Under the Moon

Soul names.

The most valuable to a werewolf's person. The hidden name that is interlocked with the very being of one's self. It is this very name that sets that one individual aside from the masses. This one name shall come forth when you stand before the one, the one true mate. It bares everything within you and a bond stronger than most forms.

Right before all hell breaks loose, Blake finds his one true mate - just to find out that his true mate rejects his soul name, tries to shatter the very bond to dust and run away. What is a fairy tale for most, is a painful nightmare for Blake. But Blake was never one to give up.

Ember stands once again in a situation where running is the only option left. So, she runs. But the matters of the heart are complicated affaires, and Ember finds out just that, when she meets her fated one, her soul mate.

In the mist of the unknown threat it is not just an unexpected mate that needs attention. The werewolf kind has an enemy ready to destroy.


1. Chapter I

Gold meets blue


As she stood there, eye to eye with the very being she had tried so hard to avoid, she thought deep and hard about what she had done wrong to end up here. The hard edge of darkness in his pupils demanded submission and the golden glow around them required the truth. And all she could do was breath hard and slow. So much was being send back and forth between his golden and her blue eyes that she could hardly breathe.

While she normally wasn't the type to cover or roll over onto her back to show meekness, then and there she wanted nothing more than to run like the wolf she was and never look back. But instinct rooted her to the spot and a force as strong, as old, as time itself, told her what she needed to know. The time was upon her - no matter how undesirable.

She barely recognized what happened around her as an undercurrent of thoughts took her back to what had lead her here...


(Pictures at the ready)


A crisp wind took its turn around the trees lifting dead leaves from the ground and whispering the cold truth. Ember knew, oh she knew, what it said, but by choice she closed her ears and followed the path ahead. She was only going to stay for a day or two and if she was good enough and lay low, she was sure she could avoid trouble.

Instinct - her very being - was telling her otherwise in form of perspiring palms, ears turning to every sound around her, eyes catching all movements around her, but nevertheless she continued - knowing that failure was probably imminent. It was just a matter of time before the wind would come and carry her smell with it and announce her presence. If it hadn't already. But Ember had a job to do and she was going to do it, no matter what.

Being what she was, having the need that she had, she had left her car by the motel and was walking towards her destination. Being trapped inside the car for longer periods of time made her restless. She wanted to be the one who moved and not being moved. She wanted to feel her muscles being used, feel the air in her hair and smell the rich odors around her.

She moved unhindered towards the center. Hopefully getting the deal done and over with, so she could tuck tail and get the hell out of this place.

The reason for this was Ember now knew that she had stepped into trouble. The smells around her revealed the truth. As clear as a cloud free sky. She had stepped into a territory of a pack of lupus - werewolves. And she was very much a lone female wolf. A mature female wolf with no mate. Ember cursed herself for not just dropping this deal. This was too risky - and she hadn't prepared for it either. The smell of a stranger would alert the pack. The smell of a female wolf? It would have the bachelor males come running. A swarm of bees towards pollen.

It would probably end with males trying to win her. Trying to convince her to mate. And that was all very well - but the fact was Ember did not want a mate, and she certainly didn't want to be found. It would mean exposure and much more dangerous trouble.

If she could, she was have walked faster still. Her blue eyes lit up when she saw the sign up ahead: Corron's Photography - Capturing the Moment. She could almost feel the USB in her pocket dig into her leg with an iron hot burn.

Deliver the pictures, discuss the price, grab the money and get the hell out and then drive like your life depends on it - which... it does... she added as an afterthought full of irony.

She stopped in front of the glass door of the shop, took a deep calming breath, and opened it. Trying to look as professional as possible with an eminent threat was difficult. Walking to the desk she saw the spine of an older man bending behind the desk - and very much smelled. She grimaced a little by the odour of stale beer and cigars. Up close the smell was almost too much, but - being used to humans - she fought to keep a straight face.

Ember cleared her throat when nothing happened. It took a couple of seconds before the old man reacted. When he finally stretched his back and turned around, he found a young lady standing at the counter in front of him. A young lady with hair like flames and deep blue eyes. A gentle smile looking a little forced, greeted him.

He coughed, smiled while wiping his hands on his trousers and made an effort to look professional. He had barely opened his mouth and Ember already knew that this was not going to go quite as she wanted.


(And the boy yelled wolf)


She was right. Less than an hour later, and she was ready to run through the streets and forget whatever mission she had had.

"Will you just take the pictures and get it over with?!" she nearly hissed.

"Sorry, but I will need to talk with my partners before I pay you. I need to be sure that they too, want to invest in these pictures. I will call them tomorrow and then I will let you know." He looked almost sorry, but something about his features didn't quite make her believe the hint of an apology in those watery grey eyes of his.

She huffed, taking a heavy breath.

Being about to answer, the door opened behind her. Out the corner of her eye, she saw an younger guy.

"Steph," the newcomer greeted, while smiling in the direction of the store owner until something made him halt in his steps. His graceful approach stopped. And she knew why.


Forcefully, she straightened her back as she finally could locate his scent (stale beer and cigars had blocked her nose more than she had thought). Taking it in and analysing it, it hit her hard. She knew, dammit she knew. It was too late.


She hadn't been paying attention; forgetting her delicate situation as a stranger in an occupied territory for a short moment had costed her. Dearly. Bracing herself she turned slowly so she could focus on the newcomer.

He was a scrawny boy with reddish brown hair and light eyes. He dressed fairly simple, but werewolves tended to do just that - easier to get rid of the clothes when shifting to wolf-form. His hair was somewhere between short and long, just reaching some centimetres below his ears. He looked very much like the young wolf that he was and a growing boy, where everything either was too big or too thin for his frame.

"Adam, my boy, good to see you, how are you doing?" The shopkeeper welcomed the now absentminded youngster, not noticing the suddenly tense atmosphere. The youngster, Adam, had to tear his attention away from Ember to answer, but even then Ember knew his full focus was on her.

Werewolves on another's territory could mean anything. Mostly trouble, but since this Adam didn't know Ember, he could not know if she would jump on him and tear his throat out or not. The same could be said for Ember, but Ember did not fear the juvenile. Though it was not her life she feared for at this moment. She feared the consequences that was surely going to unfold now. She knew her presence in this area was going to be announced as soon as this guy could get the news rolling.

Just my luck.

The air sizzled with tension that only the two young werewolves could feel as messages were being send back and forth between them. Not with words but with energy and whatever little body language their stiff bodies were capable of - which by wolf standard was a lot.

Who the hell are you?

Friend or foe?

What are you doing here?

This is our territory!

She could almost hear all the questions his smell and squinting eyes spoke for him. He was alert but also curious about this female stranger.

Okay, time to go!

Ember reached for the USB which had been lying on the desk in front of her and the shopkeeper. She tucked it safely down into her pockets before getting eye contact with Steph.

"Call tomorrow!" That was it, she could be here no more. She needed to get back and rethink what to do. They knew she was here. She was not sure that even if Steph called, she would be able to come.

She turned slowly around so she didn't startle the young wolf and headed for the door. Moving not at all gracefully but as fast as possible without running. With a last backwards glance as she opened the door, she saw that he was already finding a phone from his jeans.


The door had scarcely closed behind her before she busted into a sprint down the street. While it felt good, the reason behind her escape did not. The surroundings were a blur as she kept going. Never stopping. Not looking back. Being a werewolf, travelling a lot, she was in great shape, but even then, she felt how her lungs hungered for air. Her muscles warmed as the blood pumped through them and her feet hit the asphalt in a furious tattoo.

She was much more silent than a human, but by werewolf standard she was making unnecessary noises and she knew it. She knew it, but she continued - they already knew about her, she just needed to make it to her room, to her car, and get out of town.

A part of her almost puled with relief when she finally saw that old neon sign that made out Motel. The last stretch to her door was gone in a second.

After unlocking the door, she flung it open and slammed it behind. She took a moment to draw a long breath. She sniffed the air and smelled no unwelcomed scents. Her bag was on a stool in the corner, her clothes mostly inside. Ember hadn't unpacked her things since she knew that she was not staying long, but suddenly the small amount of clothes that were hanging on the armrest seemed too much.

So clumsy and uncooperative when having to hurry she clapped her hands together hard. Clutching them for a second, she tried to get them to be willing to do her bidding without trouble.

Okay Ember, think! Breathe! You probably still have ten minutes before they arrive. You have done this before you can do it again...

Peculiar it is, how mind and body can work so much against each other. A sudden pull froze her to the spot, as she tried yet again to hurry. . Like two forces equally strong, pulling in each direction, she was still. Her mind was screaming to get a move on, her body on the other hand refused to move a muscle.

As though her body was tired of running it gave up and started sending out a call with a longing so strong it hurt. Her chest felt hot and burning. Her throat was dry and her eyes felt bright and bothered. A light sheen of perspiration covered her brow. A tumult of feelings were battling inside her and she didn't even know why.

She gasped when she heard a car pull up. She knew - time was up.


The realization worked as a jump starter. Startled, she ran to the nearest window where she could look out at the parking lot. An older dirty, dark green Land Rover was parked outside. Three people were emerging from it. She didn't need to smell them to know what they were. Like the curtain was on fire she let go of it and looked around. In seconds they would be upon her. Her smell would lead them straight to her.

How they had found her so quickly did not hit her that moment. She took her car keys which was lying on the small dinner table. Trying to find a window that she could squish out of, she looked desperately around. Just as she located one, a knock on her door was heard.

She didn't turn around. As silently as she could she pulled the window open and jumped out. If she was lucky she could get a good head start and trick them. She just needed to run around the building while they were in her room, get to her car and drive the hell out of there.

Sounded simple enough.

What she knew would be a failure before she even had started, would be to jump out and head towards the open forest behind the motel, turn to her wolf-form and run. They would track her faster and reach her before she had even run a hundred meters. The car was her best option.

There were three more knocks, then some mumbling - probably to her about opening the door - and then the sad excuse for a door was kicked in. Ember was almost at the corner of the motel by then.

Pressing her back against the rough wall of the building, she turned slightly around the corner to take stock of the situation. There were four motel rooms between the strangers and her. She glanced at where her car was. She would have to sprint and pray that she would make it.

It was now or never.

A last deep breath and she kickstarted the run to which would lead to her escape. She didn't beep the car open before getting close enough. They would have heard otherwise.

YES! Please! Let this work!

Just as she unlocked the car yelling was heard as well as footsteps. Once again, a pull took hold of her body. The air around her pressed in on her, like it was telling her she was making the biggest mistake of her life. It was a shortcoming feeling though - the adrenaline rushing in her blood made her able to snap out of it. For a split second she looked around.

One guy, big bodied, black jacket, dark haired and with a stern expression on his face, was running towards her from the front door, and the other from the corner of the building, where she had just been. Their expressions told Ember that her actions had not been a completely surprise to them... at all.

It was barely seconds.

"Eeek!" It simply escaped her mouth in fright and she fumbled further.



Just as she wrenched the door open it was slammed close. Before she knew what was up or down, she had her back pressed up against the side of her car. Her breath was hard, shallow and frightened like that of a rabbit before the big bad wolf. Then recalling bitterly there had been three and not just two men. The third was now standing way too close for comfort and looked at her with wild eyes. Something a hunt did to most werewolves.

Knowing she was in so much trouble. Knowing that it was not unusual for a pack to be hostile towards outsiders of the werewolf kind she kept her silence. The only movement was her chest going in and out, showing her winded state. Her blue eyes dilated when they clashed with those of the man in front of her.

His golden eyes were strong and steady. They demanded submission and respect. Alpha. It was so clear that this was the alpha who had come to see this new wolf intruding on his territory. But something was off. It was always a tense situation meeting a new alpha, but this time it was not merely establishing ranks, finding out if the stranger was friend or foe.

This was something so much bigger than the world closing in on them. Nothing seemed to matter more. The pull that had been on her body seemed to subside, making her able to breathe again because she was where she was supposed to be.

Air seemed mint fresh in her nose, almost to the point of burning. Every sound, sight and smell seemed intensified. The sudden connection between them was like threads flying through the air. Each sparked when joining the other. Building to a near fusion that would weld them together in the most raw and fragile place within them. She felt it prickle and tingle inside of her; the want to tie the final, everlasting knot and give him the most vulnerable piece of herself; her soul name.

No, it couldn't be...

She had never really believed that she would be able to find him. But right there before her, he stood. Every fibre of her being whispered bittersweetly in her ears what he was. What he meant to her. Her one true mate.

And here she had just been trying not to be mated at all and now this.

Her tongue was almost making knots on itself, as his soul name was beginning to form just at its tip. The reactions she had had suddenly made sense - in a weirdly kind of way. Her wolf soul had known, sensed her true mate was near and reaching for her.

He looked just as surprised but not as resistant to it all.

Fear and panic arose within Ember. This could not happen, she could not know his soul name nor give hers. That was not possible.

The sun hadn't moved for a bit, yet it felt like a life time had went by. Her back was pressed so hard against the car that if it could it would have shallowed her whole.

She began to shake her head in rejection... He looked confused for a moment until he finally felt it; her trying to rip the fragile bond that had yet to settle between them into pieces. Trying so hard that it was hurtful for them both.

"Don't!" Was the only thing he could get over his lips as her soul name fade away. He gripped her arms in desperation. Heartbroken etched into her features, the feeling of being very much alone overcame her. Faintly she observed his arms lose strength as they were now pressed against the car on each side of her. Breaking something inside of her to pieces, she knew now was the time. When he barely knew how to react to the whole situation, now was the time to run.

So she broke loose from his arms and sprinted away while her wolf soul was howling and whining within. Hurting from pain expressed as cold blades. It hurt, it made her breathless, and tears had fought their way to the front and almost slid down her cheeks. She had not given one thought to the other two werewolves who had come along. They had simple stood there and looked on in astonishment as two mates found each other and then in utmost apprehension when they were not fully united as they should have been.

How she had done it, she was not sure, but she knew that the longing threads were still seeking each other, and she needed to get as far away as possible and never see him again if she was going to live on mateless.

Her plan was simple in thought. The only thing was; two were in this situation and he was not so inclined to let it slide.

Mere seconds after she had run off he had collected his thoughts and set after her. She did not see it coming but one moment she was free, the next she was yet again in his arms but this time in close contact - as he had wrapped them around her in a tight grip. His arms were strong and warm, his chest hard, but they were little more than a barrier at that point. Knowing she would never have the strength to break free from this cage of warmth and commitment she wrestled hard.

"No! Let me go!" she yelled.

She fought against him. She felt the pull yet again, felt how the threads were fighting against her desperate desire for independence. His arms didn't lack strength this time, she subconsciously thought. As though he knew her; knew that no matter what he said she would not stop fighting, he said nothing, but did something else.

Almost shocked to her core she saw what he was thinking.



*Edited 2018-6/3

And so they met. First chapter up and running.
Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed! ^w^

Please, don't judge the poor male too soon ;) It's not like what you may think :P

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