All I Have: A Larry Stylinson Fanfiction

When Harry Styles' girlfriend, Brianna Jones, dies in a car crash leaving him and their two year old daughter, Danielle, all alone Harry doesn't know if he can live without Brianna. Harry's best friend, Louis Tomlinson, takes Danielle and Harry under his care. Harry and Louis develop a love for each other that they have know was there in the beginning but they never seemed to bring attention to.


1. Chapter 1: Harry's POV

Chapter 1: Harry's P.O.V.


A/N: This occurs right after Brianna dies in the car crash. Harry is in the hospital about to see Brianna's body in the morgue and this is the account of what he thinks of the car crash.


If Brianna and I had not gotten into that fight and if she hadn't stormed off like she did I wouldn't be in the hospital right now about to see her lifeless body. I wouldn't be in this bloody mess at all actually.

The doctors tried everything they could to keep her alive but after her heart stopped there was nothing left to do except for call me and break the news to me. Now I' waiting in the lobby with my best friend, Louis Tomlinson and my two year old daughter, Danielle.

Danielle is sitting on my lap playing with one of her toys that she brought from home. I don't have the guts to tell her what happened to Brianna yet mostly because she is still way too young to know about death and mostly because she wouldn't understand given her age what death is.

I sigh and rest my head on Louis' shoulder as the hours drag into minutes hoping that the doctors will hurry up with whatever they are doing to Brianna's body. Louis wraps an arm around my shoulders and pulls me closer to his side. Danielle slides off my lap and turns around to face me.

"Daddy," she says rubbing at her eyes tiredly, "I'm tired."

"I know, baby," I reply. "Daddy is, too. Hopefully we can go home soon."

"You know, I could take her to my house until you come back from seeing Brianna's body," Louis suggests.

"You'd do that?" I ask him.

"Of course, love. Anything for you," Louis replies with a smile.

"Thanks, Lou. I'll call you whenever I'm out of the hospital," I say smiling back at him.

"No problem," Louis smiles at me once more then he turns his attention to my daughter and says, "Come on, Danielle. Let's go to Uncle Louis's house for a bit while your father has some alone time. Okay?"

Danielle's eyes widen in excitement and she nods her head in reply then she grasps my best friend's hand after giving me a good bye kiss on the cheek. I watch her for a moment until I can no longer see the two of them then I turn my attention back to the door where Brianna's lifeless body lays. 

My thoughts drift back to the argument that Brianna and I had had earlier in the night. The fight had been over something dumb but I now forget what it was about. When Brianna had stormed off with the car I had been happy that she was gone but I wish she hadn't left because she is now dead because of me.

I put my head in my hands as hot tears begin to fall down my face. I don't want anyone else seeing me cry because it's embarrassing for others to see me cry. I don't even let Louis see me cry because I don't know what his reaction would be if he sees me cry.

To be honest, now that Brianna is gone,  I have no idea how I'm going to live on my own with Danielle to take care of all by myself. Unless I can get my mum to take me and Danielle her house and take care of us for a while then that will solve all of my problems. Until then, I'll figure out what I can do without Brianna's help and have Louis take care of me and Danielle.



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