My pulse

An emotional and sensitive teenager transforms over-night due to an expierence. She is now known as the girl who hooks up with every guy she sees, the girl known as the most badass girl in town. Everything changes when the new boy comes to town...but is he more special than she thinks?


4. Welcome to the gang

It's Monday again.  I sat down in my art class, the only class Lara wasn't in.  I sat in my usual place right at the very back of the classroom, ignoring the disgusted stares from the girls and the loud gossip about me that breaks out every time I enter a room which has boys in it, I solely focused on the ice cream truck I was drawing.  Those were good times, I miss my childhood, those golden family days.  I was so absorbed in my thoughts, that I didn't notice someone sitting next to me.  Nobody sits next to me, like, ever.  The only exception is Lara. 

I lifted my head up, not expecting to see the hottie from work sitting right there next to me, the new guy.  Poor guy doesn't know that nobody ever sits next to me.  I should tell him, save him even more awkwardness but that'd make it worse.  So I decided to let him be, why should I care what people think about him anyways?  

I directed my attention to my work once again. Only stopping once the bell rang and everybody had left the classroom, that is everyone except the new guy.  I waited for him to leave but he didn't. 

"Nice drawing you got there" he said. 

"Thanks" I said keeping my head down. 

"I'm Josh" he said offering me his hand.  I just stared up at him and said "Amber".  "Nice to meet you, you're kinda the only person I know here" he said.  "You don't know me" I said.  "Well I did hear the rumours, kinda hard to ignore" he said.  "Then you should know better than to hang around with me, you shouldn't mix with the wrong sort" I said.  "I don't mind, they sound like total douche bags anyways" he said.  "If you're just chatting me up to ask about sex just tell me" I said.  "I'm just looking for a friend" he said. I raised my eyebrow as I started packing my stuff into my bag.   "Why me?" I asked.  "I don't know" he said.  "Follow me" I said.  I can always tell when a guy is lying and when he's not.  For some reason I don't dislike this Josh and he's not lying.

"Umm...Amber?" he asked.  "Yeah?" I said, spinning around to face him.  "Isn't the cafeteria the other way?" he asked.  I smiled.  "That's because that's not where we're going, we're going to the janitors room" I said.

"Josh, Lara.  Lara, Josh" I said, introducing Lara with Josh. 

"Aren't you the waiter from Lorna's Bar & Dine?" asked Lara. 

"Yeah" said Josh. 

"Don't tell anyone we come here during the break" I warned him. 

"I won't.  I get it, it's a break from all the talk" he said.  "Yeah" I said.  "Then why do you do it? Hook up with people I mean?" he asked.  Because then I can get rid of the ache Edward left behind in my heart, by hooking up with people like he did when he cheated on me served me as a type of drug that numbed away the pain but also just like drugs, it gets addicting.  Instead of telling him this though, I frowned.  "That's a  forbidden topic" said Lara.  "Oh sorry, I didn't mean to intrude" said Josh.  I relaxed a bit.  "So, Josh, tell us about yourself" I said.  "Well, I'm originally from California" he started.  My blood went cold.  "I live with my younger sister in an apartment" he continued, oblivious to everything.  "And I like to draw comics" he concluded.  "That's it?" I asked.  "What about parents?" asked Lara.  "Died a year ago, car crash.  We used to live with crappy guardians before I turned eighteen then I just moved here with my sister" he said.  "You turned eighteen, when?" I asked.  "Several months ago.  Then I just chose to become my sisters guardian" he said.  "Oh ok, that's a very responsable move" said Lara.  "I'd do anything for my sister" he said.  "Why did you move here of all places?" asked Lara.  "It's not as expensive as California" he said.  I could see it pained him to talk about this.  "Ok that's enough" I said.  "Welcome to the gang" said Lara.


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