In The Moment

Done for a prompt, because I felt like it. The prompt was just, write a kiss scene.


1. A Kiss

This girl would be the death of me. Her hair today was out and windswept but her curls still looked perfect. She was wearing jeans that showed off her legs and, well other things...

She was wearing a red crop top with "not your baby" embroidered in white cursive. The gentle plane if her stomach was visible, it was gorgeous and taunting. 

Normally a girl so pretty wouldn't do this much to me, you know what I mean? Just enjoy the view, maybe flirt a little. But this girl, we spent quite a bit of time together and were flirting constantly and she could make my stomach do flips and get me tongue-tied and argh! 

It was the most beautiful form of torture. And today, she looked amazing and she was walking over here!

"Hey." She stood on her tiptoes and pulled me into a hug. I want to state that I was not smelling her, but I did get a waft of her delectable strawberry shampoo and almost melted.

"You look nice today," I replied as she pulled away from the hug, I meant it too. This seemed to catch her by surprise.

"Oh, thank you, it's a new shirt." She smiled at the compliment and my heart skipped a beat.

"Looks good on you," I smirked to try and lighten the mood. She smiled even wider and laughed as she stood on her tiptoes to ruffle my hair. I took a step closer to her, barely an inch separating us. "It'd look better off," I whispered in her ear and she shivered.

"You would think so!" She laughed and playfully swatted my chest. She looked up at me and I took a chance.

I leaned down and gently pressed my lips against hers, she responded immediately and kissed me back.

"Break it up you two!" Someone called from my left, I stuck up the finger and she pulled me closer.

This girl would be the death of me.



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