My hell of a life

Find out more about me ! My bad moments. My funny moments. My happy moments. My everything! You will learn about my hobbies how I got into writing family , issues , friends , fake friends... Fights and moments in my life that felt like I was in heaven . My judo competitions and my charity work and waaayyy more !!! :)


2. Moving

I remember when I was three sitting on my grandmas lap laughing away not knowing that I wouldn’t see her for a long time . She was crying while hugging me like she wanted to hug me forever. My dad was trying to cheer me up since I looked confused by running around the room pretending to be a airplane. He was describing it to me with such interest that I couldn’t wait to be in the sky watching the clouds drift by . Since I was so young I thought I was able to keep some cloud with me and put it in the jar . Everyone still makes fun of me because if that...:,) I’ve always been small for my age so my dad said that I would look like a giant compared to how small everything would be and that really got me excited. My uncles aunties and cousins were all surrounding me, my dad , my mum , my big sister and my little sister.My older sister who was five at the one was on my grandpas lap crying as she hugged him, I guess she was old enough to know what was happening. My younger sister who was one was cradled in my mums arms not knowing her surroundings as she slumped in deep dreams . Taking me away from the crying people my uncle was was about fourteen at the time picked me up and threw me on his shoulders as he ran outside in the blazing heat running around as I squealed . I always thought I was his favourite, he would hide with me in cupboards and tried changing me and always shared his toys with me . Till this day I still look at the pictures and laugh at them . He’s now about twenty one or twenty three and since I never see him we’ve become distant and he’s to old to play with little kids and I’ve grown and I’m no longer the loud small child . Still small but more teenage like . He threw me up and down and told me that I’m his favourite and he would always love me , well... He still loves me but I don’t think I’m his favourite. I don’t know anything about him and the memories of us together were dim. I don’t mind either since I’ve changed a lot when I moved to England and let’s just say younger children are cuter . Giving my last hugs my dad gave his last hug to his parents and my mum gave her last hug to her parents and then... we just left . I don’t remember the airplane ride to much just that I was so jumpy and I stared outside throughout the whole time my tiny mind blown away . We moved to England and since my country was really hot and when we got there it was snowing . It was really new to me . I never seen snow before and it was absolutely beautiful . There was a thick layer of it and it was lightly falling down causing a beautiful view . And of course , don’t laugh but I thought it was raining cotton candy and started stuffing my mouth with snow and my big sister pushed me and started getting it out of my mouth . Weird experience... The neighbors were so kind and since my family didn’t know English they got a translator and showed us everything. My first house in England was quiet small but after four years we had two more children is our family so we moved again ( you will learn more about my memories in my old house and my younger brother and sister in my next chapter ) to a much bigger house . My old house had a kitchen which was a dinning room to , two bedrooms- I had to share a room with two of my sisters - ,one toilet, a living room and a room with junk and stuff that didn’t fit anywhere. Where as my new house had four bedrooms, three toilets, a dining room , a kitchen , a hallway, a living room and oh my gosh ...The most beautiful view.You could see the whole city stretch out and you could see the hills and the lands . Amazing. At night is was spectacular since you would see the city lights and the moon and if we were lucky the dazzling stars . I would always sit outside just watching and the soft breeze pushed past my hair . The only down part is that in my old house we had a massive garden , we even had a apple tree , but my new house gad a small garden but still pretty . I had to change schools three times and since I was very shy it wasn’t easy . But you’ll learn about my school a different time ! Five years after moving countries , I went on a holiday to visit everyone. They all cried when they saw us and I was surrounded by so much love . We went to fairs , shopping , parks and had lots of ice cream . I catched up with everyone even with my favourite uncle . Once when we went to a fair a girl made fun of me since I looked really different from everyone. Everyone was tanned and I had very light olive skin .Everyone had mostly straight light brown hair or covered there hair up while mine was flying everywhere , my dark curls bouncing . My uncle shouted at him and told their parents. I appreciated it but I still was upset . I know being different was good but in this country no one had anything like me . I’m small that’s for sure , people always make jokes about how small I am . I have big dark brown eyes . No I don’t have beautiful blue eyes or gorgeous green eyes . I have long curly hair and curly long eyelashes that surrounded my eyes . Quiet a ordinary person . But not here . In England I was , no one seemed to look twice at me or anything. Just another human in this world...Thanks for reading everyone and watch out for more chapters , more funny parts , more emotional parts , more drama .... More about me ! We haven’t even got to the interesting parts yet !!! My next chapter will be about memories in my old house ! Byeee people Xxx

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