My pulse

An emotional and sensitive teenager transforms over-night due to an expierence. She is now known as the girl who hooks up with every guy she sees, the girl known as the most badass girl in town. Everything changes when the new boy comes to town...but is he more special than she thinks?


8. Oh

This has been the longest week ever.  I have nothing to do here at home apart from studying, reading and watching TV.  Lara and Stacy came over for a bit yesterday but that was it.  I can't wait for Monday so I can go to school again.  I tried to avoid my parents as much as possible, always saying I was tired and that I needed rest.  I can't wait to get going for my morning shift tomorrow.  Josh had been covering for me.  My phone rang.

"Hey it's Josh" he said once I picked my phone up.

"Oh hey" I said.

"How are you feeling?" he asked.

"Bored" I said.

"Apart from that" he said.

"Walking is kind of ok, breathing is the problem" I said.

"That's to be expected.  Listen, Samantha has been asking for you" he said.

"Well if you're asking me to come over ok, it's Friday night and I have nothing to do" I said.

"Sure, are your parents ok with that?" he said.

"Well it's you, they practically adore you but you'll have to come for me" I said.

"Ok see you in 20" he said.

Finally, an escape from my misery.  I've been dying to get out of this hell hole.  My dad's been blabbering about Josh every chance he got.  Every time, I answered with "He's my friend, he saved my ass" and he'd say "Watch your language".  Jeez, and this is why I don't talk to my parents about my life.

I got dressed in some loose fitted clothes as best as I could and slipped my feet in some slippers.  I reached for my makeup but realised I couldn't apply it with my knuckles like this, they were still a bit bruised.  Shit shit shit.  I searched around for a hoodie and pulled the hood on hoping it would hide my face.

"Where do you think you're going young lady?" asked my dad stepping in my way.

"Josh, he's picking me up" I said.

"Ah, such a nice lad, were are you going?  A date?" he asked.  "Dad!  No!  Just to his place" I said.  "No funny business, you're still not up to it" he said.  "Dad, how many times do I have to tell you he's just a friend and there would even be his sister with us?" I argued.  "Take some homemade ice cream with you" said dad.  "You made ice cream?  You haven't made ice cream in ages" I said stunned.  "Yeah, take a tub with you and say hi to Josh for me" he said winking.  Ugh, I rolled my eyes and snatched the ice cream with a little too much force, feeling a jabbing pain.  I winced.  "Don't do anything I wouldn't do" said dad.  "So basically you're telling me to not do anything" I murmured under my breath as I reached for the door.  I shuffled outside and found Josh waiting in his truck.  He gestured a little wave.

"Hey" he said as I tried to climb in.

"You need any help?" he asked.

"No....yes" I said sighing.

He came to my side and gently but hesitantly lift me into the truck.  Feeling awkward, I felt a flush rising.  Damn it not now, treacherous flushing cheeks.  "Thanks for doing this, I needed an escape" I said hiding behind my black hood.  "Sure, I would have gone crazy too if I were you, all cooped up in there" he said.  I noticed his black eye, it was worse than it was last Wednesday and I felt bad.  He noticed my stare and consciously looked the other way.  "It's nothing" he said.  "Yeah sure it is" I said.  "Amber Summers don't go all sarcastic on me" he said in a perfect imitation of the principal.  I grinned widely, showing off my teeth.  I pulled my hood further down aware of him smiling at me.  "What are you hiding in there? Relax it's just me" he said, making a move to pull back my hoodie.  I scooted away, slapping his hand away.  "Ok, ok, the hood stays there, can you at least tell me why?" he said.  "No makeup" I said.  "You can't hide under there forever, plus I never get it why girls feel the need to pile up all that nastiness on their faces" he said.  "Well if you must know, it's to have a layer between us and the world" I said, uncertain if I was saying too much.  Josh shrugged.  "I will never be able to understand women" he said.  He started the engine.  "What's that in your hands?" he asked as he drove.  "The best homemade ice cream ever" I said.  "Samantha will kneel to you with that in your hands" he said.  "What about you?" I asked.  "I'd beg" he said.  "You'll have to show me" I said resisting the urge to laugh.  "Woah is the barrier around you crumbling?" teased Josh.  "Damn Stacy and Lara, don't quote them" I said.  "It's hard not to" he said. I punched him playfully with my good arm.  What's going on here?  Why am I so comfortable around him?  Why can't I resist his charisma like I do to all the other guys?  I swear he's pulling me towards him without him even touching me.  Since when did we get so cozy?  We've only been friends for a few days and he's a guy.  Well he did save my ass and I did trust him even though I know that that would only bring trouble. 

"How's school been?" I asked, breaking the silence.  "Apart from everyone suddenly falling at my feet and praising me?  Oh and coach asking me to be his quarterback?  I'd say nothing at all" said Josh.  "Wait seriously?" I said.  "Yeah, even Lara was asked if she would like to join the cheer leading team" said Josh.  "She hadn't even done anything..." I said.  "Wait, the best part is that everyone is asking about you, you're the hot topic for the complete opposite reason you were previously" said Josh.  I didn't know what to say.  "Who would have known all I needed to be respected was get beaten by James" I said.  "He's been expelled" said Josh.  "I'm not at school and all this happens" I said in disbelief.  "We're the most popular kids in school" said Josh.  "That's so messed up" I said.  "I'm glad we're on the same wavelength, Lara thinks it's cool" said Josh.  "I've missed too much in my absence" I said.  I felt the truck stop.  "Wait" said Josh as he went around to come and help me out.  "I'm fine really" I lied.  "No you're not" he said.  Ugh nothing gets past him. 

I got a close up of his face but I looked down, putting my face in the shadows but the hoodie slipped and before I could do anything it dropped.  I gasped putting my hands to my face, hiding my eyes especially.  I wasn't wearing contacts.  Josh reached for my face lifting it up and removed my hands, I closed my eyes.  "What's the deal?" asked Josh annoyed.  "You have a beautiful face, it's better without all that muck you put on" said Josh.  I peeked my eyes open, waiting for Josh's reaction.  "Oh" was all he said.  "They're hideous, I've been told they are creepy like cat eyes" I said.  "No, who told you that?" he asked.  Edward.  "I think they're the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen" said Josh.  We were dangerously close.  I stepped back.  "It's from where I got my name" I said.  "Amber eyes..." said Josh.  "Please don't tell anyone" I said.  "You know the secrets are building up right?" said Josh.  "Don't tell" I said.  "I won't" said Josh.

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