My pulse

An emotional and sensitive teenager transforms over-night due to an expierence. She is now known as the girl who hooks up with every guy she sees, the girl known as the most badass girl in town. Everything changes when the new boy comes to town...but is he more special than she thinks?


5. Trust is Trouble they both start with a T.....

I waited for my shift at Lorna's Bar & Dine to end, restlessly pacing around in the process.  I didn't talk to Josh, we just did our job.  He may be in our group now but that doesn't mean he's my friend, he's just a guy whom I don't hate and whom I'm not having a sexual relationship with.  I don't think that'll ever happen now that he's in our group.  Oh well, just another boy off my list.  It's a pity most of the guys here aren't as cute as the ones in California.  I left without even saying bye.  Who cares?  Like it matters.

I went straight to Stacy's, our usual meeting point.  Lara invited Josh along but he said he couldn't come because he had to take care of his sister.  So it was going to be the usual, me, Lara, Noah and Stacy unless she decides to bring along Chris.  I think she did mention something about bringing Chris along.  I'll have to check him out, make sure he's a good guy for Stacy.

"Amber is late" said Lara.

"I had work" I said.

"Oh we know" said Stacy.

"She's just messing with you" said Noah.

"Where's Chris?" I asked.  "He'll be joining us later on" said Stacy.  "I can't stay long today" I said.  "Aww, how come?" said Noah, his arm around Lara's shoulders.  "I have to keep my grades up, unlike most of you, I would like to go to a good university someday" I said.  "What about Josh eh?  Lara filled us in" said Stacy.  "What about him?  He's just the new guy around here.  That's all.  What's so special about him?" I asked.  "Nothing I was just curious, after all he was the one who approached you and wanted to be friends.  You invited him into our group, I think I was right, your hard shell is cracking and we're beginning to see the soft inside" said Stacy.  "Just shut up won't you?" I said.  "Ok, guys, you don't want to anger her, you know what happened to that guy what was his name?  Ah, Ed..." said Noah.  I punched him in the stomach enough to take his breath away.  "Amber!  You hurt him!" exclaimed Lara.  Stacy was laughing her ass off.  "He asked for it" I said, satisfied by my improvement in strength since I started working out at the gym.  "I did ask for it" said Noah.  "If you weren't Lara's boyfriend I would have punched you harder" I said.  "You're in one hell of a mood today" said Lara.  "Chris can't make it" said Stacy.  "What?  Why?" I asked.  "He said he got caught up in an urgent family problem" said Stacy.  "Pfft, you believe him?" I said.  "Well yeah" said Stacy.  "Give the guy a break Amber, you haven't even met him" said Noah.  "Cut him some slack" said Lara.  "People lie" I said.  "You don't know that Chris is lying, maybe he really has an urgent family problem..." said Noah.  "Why do you always have to be so paranoid Amber?  A guy broke your heart once deal with it, not all men are the same.  Why is it hard for you to just try and get to know someone instead of judging him?" said Stacy angrily.  "I do this for your own good" I said, raising my voice.  "You're not my mother I can take care of my own business you don't always have to be so intruding in my love life, I think it's better if you look at yours first" said Stacy.  "Calm down" said Lara in attempt to stop the fight.  "Oh, sorry, I guess I'm a bad friend for caring" I said, grabbing my stuff and storming out.  "Amber, we can talk about this" shouted Noah.  I kept on walking.

Great, exactly what I needed right now.  I got a text from Josh.

"I need you to come over, it's urgent" it said.

"How did you get my number?" I asked.

"Doesn't matter, I'll explain later, I'm sending you the address" he said.

What is going on?  Why did he text me and not the others?  Where did he get my number?   I need a distraction from the fight.  I hate fighting with Stacy and the others but they just won't listen.  Why can't they see I'm right?  Boys are nothing but trouble, they break you to pieces and leave you there.  They only do what benefits them, they are selfish.  They use you then when they're done they dump you like the daily trash.  I received Josh's address.

"I'm coming" I sent.

I can't believe I'm doing this but I walked to his house and knocked.

"Thank god you're here" said Josh opening the door. 

"Stop right there soldier.  This doesn't mean anything, I'm not your friend so back off a bit.  What's the urgent matter?" I asked feeling the intimidation stinking off me. 

"This way, it's my sister Samantha, she won't go out of the bathroom and she wouldn't tell me anything, know...I thought it might be a lady problem" said Josh not reaching my eyes with awkwardness.  Ah, that explained it.  "Fine I'll help, but you'll owe me a favour" I said.  "Thank you, yes, anything" said Josh, seeing the relief pass across his face.  Well this is interesting.  I knocked lightly on the bathroom door.  Josh was staring at me, waiting to see what happened in utter silence.

"Go away Josh" replied Samantha.

"Actually it's Amber, I know Josh from school" I said tentatively.

"Oh thank god a girl, come in Amber" she said.  I slipped through the door leaving a very thoughtful Josh outside.  Samantha was pacing around not knowing what to do.  "What happened" I asked softly, dearly wanting to help a fellow female in distress.  "I came into the bathroom and found a mess, this is my first period" she said.  "What did you do with it?" I asked.  "Right now I'm using toilet paper" she said.  "Don't you have any supplies?" I asked.  "No I don't" said Samantha worriedly.  "Ok, I'm here for you, I'm going to help you" I said.  "Thank you" she said giving me a hug, it felt so foreign to me.  "So, let me tell you what we're going to do" I said.  Samantha listened eagerly.  I rummaged through my bag and handed her my spare pad.  "Now, I'm going to go get you a change of clothes, then I go buy you a packet of pads before the stores close and in the meantime you change.  Once I'm back, I'll show you how to get rid of the stains, that ok to you?" I said comfortingly.  "Yes, I can't thank you enough for this" she said.  "Save it, thank your brother, he was the one who told me to come" I said.

I got out of the bathroom and found Josh outside, a very surprised look on his face.  "What?" I snapped.  "You were amazing in there why aren't you always like that?" he said.  I snarled.  "Just lead me to Samantha's room" I said.  I got her a change of clothes and handed it to her.  Before I left the apartment I looked back.  "What happens here stays here, I didn't come over, I didn't help anyone.  Understand?" I said.  Josh nodded.

I practically ran the whole way to the store and back.

"Back already?" said Josh. 

"Yeah, get out of the way" I said. 

"You are one confusing girl" he said.  I shrugged my shoulders.  "Everything is fine now?" I asked Samantha. 

"I like you Amber, Josh is lucky to have you as a friend" said Samantha. 

I was about to protest that Josh wasn't my friend and that I was just doing him a favour so as not to think about my problems but I bit my tongue and let it slide.  "So you know what to do now right?" I asked.  "Yes I'll get through like I always do" she said.  "One last thing" she whispered so that Josh couldn't overhear.  "Josh is very impressed by you" she whispered.  I didn't know what to say so I didn't respond.  "Will you visit sometime?" asked Samantha.  "Maybe" I said, trying to let her down easily.  "I don't know Samantha, Amber has her own stuff to do" said Josh.  I couldn't help but notice the disappointment in her eyes.  "I'll try to visit someday" I murmured.  Samantha grinned.  "Good, see ya Amber" she said as she went to her room.  "You don't have to do that" said Josh.  "I know but maybe I want to" I said, keeping my face guarded.  "Oh, uh, ok, you're welcome to come here whenever you want" he said.  "I'll come sometime, for Samantha" I said, careful so as not to imply anything.  "She misses her mother the most, I think she needs a female she can open up to" said Josh.  I started feeling awkward standing in Josh's apartment alone with him.  "I should get going" I said.  "Sure, sorry I was keeping you here" he said.  "No worries but as I said, not a word" I responded.  I headed out the door and strolled home.  I plunged into the work I would have done if I wasn't at Josh's.

It felt strange at Josh's, I felt like I could be my old self there with Samantha.  Maybe she wasn't the only one who needs me, I think I need her too.



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