All I Have: A Larry Stylinson Fanfiction

When Harry Styles' girlfriend, Brianna Jones, dies in a car crash leaving him and their two year old daughter, Danielle, all alone Harry doesn't know if he can live without Brianna. Harry's best friend, Louis Tomlinson, takes Danielle and Harry under his care. Harry and Louis develop a love for each other that they have know was there in the beginning but they never seemed to bring attention to.


5. Chapter 4: Louis's POV

Chapter 4

Louis's P.O.V.



When Harry falls asleep and all I can hear are his quiet snores I decide that I should probably go and check on Danielle. If she's awake and fully awake I plan on having some one on one time with her just so we can get to know more about each other and have a strong bond with each other like she does with Harry. 

Danielle stirs in her sleep when I sit back down next to her on the couch next to her and her eyelids flutter open. She smiles when she sees that it's me and she sits up rubbing at her eyes tiredly.

"Daddy home yet?" she asks me.

"Yes, but he's sleeping right now so we'll leave him alone for awhile," I reply. "Okay with you."

"Okay wif me," Danielle replies.

"Good. Are you hungry at all? I could make us some breakfast," I suggest.

Danielle's hazel eyes lighten up at the mention of breakfast and she claps her hands together excitedly. I smile and lean down to kiss her on her cheek. She giggles as I tickle her under her chin gently.

"What would you like to eat, love?" I ask her. "I've got eggs, bacon, toast..."

"Want eggs and bacon," she replies.

"Sounds good to me."

Danielle gets up from the couch and tugs me off the couch so we can go into the kitchen and make some breakfast. As I get the ingredients out for the eggs and bacon Danielle sits down patiently at the dining room table and colors in the coloring book that she brought with her before we came back to my house to wait for Harry.

Harry was married before he met Brianna and his first relationship was where he had Danielle. The woman in his first relationship--Ellen Jackson--left Harry after Danielle turned two weeks old. She even took Danielle with her when she left my best friend. For six months Harry was worried sick about Danielle and Ellen until he got a letter in the mail from Ellen telling him that he would never see Danielle again. Harry called the authorities in California to demand them to arrest Ellen but since there was no address on the envelop and letter that Ellen sent him the authorities could do nothing to help.

Three months after the letter though Harry got a call from the California child services telling him that Danielle was found all alone in the streets and that Ellen was dead from a drug overdose. Harry got Danielle back and that's how he met Brianna. From what I was told Brianna and Harry fell in love the second they met each other in California. Brianna worked for child services but gave up her job to come live with Harry and Danielle here in the United Kingdom.

I just feel really bad for Harry now that Brianna is gone and the only people in his life are me , his mum, Anne, his sister, Gemma, and Danielle. I just hope that Harry finds a new person to love soon because I hate seeing him so sad and depressed.

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