My pulse

An emotional and sensitive teenager transforms over-night due to an expierence. She is now known as the girl who hooks up with every guy she sees, the girl known as the most badass girl in town. Everything changes when the new boy comes to town...but is he more special than she thinks?


6. In Pieces

Josh kept his promise and didn't mention anything.  I was talking with Lara in class. 

"Amber?" she asked. 

"What?" I asked. 

"Stacy is sorry for her outburst, could you talk to her and figure things out?" asked Lara.  "Ok" I said.  "Just like that?" she said astonished.  "Yeah, I don't like fighting with any of you" I said.  "Who are you and what have you done with Amber?" said Lara.  I smiled.  "A smile?  Amber are you feeling yourself?" asked Lara worriedly.  "I'm fine" I said.

"That's the first time I've seen you smile ever" said Josh from my other side. 

"Jeez why does everyone have to make a big deal about it?" I said.  "You should smile more often, it looks good on you" said Josh.  "Is that a compliment or flirting?" I asked.  "A compliment" he said.  I believed him.  Josh isn't what I expected.  I feel like I can say what comes to my head around him without there being certain consequences.  Is that stupid?  It sounds stupid.  I'm warming up to the idea of him being my friend although I won't admit it yet, my pride won't let me.  He's a boy after all, call me a feminist all you want.

"You never told me how you got my number" I asked.  "I asked Lara" he said.  I glared at her.  "So you gave it to him just like that?" I asked Lara.  

"Miss Summers, you've been talking all day this is your last warning" said the professor.  I shut up still staring daggers at Lara.  "May I go to the bathroom?" I asked.  The professor gave me permission to leave.  I walked slowly to the bathroom taking my time.

"Amber wait up" said James, the quarterback.

"What do you want James?" I asked through gritted teeth.  "Just a night with you" he said casually as if he did this every day.  Maybe he did do this everyday each time to a different girl but the quarterback is never judged, he can do whatever he wants, therefore people like me are the sluts excluding him.  "You have a girlfriend James, you know I'd only accept if you were single" I said.  "I broke up with Ashley" he said.  "I don't believe you" I said.  "Damn it Amber what's the problem?" he said.  That you'd be cheating on your girlfriend and I know how that feels.  "I don't want to" I said boldly, pushing past him.  "You never refuse a guy.  You know I won't ask twice" he said, grabbing me from my shoulder.  I grabbed his arm and twisted it around as I had learnt from the online self defence tutorial.  "I said no, I would never want to fuck you" I hissed.  "You....I'll get my way one way or another" he said, anger pulsing through him.  The bell rang and students started pouring into the corridor.  Still holding James arm twisted I reluctantly let go.  As soon as I let go he pushed me into the lockers knocking the air out of me, I gasped.  I fell to the ground taking deep breaths trying to gain control over my breath.  Everyone had stopped to stare.  James grabbed me by the shoulders, pulling me up.  "I will have you" he said in a steely determined voice.  His face scared me senseless.  Vulnerable, I couldn't do anything.  I struggled against his grip and bit his hand.  He temporarily let go of me, cursing, enough for me to throw out a punch.  I punched him with all the might in my hand, hearing something cracking.  My hand was in fire blazing pain but I had done more damage to his nose than to my own hand.  He was in total control of my hands once again, pinning me to the lockers.  "This is what happens to sluts like her" he shouted spitting in my face.  I struggled as hard as I could but I was no match for James.  He kneed me in the stomach, destroying all the will power I had.  Suddenly in a flash James was off me and onto the floor.  All I could see was a pair of bodies slamming around.  My vision was blurred, I heard James howling in pain and the two bodies stopped moving, James had surrendered.  I blacked out.

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