My pulse

An emotional and sensitive teenager transforms over-night due to an expierence. She is now known as the girl who hooks up with every guy she sees, the girl known as the most badass girl in town. Everything changes when the new boy comes to town...but is he more special than she thinks?


3. Forever my little girl

"Daddy can you buy me an ice cream?" I asked enthusiastically. 

"What's the magic word?" he said. 

"Please!!" I shrieked, scrunching up my shoulders at the same time.  He lift me up in his hands and ran to the ice cream truck with me screaming with laughter in his hands.

"So, how's the ice cream, pumpkin?" asked dad.  "Not as good as the ice cream you make" I said.  "I will make you some this week ok?" he said.  "Yes, thank you dad, I love you" I said giving him a hug.  "Careful! You're going to drop your ice cream" he said.  Heeding my dad's warning I didn't drop the ice cream.  "Happy birthday pumpkin" he said.  "Why didn't mommy come with us?" I said sadly.  "She had a lot of work to do" replied dad.  "Can we go home to mommy?" I asked.  "Sure anything you want pumpkin, it's your birthday after all" said dad.

We walked home and entered into total darkness.  "Where's mommy? Turn the light on daddy" I said.

"Surprise!!" shouted everyone when the lights were turned on.  I ran to mommy and hugged her.  All my family and friends were gathered around for my birthday.  I was so happy, I didn't even know where to start.  "Happy birthday Amber" said my mum.  "Our little girl is growing up" said dad, swooping me up in his arms smothering me with kisses.  "I'm not a little girl anymore, I'm six!" I said.  "You'll always be my little girl" whispered dad in my ear.

Dad put me down and together with mum we started opening up the presents.  Kimberly stepped forward and handed me a small gift with a cute necklace in it.  

I waited for dad to come read me a story before sleeping.  "Daddy read me the book about the cute doggies" I said.  "Ah, the nightly special" he said as he grabbed the book from my bookshelf.  I drifted off to sleep.  "You'll always be my little girl..."

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