Genna Merden

Genevieve and Dane Merden live in a place called No Man's Land with their drunken father that so desperately tries to run from his past. For all Genna’s life her only goal was to make sure her father didn’t drink himself to death and keep the secrets that needed to be kept. But secrets never last, and she won’t realize how dangerous they are until they get out.


3. 3:


Father looked sick. All the blood from his face had left and he looked as if he might throw up. Lora bit her lip, she could see the information that she gave him really hit a place in his heart. Genna didn’t have a clue what any of this ment. She wanted to demand answers, but right now was definitely not the time.

“Might I suggest we all takin a seat.” Dane spoke, unsure if speaking was the right choice.

Lora nodded and made her way to the fire place where there were three chairs. She sat in Genna’s usual spot. This didn’t bother Genna as much as it would have on a regular day.

For a second Genna thought Father might need help to a chair, but he started to move. Slowly, but he moved. He sat, Dane offered his chair to Genna, but she refused. She chose to stand between Dane and Father. She stood in a power stance with her arms crossed. The two other men stood away from them, not being a part of the conversation.

“Allow me to explain.” Lora said, looking at Genna. Now with father down Lora seemed to expect Genna was the one with the most authority. This made Genna’s heat buzz a little. She wasn’t competing with Dane, but it was always nice to one up her older brother.

Genna nodded.

Lora’s eyes traveled around the room, thinking of where to start. “Greenshore has always been after us-not just Iceshore but all of the Northern Region-but ever since the coronation of the new king, it has been much worse. Before it was just a grudge, or simple disliking. Now it’s different. The royal family of Greenholt made an arrangement with the Assassins, your father’s people.”

Genna looked at Father. Confusion and disbelief sat upon his face.

“Explain that.” Genna demanded, speaking for father.

“The Assassin’s?” Lora asked.


“Well.” she started, “It’s a sort of league. That’s something for your father to expla-”

“No.” Genna put out a hand, “That’s not what I meant. Ya say they work for Greenholt now.” she looked at Father. “Seems that was a surprise.”

Lora nodded, understanding what Genna wanted to know. “The Assassins used to be on their own. They used to take jobs from anyone who was willing to pay, but now they mainly work for Greenholt.”

“Why would they do that?” Father finally asked.

Lora shrugged. “I don’t have a clue. I don’t know how I would.”

Father nodded, accepting this.

“What was that talk of a prophecy?” Genna asked.

Lora looked a bit taken back. She had whispered that part to father.

“Ya said yerself.” Father told Lora, he had seen the look on her face just as Genna had, “Half magic, half assassin. Of course they heard ya.” This arose even more questions from Genna, but again, she chose to stay quiet.

Lora looked a bit embarrassed. Her cheeks turned red and she pursed her lips. “Of course, sorry.”

“Ya didn’t know that, did ya?” he asked, narrowing his eyes. “How many years ya got? Seventeen? Sixteen? Tell yer Mother ta send someone who can answer the questions I ask.”

Father was right, she was rather young. Lora spoke and acted like she was older, but in reality she was younger than Genna. All three of them were about a year apart. Dane was around nineteen, and Genna was about one or two years younger than Dane. Genna would guess Lora was only about seventeen or sixteen. Lora looked about that young, of course Dane and Genna looked a bit older than they were. The constant beating sun, dirty clothes, and lack of food and sleep probably had something to do with that.

“Father.” Genna worned. He looked at her and she glared. Then she turned to Lora, “What was that about the prophecy?” she asked again.

“I am not supposed to talk about that to you.” Lora explained.

“Talk anyways.” Genna said flatly.

“My-our mother specifically told me not to speak of it to you two.”

Genna rolled her eyes, getting annoyed. “Tell me or get out.”

Lora’s mouth hung open, staring at Genna.

Father gave a short laugh. “She remind you of someone?” he asked Lora.

This only infuriated Genna more. Lora looked to the two men, but no help would be found there. No. The realization hit Genna. Lora wasn’t looking for help in the men, they weren’t supposed to know either. Or maybe they would tell the Ice Queen if Lora opened her mouth about it. Genna wished she had better control over her telepathy, that would come in handy right about now.

Genna looked around, it was no use. With the men standing in the room there was no other questions that Father couldn’t answer. Lora ran out of her use. “Well.” she started, “If yer not gonna talk then ya can head on back to Iceholt now.”

Lora shook her head, “You don’t understand. You need to come with us, your in danger!”

Genna put up a hand, “Yeah, yeah. We got that. No need to shout.”

“You are in danger!-” Lora yelled again, she had more to say but Genna cut her off.

“Ya repeat yerself a lot, it’s rather irritating.”

Lora stared at Genna with her mouth open and her eyes wide. Her youthful face was flushed red and it gave her a deranged appearance. It was truly an amusing sight. Genna couldn’t help but smirk.

Lora calmed her voice but it still shook with emotion, “There is a prophecy of a brother and sister. Blood with both magic, and that of an assassin. The King of Greenshore knows of the prophecy and wants your heads. He is sending assassins after you and it could be a matter of days or even hours before they find you. So if you want to live, come with me. Do you understand?”

Father answered, “We understand yer concern, but I can protect ‘em.” Lora was about to protest but Father didn’t allow it, he lowered his voice “There’s somewhere they can go. No one would find ‘em there.”

“Your people-” Lora started.

“Won’t find ‘em there.” Father confirmed.

Lora huffed in frustration then stood, “There is no reasoning with you people.” Lora started for the door. The men hesitated, but followed. Before she left into the storm she turned quickly and pointed a finger at Father, “If they die, part of it will be on my hands.” she hissed.

“None a it will, Child.” Father told her. “‘Cause their not gonna die.”

She nodded angrily, “Good luck to all of you then.” then she was gone.

The three of them stood in silence for a while.

Unsurprisingly, Dane was the one to break it. “What did she expect? To come into the home of the Merden’s and have a peaceful conversation?”

Father gave a single chuckle, “Aye.” he walked back to his chair.

“Ya barely spoke.” Genna mumbled at him. He rolled his eyes and playfully pushed her.

“Come here, Children.” Father told them, “I need ta speak with ya.”

Genna and Dane exchanged looks.

“What is this?” Dane asked Genna sarcastically.

“Must be a full moon tonight.” Genna joked along with him.

“Quit messin around and sit.” Father snapped.

Both of them obayed and made their way to the fireplace to sit by Father. Genna took her seat where Lora sat just moments ago. Dane threw another log on the fire that had almost went out while they spoke with their sister. Father waited for Dane to take his seat. His light brown eyes followed Dane as he made his way to the wooden chair. Genna couldn’t recall Father like this before. His eyes moved smoothly and his face was unreadable, he had control over every muscle in his body. He was in complete control. This went to show the influences alcohol had over one’s personality. In this moment, Genna realized how much she didn’t know about her father.

“Where are we going?” Genna asked.

“I will do the talkin this time. You listen.” he told Genna, his voice was stern and Genna didn’t dare speak up.

He ran both his hands over his face and held them there for a moment. Then he leaned back in his seat, Genna and Dane waited. “I hoped this day wouldn’t ever come, but if what yer sister’s sayin is true ya need to get out a here.”

Genna opened her mouth but Dane gave her a warning glance. She shut it back up.

“My people have rules. I was selfish and I broke them, so I left before they found out. That was about two decades ago.” he started, Genna glanced at Dane. “Assassin's aren't supposed to associate with people like yer mother. I was young n’ foolish, so I chose her over my family.” Genna could tell all this was hard for Father to talk about. As he spoke he pinched the inside of his palms. “After Genevieve, me and yer mother decided the two of ya weren't safe there anymore. Her people weren't all that accepting of our relationship either. That’s when I took ya here. Here ya were safe from both are people.”

Even though Father gave her strict instructions to keep her mouth shut, she couldn’t help herself. “You were in Iceshore?” she asked.

He nodded, “All of us were. We lived in Iceholt till the three of us left.”

Genna and Dane’s eyes met in an instant at this information. Iceshore was the kingdom that ruled the Northern Region and Iceholt was the palace where the Queen stayed. Genna never knew she had lived there. The thought had crossed her mind that they had to have been there before, with her mother giving birth to them and all. Their mother could have came to Redbarrow, but that was doubtful.

“We left because it was dangerous there, and now She wants us to come back because it’s not safe here?” Dane questioned.

Father shrugged. “Yer mother is wise. I trust that she thought it was the best decision for yer guys's safety, but there is a safer place for ya.”

“Where?” Genna asked, sitting forward on her seat.

“It’s a safe house.” Father told them. “After assassin’s grow too old to work they have a special safe house built just for them that no one else knows of. It’s closed off from most civilization. Ya would be safe to live the rest of yer lives in peace there.”

The last sentence caught Genna off guard, “Wait? Ya don’t mean yer not coming with us?”

Father shook his head, “I don’t deserve that kind of peace.”


He cut her off by leaning over and grabbing her hand. He looked her in the eye. Genna could see the love he truly felt for the two of them. She looked down at their hands, he squeezed slightly. Genna’s eyes fell shut and all at once her father’s emotions hit her. She felt everything. His worry. His love he had for Dane and herself, even the love he had for their mother. And above all, she felt his sorrow. It all flew threw her head like bright colors. And Genna felt all of it.

“Genna.” her father’s voice snapped her back into the world. Her hand was no longer in his and she was crying. Worry and confusion crossed Dane and Father’s faces. That had never happened to Genna before in that way. The only way she had ever gotten into anyone’s head was but touching both hands to their head. She accepted it and shook it off. Father’s feelings still lingered in the back of her head. She would have to get that under control, otherwise a simple handshake with anyone could be difficult.

“I’m fine, sorry.” she told them. They both lightened a bit. “When would we leave?” she asked.

Now it was Dane and Father’s turn to exchange looks. “Why the sudden change of heart?” Dane asked.

Father’s emotions probably had something to do with it, but Genna just shrugged in response. He was worried, and he loved them very much. If he thought that them leaving was the best option, she would find it in herself to reason.

Father looked around, “As soon as the storm clears.” he told them.

Genna and Dane’s eyes widened. “Why so soon?” Dane asked.

“Lora said they could be here in days or hours at the least. It’s safest to leave as soon as possible. These people have been trainin since they could walk. The assassins are the best trackers in the land.” Father explained.

“And yer sure they won’t find this safe house?” Dane asked.

“I promise ya, they won’t be able to find it unless they follow ya the whole way there.” father told them. “And if ya start now it will be less likely for them to find ya on yer way.”

Genna and Dane exchanged looks. Genna nodded slightly and he nodded back. Dane turned back to Father, “How do ya plan on us knowin the way?”

Father grunted and went to the loft. Genna and Dane stood and watched him ceriuslusly. “What do ya think about all this?” Dane asked her.

Genna shrugged and turned to him. He was overwhelmed, she could see it in his eyes. She took his hand and their fingers entwine. She half expected the same thing to happen as her with Father, but nothing did.

Father was in his section of the loft, he was pushing aside blankets to get to the floor below his bed. He used his hands to pry off an already loose boord to the floor. He pulled out a small wooden chest. He held it with both hands as he came back to the ground. Both Genna and Dane eyed the box. Father set it on the table and opened in with an easy click.

Inside with was a single piece of parchment and on top of sat three plump sacks. Father sat the sacks onto the table. The sound they made when he sat them down gave away what they held.

“Father!” Genna gasped. “How long have we had this much coin just stashed under yer bed?”

“It was for this and only this.” he told her. Next he took out the parchment. It was folded once across the middle. He opened it, it was a map. Genna and Dane both moved in to take a closer look at it. Genna couldn’t read well, but she could enough to understand. “Use the coin to buy a couple horses and food for the way.” he told them.

Genna nodded, but Dane looked troubled. “Even if we leave won’t they still get lead to here?” Dane asked.

Father smiled softly. “They won’t find me, if that’s what yer askin.”

“How are you so sure?” Genna asked.

His soft smile turned into a sly smirk, “I’m one of ‘em, Kid. I can hide just as well as they can find.”

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