A Mother for the Princess

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  • Published: 20 Dec 2017
  • Updated: 28 Dec 2017
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Princess Annalise is young, naïve and is spoiled. She’s a pretty princess who lives in a beautiful castle with a daddy who spoils her rotten. The sad part is, she doesn’t have a mother. When King Edward realizes that his daughter needs a mother, he decides to host a royal competition. Each competitor will be given a period of time to learn about Annalise and to get to know her and learn to love her. At the end, Annalise must decide which one of the four princesses will become the new queen and her new mother.

Alex Kingston as Elizabeth
Lana Parrilla as Eva
Rebecca Mader as Charlotte
Mariska Hargitay as Olivia
Adelaide Kane as the late Queen Adelaide
Sean Maguire as King Edward
Maggie Smith as Edward's advisor


2. The Royal Decree

King Edward walks down the empty palace halls and weakly smiles as all the maids dressed in black and white uniforms bow to him like they know they’re supposed too. Edward opens the door to Annalise’s bedroom and finds his little girl in her panda onesie sitting on her huge pink princess bed wearing her mother’s diamond tiara on her head. When Annalise sees Edward, she tosses her book aside and stands up in the bed. She runs towards Edward and he lifts her up into his arms. He kisses her cheek and she smiles.


“Munchkin! How was your day?”

“Boring.” Annalise starts pouting and gives Edward the puppy dog eyes. How am I going to tell her? I don’t know how to tell her. She needs to know.

“Why was it boring?” Annalise shrugs her shoulders.

“It just was. Daddy…tell me about Mommy.” Edward’s heart sinks. He doesn’t know how to tell Annalise about her mother. Edward sits down on a bean bag chair and Annalise sprawls across his lap. I look so unkingly right now. But, I do know…I look and feel like a dad.

Your mommy was a beautiful princess from Greece and we met in 2005. We were both in college and the day before I had to go become king in 2009, I asked her to marry me. We got married in 2010 and five years later in 2015 she gave birth to you.”

“Why did she die?”

“Mommy had cancer…she was diagnosed in 2014…but she found out she was pregnant so she didn’t take her medicine so she could have you.”

“I miss Mommy. How old was I Daddy?”
“You were eight days old.” Annalise presses her head against Edward’s chest and Edward lifts a hand to stroke her shoulder. He holds his tiny little girl against his body and starts to cry. Addie, look at her. Look at our daughter. I miss you Addie.
Daddy what was Mommy’s name?”

“Adelaide. But I called her Addie.”

“Was she pretty?”

“She was beautiful.”

“Can I see a picture?”

“Yes, let me just go get my phone.”

            Edward leaves Annalise in her room and walks to his huge modern bedroom. He digs through his desk drawers and finds his old phone. He pulls up a picture of his beloved wife and walks back into Annalise’s room. He smiles as he finds his little girl all tucked up into bed and fast asleep. Sleeping so peacefully, now I must issue a royal decree. I don’t want a new wife but she needs a mother.

            Edward makes his way to his royal study and finds Cynthia already waiting for him. She wears a black pantsuit and she holds the royal computer for royal degrees in her hands with a new word document opened and all ready for Edward to begin typing.

“When you’re done just hit enter and it’ll will send a royal decree to possible suitors. To women who are single, educated, and are good with children.”

“When will the contest take place?”
“Four will be chosen at the picking and those four will compete.”

“Who will choose the four?”
“Annalise…children are better at making decisions.”
            Cynthia leaves after getting the last word and Edward sits down with the laptop and starts writing his royal decree. I don’t even know where to start. This is like mail ordering mothers. Why did she have to die? Why did Addie have to die? If she hadn’t gotten cancer this wouldn’t be happening. I can’t do this. Edward leans back in his chair and busies himself looking through old selfies of Adelaide’s on his phone. He busies himself looking and pictures Addie took of baby Annalise just days before her death. Man, I miss her. I would do anything to have you back at my side Adelaide. I love you so much and I miss you more than the number of stars in the sky.

            Edward leans forward and begins typing. As he writes the decree he reads each word out loud.

“To my loyal subjects of England and to the royalty of the world. I, King Edward of England, am looking for a new wife and most importantly a mother for my daughter Addie.” Edward goes on to discuss the competition and the picking process. Cynthia will take care of all the dates and important things. Annalise’s maids will make sure she’s properly dressed for the occasion. Cynthia will even plan the wedding because at the wedding Annalise will make the decision.

“To be Annalise’s mother and my new queen you must display one characteristic. You must have unconditional love. Love for Annalise and love for England.” At the end King Edward writes his royal signature and hits enter. He watches as the royal decree sends and he waits…he waits for the planning to begin. My life is just going to be planned out isn’t it. I hope Annalise chooses a good one. I really want no part in this process at all. I’m doing this for my daughter and that’s final. 

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