A Mother for the Princess

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  • Published: 20 Dec 2017
  • Updated: 28 Dec 2017
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Princess Annalise is young, naïve and is spoiled. She’s a pretty princess who lives in a beautiful castle with a daddy who spoils her rotten. The sad part is, she doesn’t have a mother. When King Edward realizes that his daughter needs a mother, he decides to host a royal competition. Each competitor will be given a period of time to learn about Annalise and to get to know her and learn to love her. At the end, Annalise must decide which one of the four princesses will become the new queen and her new mother.

Alex Kingston as Elizabeth
Lana Parrilla as Eva
Rebecca Mader as Charlotte
Mariska Hargitay as Olivia
Adelaide Kane as the late Queen Adelaide
Sean Maguire as King Edward
Maggie Smith as Edward's advisor


7. Eva: The Perfect One

Annalise wakes up and looks around her dark bedroom. She sees shadows dancing on her walls. She feels cold and she screams….

            Eva comes running through the palace in her blue nightgown and throws Annalise’s bedroom door open. Eva climbs into the bed next to Annalise and holds the princess in her arms.

“Sh! It’s okay baby. I got you. It’s okay.”

            Annalise buries her face against Eva’s chest and Eva takes a sigh of relief. Eva wipes away the princess’s tears and holds her close.

“The years now before us Fearful and unknown

 I never imagined I'd face them on my own

May these thousand winters

Swiftly pass, I pray

I love you; I miss you

All these miles away”

Eva smiles as she tucks Annalise back into bed and kisses Anna’s forehead.

“Goodnight sweet child. The angels watch over you and God protect you sweet angel. I’ll see you in the morning.”

            Annalise wakes up and climbs out of bed. She walks to Eva’s bedroom and finds Eva sleeping in her blue nightgown, passed out on her bed. Annalise climbs into bed…something she dared never do with Elizabeth and Olivia. Eva wraps her arms around the princess and smiles.

“Good morning princess.”

“Good morning Eva. I love you!”

“I love you too. Are you ready to start the day?”

“Yes, but I have to get dressed.” Eva kisses Annalise’s nose and lifts the girl into her arms. Little do they know that Edward is watching as they run down the hall to Annalise’s bedroom. She looks so much like Adelaide and Annalise seems to like her… I know Anna Banana will make the right decision.

 “Edward?” Cynthia’s voice makes him jump. He faces his advisor.

“Yes, Cynthia.”

“Annalise has seemed to take a liking too Eva…”

“The resemblance between Eva and Adelaide is what gets me.”
“I know. Queen Adelaide was loved by all. Should we test Eva?”


“Yes, part 2 of the testing. When Annalise liked one of the competitors that competitor will be subjected to a light royal duty. Olivia wasn’t liked by Anna…too busy with clients and Elizabeth was too…not experienced…and Annalise…”

“Annalise liked Elizabeth but Elizabeth wasn’t doing it for the right reasons…”

“Yes sire, exactly what I was trying to say.”

            Cynthia follows the princess and Lady Eva around all day. Cynthia smiles as she watches Eva and Annalise play in the gardens. As they spend time enjoying lunch together and as Eva takes time to read to Annalise and to make sure Annalise completes all of her schoolwork for today.

            Eva sits with Annalise and they eat dinner. Eva gives Annalise a bath and they engage in a playful water fight. Eva selects Annalise her favourite nightgown in the colour blue. Eva tickles Annalise and kisses her and even has Annalise read her favourite story.

“Annalise won’t you read for me?”

“Yes, I want to read to you. Can you give me my book?”

“Can I or will I?”

“Will you please?” Annalise points to the bookshelf and flashes Eva a warm smile.

“Which book?”
“My favourite is Snow White…”

“That’s my favourite? What’s your favourite movie munchkin?”
“The Little Mermaid.” Eva smiles and giggles. Annalise soon finds out that all Eva’s favourites are also her favorites.

“Eva, what’s your favorite color?” Eva takes a moment to think about her favorite color and soon responds.

“My favorite color is red? What’s your favorite color?”

“I like green. It’s pretty. My daddy says my mommy’s favorite color was green.”

“You never knew your mother, did you?”
“No, Mommy died when I was little. Did you have a mommy?”

“Yes, I had a mommy…she died when I was 23.”

“How old are you now?”
“I’ll tell you later…”

            Eva kisses Annalise goodnight and retires to her own bedroom. Eva engages in a few short tasks and busies herself doing work for a client. Eva glances up when she hears a knock at her door. Cynthia enters with a warm smile.

“Lady Eva?”

“Yes, Mrs. Cynthia?”

“Call me Cynthia…tomorrow…you are going to engage in a royal task. To test if you are queenly material or not. Annalise has taken a liking but you must be a good queen to rule our country. Don’t let me down…don’t let Anna down. She admires you…she chose you for a reason.”

“Yes, Cynthia.”

            The very next day, Eva dresses Annalise in a beautiful baby blue dress and gives her patent leather shoes. Eva herself dresses as a royal opting to wear a light pink blouse with a matching skirt and nude heels. Eva ties her hair up in a sleek knot and gets Annalise ready for breakfast.

            Annalise is silent the entire time and just stares at Eva as they enter the limousine and enjoy a long ride to the opening of the new children’s hospital. Eva has a firm grip on Annalise’s hand as she cuts the ribbon and as she interacts with the children and their parents.

            Towards the end of the event Annalise feels tired and weak.

“Eva…I don’t feel good.”

Eva doesn’t say a word…she just gathers the tired princess into her arms and leaves the event without even saying goodbye. Her decision displays to the country that Eva cares more about Annalise than England does.

            Later that day, Edward hears a review from Cynthia.

“She a perfect mother but she doesn’t have what it takes to be queen. She was nice but she acted as if she wasn’t royalty. She didn’t seem to care about the country…Eva is not going to be a good queen.”

“Eva took care of Annalise. I thought that was all we were looking for Cynthia. mother for Annalise comes first and a queen for the country comes next. I want my daughter taken care of…that’s the most important thing.”
            Cynthia nods and leaves the room. Edward stares up at the painting of Adelaide wearing a beautiful red dress and smiling. Edward clearly remembers that day, he and Adelaide had just gotten married. She wanted to dress up and get her portrait professionally painted so she could hang in the hall of queens. Edward still had the painting in his study and knows he’s going to have to move it soon.

            Annalise opens her eyes and looks around her bedroom. She reaches for her stuffed elephant and brings it close to her chest. She feels fingers stroking her hair and she inhales sharply. She feels the warm fingers in her hair and she looks around. Eva’s sitting next to her stroking her hair.


“Hi lil one. Are you feeling better?”

“A little. I’m hungry.”

“That’s understandable on the way home you passed out. You were in the hospital for two days.”
“So, it’s almost over? NO!”

“Sh! It’s okay…we still have two days…it’s okay. We have today and we have tomorrow. Today, I think you’re going to stay in bed…get back your strength.”

“EVA! I don’t want you to go.”

“It’s okay.”

            So, Eva and Annalise spend the entire day playing games, sipping tea, reading books and laughing at jokes. Eva even lets the princess scroll through her twitter feed. At the end of the day Annalise stares up at Eva and says…

“Eva, I love you…I’m going to miss you. I don’t want you to go. Will you be my mommy?”

            Eva’s heart melts and she kisses the princess’s head.

“I would love to sweetie but no yet…maybe in a week you can decide again.”

“I bet you’re going to be pretty in your wedding dress. I love you Eva!”

“I love you too Annalise!”

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