Short Stories


1. Short Story 1

 I don't know why I stopped. 

 There should've been no need. I had pockets full of medicine and no one suspected me. The hospital was busier than usual but it didn't matter. My fast pace matched the doctors and no one noticed. Don't look at their faces and no one expects you. They will just think you are a sad family member of a patient. My only fear was running into children. They always know when something is wrong. As I passed an open door something made me pause and glance in.

A girl was sleeping on white sheets with tubes sticking out of her. She looked like some kind of monster from a horror game. Hair no longer than her ears, pale skin that I swear was translucent, and and her room just melted her away. I walked in and nearly forgot she was there. The only color was a brittle blonde hair that circled her head like a halo.

"Do you believe in wishes?" A small voice filled the room. I could've sworn she was sleeping but her fluttering eyelids said otherwise.

"Wishes?" I hadn't thought about that since I was a child. "No, I don't believe I do"

"Why not?" Her voice sounded so strong compared to her not being able to move anything but her head. Or she only had strength for that.

I pulled a chair close to her bed and sat down. "Sometimes life doesn't allow wishes to come true."

"I always wish. At night I can see the North Star. Mama says its the wishing star." I glanced out her window. I could see the string of Christmas lights that looked like a star. At night it probably looked like the distant stars.

"You can't just wish on stars, kid" I wanted to reach out to her. Touch her hand. Make sure I wasn't talking to a doll.

"Sure you can! Martha a room over, wished on a star and it came true! She doesn't have to come back. No more icky pockie treatments."

I looked away and over to were her chart sat. Did I really want to know how this kid was gonna die? "How are you so strong?" I cleared my throat. The pills in my pocket seemed to grow heavy. 

"Hope" My head snapped toward her. "Mama says hope is the strongest thing in the universe. So don't cry" I blinked and sniffed. When did I start to cry? 

"Your mama sounds really cool"

The girl looked at me sadly, "She cries a lot. She doesn't know want me to see her cry but I do. Mama is strong though cuz' she has hope!" If this kid could move her hands, she definitely would be someone who talked with their hands a lot.

"Where's your mama now?"

"My brother's birthday party! I told her she needed to go and take lots of pictures for me!"

 Wouldn't she feel left out? "Why?"

 "So I can see what happened. I can be there!" She smiled. It was the first time in the conversation she smiled. Somehow she looked completely different from before. She had some kind of warmth. "Oh oh! Do you believe in faeries?"

"Faeries?" Looking at her smile, I felt like anything could happen, "I guess I do now"

"Do you think they will be there with death?" My heart dropped. 

"Yeah" She was smiling and not afraid even though, He probably was in the room right now. I wanted to kick death in his rear end and tell him to stay away from this girl. 

"I'm not afraid." Then something of a realization hit her, "I'm keeping you from your friends! Go have fun! Take lots of pictures! You can show me later!" I nodded unable to disagree. I patted her hand and she had closed her eyes. I slowly stood up and walked out of the room. 

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