Drops in the Sky

One foot in front of the other. That's all I knew. Just keep walking. Get water when you can. Get food when you can. Just keep walking. For 92 days, that's all I knew. And then, I met Amber Jeffries. And, by God, that girl became all I knew. All I wanted to know. But the War was all that mattered. Fighting is all that matters.

In World War Four, 10 billion people were killed. I'm one of the lucky two billion that survived. So was Amber Jeffries. Unfortunately, 1.9 billion people live in Europe. Mostly France, and a couple areas just outside of it. I'm in the hundred million left in what used to be the United States, which is currently in the midst of a Civil War. And I'm right in the middle of it.

We're kind of a mess. My life's messy. But Amber... She keeps everything together.


31. Some Notes

First and foremost, thank you for reading! I tend to be long-winded, so I'll just to it...


1) The sneak-peak to the sequel is up on my page. It's called Elite, and it follows the journey of Jason McCard and Julia Nathanson (who are both mentioned in this book)

2) I'm not currently planning on spending much time adding on to the sequel, but if you'd like me to let me know! 

3) If anybody would like to take a go at drawing any of the characters in this book (Justin, Jason, Amber, Thomas, Cynthia, Jack, anybody!) feel free! I'd love to see how the audience has envisioned these characters, and I'll post any drawings of them on here and tag you so people can see :) 

4) My other story is called To the Sea and From the North. It's a similar genre to this story (action/adventure/romance/post-apocalyptic) but I've sort of stopped writing it, but I AM LOOKING FOR A CO-AUTHOR. If you are interested, read the story, follow me, and let me know! 


Again, thanks for reading :) Hate to be like this, but if you liked the story let me know by liking/favoriting it and following me! 


Love you guys ;) 



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