All I Have: A Larry Stylinson Fanfiction

When Harry Styles' girlfriend, Brianna Jones, dies in a car crash leaving him and their two year old daughter, Danielle, all alone Harry doesn't know if he can live without Brianna. Harry's best friend, Louis Tomlinson, takes Danielle and Harry under his care. Harry and Louis develop a love for each other that they have know was there in the beginning but they never seemed to bring attention to.


4. Chapter 3: Harry's POV

Chapter 3: Harry's P.O.V.


I must have fallen asleep after Louis and Danielle called me because the next thing I know I'm being called by one of the doctors to come and see Brianna's body in the morgue. 

My body forces itself to get up from the bed I made out of the hard chairs and I wince at the pain in my back from the uncomfortable hospital chairs. I drag my feet a I follow the doctor to the morgue mostly because I don't want to have to face the lifeless body of the woman I so dearly loved and who is now dead because of me. When the doctor leads me into the morgue I immediately recognize one of the bodies as Brianna's and it takes all of my strength to not break down and cry right in the middle of the morgue. I take a deep breath as the urge to cry overcomes my body but when I get next to the table where Brianna's body lies I feel white hot tears stream down my face and I fall to my knees grasping her cold hand.

"Please wake up," I sob quietly.

The cold floor seeps into my knees making it hurt to kneel but right now all I care about is trying to get Brianna to wake up. I know that she won't wake up though but at the same time I feel like it's all a joke and she'll wake up any second. 

As I continue to cry silently I vaguely hear the doctor who brought me in here talking to me and telling me that I can have a few minutes of alone time with Brianna before I have to set up a date for her funeral. Once the doctor is out of the room my tears turn into uncontrollable sobs. I want this to all be a dream so bloody badly that it hurts to even think about it.

By the time with Brianna is up all of my tears have dried and I've calmed down enough to talk to the doctors about the date of her funeral. Once I've set up a date for her funeral it's finally time for me to go to Louis's house and pick up my daughter.


When I finally arrive at Louis's house and ring the doorbell it is almost morning and I am extremely tired.

Louis answers the door with a sleeping Danielle in his arms. He gives me a small sad smile before he steps to the side to let me in.

"You look tired, love," Louis observes. "Let's get you to bed, yeah?"

Louis shuts and locks the front door behind me then he sets Danielle down on the sofa in the living room before he follows me upstairs to the guest bedroom.

I've been over at Louis's house so many times over the past few years that it's not even funny anymore. Louis doesn't seem to mind at all though which is good but sometimes I feel really bad for all the late night sleepovers and talks.

"Thank you for taking care of Danielle while I was at the hospital, Louis," I whisper to my best friend as we climb up the stairs to the guest bedroom. 

"No problem, Harry," Louis replies. "Anything for a friend."

I grasp his hand in mine as we walk into the guest bedroom and sit down on the edge of the bed. Louis caresses the palm of my hand with his thumb making little shivers of pleasure run down my spine.

"You know I'm always here if you need to talk about anything, right?" Louis asks me continuing to caress the pal of my hand. 

"Yeah...I know, Lou," I reply with a shuddering breath.

I feel like I'm about to break down in tears again but I don;t want to do it in front of Louis because I don't want him to think that I'm a big crybaby. Instead I just back up onto the bed and lie down on my side. Louis does the same until we are face to face. I gaze into his blue eyes until tiredness overtakes my body and I fall asleep.



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