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1. Tough

"Bree can you go pick up Beth?" Mrs Manson asked,

"Sure, what school again?" I questioned,

"Farrington, its pretty big, you'll see it" She grinned. I walked outside and admired the view. As I reved up my motorbike,I could hear Mrs Jones saying "That darn Knightly girl is on her bike again!" I chuckled and reved my bike up again just to fuck with them, hell it was funny. At last I had reached Farrington.

"Bethany Manson!!" I yelled, all I could hear was 'it's that Bree Knightly?' Or 'she's hot' and other provocative things. Then out of the blue I hear "Bree over here!!" I look to were the voice was coming from. There I see a girl with long light brown hair frantically waving her arms at me. Once I reach them I hear "don't nerds know how to do homework?" I step away from my little group and stare at where the bulling was coming from. "Where are you going?" Beth asked. "To do some good?" I replied and walked off to the bulling. "I'm sorry that your coach got you benched for the rest of the season" the poor guy was pleading.

"Excuse me?" I said whole batting my lashes, he turned around and softened up, she flashed his teeth and said "Wait till I'm done with him" and cracked his neck. I punched him where the sun doesn't shine and he kicked back causing me to fall. He was weak but had great speed. I wiped that smug look off his face with a punch. I threw him towards 4 charming boys. "Whoops" I said and laughed. When the guy I punished hit another guy I laughed and went over to him (The guy the fell over, not the guy who I attacked). I held my hand out and he used it to get up. "Bree Knightly" I looked to his friends. The guy I helped turned out to be Ty. His friends said their names one by one. The tall guy who had Beth hair colour was Noah. Matt had red-brown hair and Liam was so fucking hot!

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