My Best Friend

My name is Allison and...I get abused. I'm too afraid to tell my best friend, Sam. One day I tell him. Read to find out what happens.


1. 1. Me

My name is Allison Tucker. I am 16 years old. So my life is like any other 16 year old's except....I get abused. My dad abuses me and it really hurts. My thoughts were interrupted when this happened.

        "ALLISON GET DOWNSTAIRS NOW!!!" Oh no, he's gonna beat me...again. I tried to hold back tears as I walked down the stairs. "O-ok I'm coming." Once I got all the way down the stairs he pulled my hair. I whimpered. "Stop crying. It's not gonna help you!" "Y-yes s-sir." This hurts so bad. Oh no he's wearing his work boots. Those hurt like heck. I saw his shoe coming towards my ribs and my eyes widened. He kicked me, right in the ribs. It's gonna have a big bruise and it kinda tore my skin. "Ow!!" I cried. "SHUT UP!!!" I whimpered. "O-ok." I said. He didn't stop hurting me. I was so sore. Once he was done he had me go back upstairs to my bedroom. I cried till I fell asleep. 

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