London Nights A novel

Albert Harris is a normal thirty year old Londoner. When he dreams of making himself famous, he meets all kinds of people who also think of fame, unaware of the high cost of living can bring themselves down.


2. Albert Harris-Part Two


The woman glanced at Albert Harris. 

She was nervous, as she drank a gin and tonic at Bob's Bar​. She wore a grey fur coat. She saw Albert. He walked towards the bar area, and ordered fish and chips. And a coffee. He smiled at her. "Excuse me, are you an actress?", he asked her. She smiled at him. "No; I'm an Scottish lady of means. I'm Elise Graham", she answered. Albert nodded. "Albert Harris. I'm an Londoner since the year 1998", he said. He smiled at her. He saw her fur coat. "Fox hunting is out of fashion", he said. "Father hunted on the English moors back in the late 1960's, to late 1970's, until he retired in the winter of 1981. He was 62. Mother also wore a fur coat. She was an elegant lady". Albert nodded. "London has changed since the Blitz. There's a sense of fragility about the town in the modern, 21st century". Albert paid for his lunch. He sat down on his white seat...and read about the Brexit app news on his mobile phone. 

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