My hell of a life

Find out more about me ! My bad moments. My funny moments. My happy moments. My everything! You will learn about my hobbies how I got into writing family , issues , friends , fake friends... Fights and moments in my life that felt like I was in heaven . My judo competitions and my charity work and waaayyy more !!! :)


3. Judo

Hi people! I know I said that this chapter will be about my old house but I really wanted to tell you guys about my hobbie judo first. Enjoy xxx


I started judo about a year and two months ago . So when I was twelve I started. People told me that I started to late I mean most people in my club were small children or they were older than thirteen but started when they were young . And let me tell you there were barely any girls. So me being twelve and a girl people thought that I wouldn't be good. And I really wasn't . Well in the beginning anyway . It was really awkward for me since first in judo you have to pick the people up and sometimes you have to touch there hip their legs basically what you needed for the technique. I had to go with the groups with little people that were seven or six because no one my age or height was on the same level as me. In fact no one my age was the same height as me! They were all taller than me and still are. People said I was to small for my age and to weak to do judo but I didn't listen . It took me about five or six lessons to become good , I could flip anyone and hold them down in a strangle . My coaches were really impressed , it took months for people to learn what I learnt in a few lessons ( each lesson is one hour and a half) . I didn't really make friends with anyone in the club , maybe because they mostly come from the same school or were already friends for so long or maybe because I didn't and still don't try to make friends with them . I felt like the I only went yo the club together stronger and to get respect not really to make friends. You can call me quiet cold . But I'm not lonely , I made friends with a girl called Amy and another girl called Rose . Rose is way way better than me and Amy , she's much tougher and is a orange belt . Me now as a thirteen year old I'm now a yellow belt as well as Amy . The order of the belts are white , red , yellow , orange , green , blue , brown and then black . We update grades about every five months . We have tags , you need the have three tags on your belt to go to your next belt . It usually takes two years for someone to reach their yellow belt apparently, it took me one year to get it . I'm a quick learner that's for sure , my mind works quick under pressure , you can give me a dance routine a boxing routine a magic trick and I will learn it under a week . Anyway going back to judo , people in my school found out I do judo , and the girls were excited about it . They even gave me a list of people to beat up with I found weird but funny . The boys made fun of me no surprise and started acting on karate chops and would say what you go a do chop me in half . That's the annoying thing I don't do karate .Judo is so so different . Karate you do moves and you don't need to have a partner to train . Judo is basically where you have to flip people over , like imagine someone throwing another person and the person being thrown does a backflip and lands on their back . They you have to hold them down with a hold down or a strangle ( the strangles I hate because they hurt so much but they're fun to do ) and they have to stay down for twenty seconds for you to win . Sounds easy but it's really hard . I remember my first judo competition and I was about four months into training. My coach said I should train more but I really wanted to go and prove I can win..

It was the morning of the competition, I woke up five am in the morning so I could have a quick jog . It was near the end of March so the mornings was a soft cold breeze , just how I like it . Changing into my sports wear I grabbed my headphones and phone and went outside wearing my trainers . I live right next to a massive park so I went there to jog . The air was so refreshing as it brushed my face and blew my curly, long brown hair . The sun was just rising so the colours orange yellow are red were painted everywhere . Absolutely beautiful....Blasting my music to loud , whenever I have something big I listen to inspirational music . So I listened to investable , girl on fire which showed me that just because I'm a girl I can't be treated lower . That I can be a heart surgeon if I wanted to be when I'm older , I'm not going to be a assistant, hell no . I'm going be the main person ,the doctor not the assistant. I'm a girl , yes , but I can be the boss . Finishing of my jog I had a quick shower ,letting the hot water roll of my skin . I don't know if it's just me but does anyone else feel like some stress had washed away when they have a nice warm shower ??? Getting into my judo uniform and tieing my hair into a bun , I looked at myself in the mirror . My judo uniform was slightly big on me but they didn't have a size for me . My curly hair already trying to escape from the bobble . Under my big brown eyes were eye bags from my lack of sleep .  "Common were going to be late! My dad shouted . Ok ready to go ... After a two hour drive I'm in the judo hall . Theresa stage for where you get weighed to find out who your fighting . A timer and scoreboard . And a massive place with mats on . Waiting was the scary part for me , looking at the fights and not knowing who I'm against until the fight . It was my first fight and I was scared as hell. I don't show it and acted so excited but I was exploding inside with fear . My coach was there guiding me and she didn't act like a serious coach to be honest. She acted like a encouraging friend and that really helped . My name was called out and I made my way to my position, the girl I was fighting was a head taller than me and had serious muscles . Oh Jheez.... Going to the middle of the mat and bowing I closed my eyes for two seconds . I remembered the times everyone said I couldn't do it and said that I was weak and would never be able to become something good. And that got me angry . The instructor shouted ray(go in Chinese , I have to learn Chinese since the sport was made in Japan so I have to learn themeaning of words and moves) . I stayed back waiting for her to come to me , I was in my mode , all I could hear was my heart beating and the shouts of my name was blurred. She came at me . With one swift move I grabbed her arms twisted it back , putting my leg on her tummy I flipped her over me making her land behind me on her back . Without pausing I got into my strangle position wrapping my legs around a rounder her neck and squeezing . After five seconds she tapped . When you tap it means you give up . I won . I couldn't believe it ! My dad was shouting and my coach patting back congratulating me . Going to recieve my gold medal I smiled at the flashes of the cameras . You can do it . Whatever you want to do if you put your mind to it and not let words get to you you will rise to the top :)  


My second competition was the same ,the same adrenaline and I won gold again. Yay!

My third competition was the same again . I got into a tie and both of us won gold . Three gold medals in a row yay Yay! That was about three months ago . At the end of the competition a guy came up to me . He was a judo trainer and wanted me to start joining his club . His son was top twenty best judo player under twenty in the UK ! I felt so flattered and said yes . It was a big honour to me . I have to wake up seven am each Saturday morning and do a very intense judo section for a three hours. I now wake up almost every day to do a morning jog , after school I do twenty of press ups, burpees, sit ups , one handed press ups and more . I have to do a ten minute plank as well . First week I ate cake while doing press ups 😂 I couldn't handle it I got tiered easily and the fatty food called me... But training got serious! But I still eat cake... That's it for my judo chapter ! Hope you his enjoyed it . My next chapter you will have to wait to see what's  it's about ! Love you all! Like and share if you enjoyed and comment down , have you ever been told you couldn't do something? Did you still carry ? Have any of you been in any competitions before ? I would love to find out ! Ciao~ don’t forget to follow me!

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