A Mother for the Princess

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  • Published: 20 Dec 2017
  • Updated: 28 Dec 2017
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Princess Annalise is young, naïve and is spoiled. She’s a pretty princess who lives in a beautiful castle with a daddy who spoils her rotten. The sad part is, she doesn’t have a mother. When King Edward realizes that his daughter needs a mother, he decides to host a royal competition. Each competitor will be given a period of time to learn about Annalise and to get to know her and learn to love her. At the end, Annalise must decide which one of the four princesses will become the new queen and her new mother.

Alex Kingston as Elizabeth
Lana Parrilla as Eva
Rebecca Mader as Charlotte
Mariska Hargitay as Olivia
Adelaide Kane as the late Queen Adelaide
Sean Maguire as King Edward
Maggie Smith as Edward's advisor


6. Olivia: The Busy One

Annalise cries as Elizabeth bids her goodbye. But soon Anna’s frown turns into a smile as King Edward addresses his little daughter.

“Who do you want to be your mommy for a week next Anna Banana?”

            Edward secretly hopes Annalise chooses Charlotte because he can’t wait to dance with the lovely lady.


“Yes Banana.” Annalise starts to cry and Edward lifts his daughter into his arms. He holds her close and dances with her to the beat of the music. Annalise thinks about Elizabeth…standing beautiful in her black dress.

“I miss Lizzie…”

“It’s okay Banana. You’ll see her soon.”

“Daddy, I can’t decide. Who do you like?”

“It doesn’t matter who I like…all that matters is who you like.”

“Can we just throw away the contest?”

“I’m sorry, no, we can’t. We made a promise.”

“Okay, Daddy.”

“Who do you want to spend a week with next? Did you have fun with Lizzie?”

“No, to be honest she’s too strict.”

“Where did you learn how to talk like that? You’re five!”


“Who do you want to see next?”
“Olivia…she’s pretty.”

            Day one with Olivia…

Annalise swings on her swing set and stares at Olivia Benson still on her phone with her clients. Olivia’s been on the phone practically since she arrived at the palace and she hasn’t put her phone down yet. She was even on her phone during her wedding dress fitting. Annalise followed Olivia around the palace for hours…

“Olivia!” Olivia whirls around and comes face to face with the little princess.

“What is it Annalise?”

“Aren’t you going to play with me?”
“No, I don’t have time to play silly games.” Olivia turns back around and barely hears Annalise mumble…

“And you don’t have time for me ever either.” Olivia whirls around, picks Annalise up with one arm and puts her in timeout. Olivia comes back for Annalise three hours later…

That night, as Olivia tucks Annalise into bed she smiles at the princess and kisses her head.

“I love you Annalise.”

“Sure, you do…”

“I do…I’m just busy.”

“Why do you want to be my mommy?”

“I thought maybe having a kid would help me not be so busy. I’m sorry…I’ll try harder tomorrow.”

“I’ve never had a mommy and I’m only five but what I do think is moms don’t have to try…they just do. Sometimes, they make mistakes but…they’re good at what they do.”

“Goodnight Annalise.”

“Goodnight Olivia.”
Sadly, Olivia didn’t keep her promise. When Annalise was practicing piano, Olivia was on her phone. Annalise, was singing…Olivia was on her phone. When Annalise, cut herself…Olivia was on the phone and trying to bandage Annalise’s finger. All the time Annalise thought…She’d make a good queen but not a good mommy. She’s always busy and doesn’t have time for kids…I wish my mommy had lived and not had nasty cancer…then I wouldn’t be doing this stupid thing…I want my mommy!
            Annalise would play, she would read, she would practice dance, piano, violin, flute and she would do hard math problems and would do it every day. Olivia was always on the phone talking to one of her clients. Annalise would suffer severe discipline for lashing out when Olivia ignored her. Olivia never took anything to heart.

On day five, Olivia got a call from New York and left unexpectedly…she was only gone for a day and did return just in time for the royal dance with King Edward.

Annalise moped as her father and Olivia Benson danced long into the evening.

“How was New York?”

“Tiring…might get a job there. I’ve been wanting this job for years…”

“What if Annalise chooses you?”

“I would drop everything to be her mother.”

“What about being queen?”

“I would use my business and political skills to boost England’s economy. You can deal with all the personal touches…”

“What about raising Annalise?”

“I would have time for her too. Annalise comes first.” Wow, she really knows how to charm Daddy. She’s full of it…don’t fall for it Daddy.

Annalise is happy to see Olivia go. She’s definitely not choosing Olivia to become her new mommy.

“Bye Olivia.”

“Bye Annalise. I love you!”
Annalise doesn’t respond…she just runs as fast as she can to her bedroom and strains to lock the door before her daddy can come ask her how her week with Olivia was. Annalise hides in her empty toy chest and curls up with her blanket and pillow. She knows no one can find her in her toy chest and she never wants to come out ever again.

Finally, Edward finds his daughter and wakes her up. He holds her on his lap and asks her about her week with Olivia.

“She was always busy…she was always on her phone. Daddy what was Mommy like?”

“She was nice, caring, loving, fun…she had a bit of a temper…she was perfect. She loved strangers…she acted as if other people’s children were her own and as soon as she first saw you she loved you so much. Your mom was the best person I’ve ever known. I’ve never met one like her…” Except of course, Charlotte but I’m going to let you figure out that one on your own. Please, God, let Eva or Charlotte be the one that Annalise chooses. Eva looks like Adelaide and Charlotte acts just like her…

So Olivia was always on her phone?”

“yes, she was always talking. It was boring.”

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