The Boy in the WOODS

This story is about a boy who decides to run away from his home because his parents are really annoying him and are constantly telling him what to do. Soon Tom will realise what a big mistake he has made. The Boy in the Forest!1


1. "Do This Do That"

It Was a normal day. Tom was sitting on his bed reading a book the girl in the woods. His Mum Jane came up and started to say

"Clean your room tom It stinks" 

" Oh Really why don't you if you are that bothered." Said Tom 

" NO Its your room you clean it if it is not cleaned in 30 Mins I will be grounding you." Said Jane 

"OK NOW GET OUT." Demanded Tom


" By the way I am going to see Amir later we are going to stay up tonight at his house and play GTA 5!" Remarked TOM 

"No Your Not. I said you are cleaning your room and then you are going to be doing your homework. No Ifs and No Buts. That's The end of Conversation.

" I hate you I am not going to listen to you and follow all your orders do you understand."

" Don't talk to me in that tone I am your mother for goodness sake."

" I hate you, No wonder dad left you, You are an obedient horrible person and I hate you."

" Get Out and I never ever want to hear an word about your dad again" Shouted Jane 


I could see the Tears on her face and i instantly knew that i shouldn't have said anything as horrible as that to my own mom. That was really wrong of me and Now i knew that I had to fix this.



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