House of Hathor

A new girl starts the school and one of the previous student disappears. Will Patricia find out whats happened to her best friend?


1. Welcome

Nina gets off the train and gets into the taxi. The driver asks her "American?" Nina says "Is it that obvious?" 

" I am so excited but I have got butterflies in my stomach" said Nina.

After reaching the boarding school, Nina opens the door and runs with excitement and pushes Patricia. " Watch where you're going!" shouted Patricia. 

Nina goes to her accommodation and walks to the front door. Mysteriously, the door opens and she enters the house and gives the house a 360 look.

"Welcome to Hathor House" said Victor. Trudy comes in and says "I hope you are given our new student the best of welcomes victor, anyway Hi I am Trudy Rehman,your house mother and this is Victor Rodenmaar"

Nina is taken into the living room and sees a painting of a couple in explorers outfit. " Mr & Mrs Frobisher Smythe,the owners of the house, they died in a accident."

"Victor take Nina to her room" said Trudy. "Is it ready?, come with me miss Martin.

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