“Blake, I’m not sure what is happening - I mean, I have never heard anything alike what you two are going through. The recognition is not supposed to be denied, yet here you are, a living proof that that can indeed occur…” sighed, “Blake you are in no condition to go into foreign territory,” Cailean was dead serious, and this time he held his gaze upon the Alpha with a far stronger conviction.

“Cailean this really isn’t the time - I need to go,” Blake said, heaviness in his voice.

“Send me instead - you know I am more than capable.” Blake really shouldn’t have been surprised. Yes, his brother was more than capable, but Blake needed to see the situation himself. He needed to see how dire it really was. “You are exhausted Blake! Please, we are worried for you.”

A sharp glint worked through the golden gaze. It turned for a moment into a glare as Blake stared at his brother, but Cailean was not affected. It seemed to actually spur him on.

“You haven’t been sleeping probably since you met Ember - and as far as I can see, neither has Ember. The Pack is talking Blake, they don’t understand what is going on between you two. The younger more rougher males are getting restless - they like everyone else, can feel something is not right. With you.” Blake felt punched from more than one direction.

He had always prided himself on the fact that he had a well-functioning pack. But this was no news, Blake already knew that there was restlessness in the pack. Because of him. Because of Ember. And their damned situation. It was true. He was in pain. He could barely sleep more than two hours every night.

And everything had started when Ember and his mate bond was broken. Yet it was not completely broken, because he felt her. Though it was like an echo in his being. He felt her presence. Like a glimmer of a cool wind whispering in his ear. He felt her emotions, her pain, but only half of the time.

As he thought, it was partially broken…

And he never knew her soul name. That part was what hurt the most. The most beautiful part of their being, had she shielded from him. How she even had been able to was the mystery of it all. He would have to give his pack some kind of information if he was going to keep order in check. But what the hell was he supposed to say? That they were true mates and she didn’t want him? That would not be pretty.  

He was contemplating over what Cailean had said. He already knew what the right thing to do was. With the deepest sigh he could muster, he nodded.

“Fine, go to Alpha Ryan Campbell and take Lion and Liam with you - report to me every day.” A simple respectful nod was the answer. This time Cailean got all the way to the door before he stopped again.

“Cailean, if the situation seems to blow up, even the smallest thing, you three get out of there - don’t worry about the consequences, I will take care of it.” The only answer he got was the expression on Cailean’s face. An expression that would etch onto Blake’s retinal for the next hour. It was that of someone who almost resignedly meant that Blake was worrying more about them than himself. And that he did it too often. The words alright dad was something Jet would have said, if he had been there.

“And Cailean,” Cailean looked once more, this time with the door open, “Tell Jet I know he got you up to this.” A chuckle was the only response before Blake was left to himself. In his chair. Completely drained. With everything turning and swirling around in his head. Soon to turn embers into sparks flaring to flames and then burn his blood to a near boil.





Shit is right!
I swear to GOD! This chapter pulled teeth out. It turned out completely different than I had imagine. But it got done. Time for some celebration. Sorry for the long wait - I have had exams and what not. I finally knew what to do with this chapter, so here. I have JUST finished it - so there are horrible mistakes.
But I hoped you enjoyed!
Peace out.


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