A Mother for the Princess

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  • Published: 20 Dec 2017
  • Updated: 28 Dec 2017
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Princess Annalise is young, naïve and is spoiled. She’s a pretty princess who lives in a beautiful castle with a daddy who spoils her rotten. The sad part is, she doesn’t have a mother. When King Edward realizes that his daughter needs a mother, he decides to host a royal competition. Each competitor will be given a period of time to learn about Annalise and to get to know her and learn to love her. At the end, Annalise must decide which one of the four princesses will become the new queen and her new mother.

Alex Kingston as Elizabeth
Lana Parrilla as Eva
Rebecca Mader as Charlotte
Mariska Hargitay as Olivia
Adelaide Kane as the late Queen Adelaide
Sean Maguire as King Edward
Maggie Smith as Edward's advisor


5. Elizabeth: The Strict One

Annalise holds onto her father’s shirt as he holds her on his hip and as he addresses the four lucky ladies chosen by Annalise to compete to become her new mother. Cynthia steps forward and addresses the nervous women.

“I am Cynthia, King Edward’s royal advisor. This is his daughter Princess Annalise. You four have been chosen by Annalise to win over this child and you have exactly a week each to do so. At the end of the month, there will be a wedding and Annalise will choose her new mother at the wedding. Any questions?” Eva raises her hand shyly.

“Yes Ms. Zambrano,”

“What if Annalise has already chosen who she wants to be her mother?”

“That’s for Annalise to know and you to find out.”

            It was true, Annalise already had someone chosen. She didn’t need any time to figure out who she wanted to be her mother. The person Annalise chose was lovely, nice, compassionate and caring. Annalise already knew deep down in her own heart that she was going to make the right decision when the time came.

            Edward leans down to his daughter standing and staring at the four lovely ladies staring down at her. Annalise smiles when she sees Charlotte smiling brightly in her beautiful pink dress. Annalise smiles at Eva in her pretty blue, and at Olivia in her strict white and black. Annalise smiles at Elizabeth even though she doesn’t like Elizabeth’s dress. Edward whispers in his daughter’s ear and she giggles.

“Anna, who do you want to spend a week with first?”

            Annalise stares at all four of the women and points to Elizabeth. The lady in the green ball gown beams with happiness and cautiously walks over to Annalise. Elizabeth shakes Annalise’s hand and Annalise beckons for Elizabeth to pick her up. Ms. Corday gently picks Annalise up and Annalise wraps her legs around Elizabeth’s hips. Elizabeth carries Annalise out of the room and Edward frowns when his daughter stares at him frowning. Edward beckons for Cynthia to come over.

“I don’t think Annalise likes Elizabeth. Ms. Corday seems rather reserved and too cautious. She’s not mother material.”

“What do you wish that I do sire?”

“Continue the plans…Annalise will just have to cope.”
“Yes your majesty.”

            Day One with Elizabeth…

Elizabeth stands in her new chambers and brushes back her curly locks into a fashionable ponytail. She also smooths out her pencil skirt and selects a nice pair of heels. To be queen, to be mother or not to be… Elizabeth finishes her early morning ritual and smiles as she realizes she’s only taken three hours to properly prepare. Day one: taking care of my future stepdaughter…fingers crossed.

            Elizabeth opens Annalise’s bedroom door and finds the little princess playing in her finger paints, wearing a white dress covered in paint and wearing a huge tiara on her head. Elizabeth places her hands on her hips and figures out a plan of action. She snatches the crown off Annalise’s head and picks Annalise up. The princess starts kicking and screaming. If you’re going to throw a tantrum you’re going to go to timeout. Annalise is deposited in her time out chair in the corner. I can see you use this corner a lot. Your chair is already here.

“You’ve been very naughty Anna. What would your daddy have to say about this? Timeout for five minutes…then we’re going to change and eat breakfast. Maybe start on some school work.”

            After her timeout, Annalise runs to find Elizabeth. Annalise wanders the halls in her white dress still wet with paint and finds Elizabeth in the late Queen Adelaide’s garden. Elizabeth is picking roses and smiles when she sees Annalise coming towards her.


“Annalise!” The young princess runs up to Elizabeth and wraps her arms around the lady. Annalise kisses Elizabeth’s cheek and the older woman beams with happiness.

“I love you Lizzie!”

“I love you too Anna!”

            Day Three:

            Annalise and Elizabeth take a stroll through the royal gardens. Annalise keeps a firm grip to Elizabeth’s hand the whole walk through and asks questions…lots and lots of questions.

“Lizzie, why do you want to be my mommy?”

“I’ve always wanted children and…well because I love you…”

“Do you love my daddy?” Elizabeth’s facial features stiff up a bit and she frowns and then responds without confidence…

“If you pick me to be your mommy, I’m sure I can learn to love him.”

            Annalise doesn’t like this response at all and she soon decides that Elizabeth isn’t the mommy she’s been wanting for a long time.

“How old are you Lizzie?”

“Never ask a lady her age.”

“But, if you’re going to be my mommy…”

“You can ask if I marry your daddy.”

            The rest of the day, Annalise works on her schoolwork and Elizabeth gets a few small work errands done. As Elizabeth tucks Annalise in, Elizabeth stares at the child and whispers.

“I love you Annalise…I hope I’m everything you’re looking for in a mommy. I’m going to be the best mommy to you.”

            The days just seem to fly by and for Annalise they seem to not fly by fast enough. Annalise loves Elizabeth, but she doesn’t enjoy Lizzie’s company. Day seven is when Annalise says goodbye to Elizabeth and when Elizabeth enjoys a dance with King Edward and when Annalise chooses who she wants to spend a week with next.

            Elizabeth picks a beautiful pink frock for Annalise and a nice beautiful black ball gown for herself. Annalise stares at Elizabeth and smiles. Annalise runs up to Elizabeth and gives her a big hug. Elizabeth sighs as the little princess wraps an arm around her.

“You look pretty Lizzie.”

“You’re beautiful Anna. I’m going to miss you.”

“Aren’t you going to see my later?”

“Yes, but I won’t see you for three weeks…”

“Lizzie if I don’t choose you to be my mommy will you be my gove…ness?”



“I would love to be your governess if I can’t your mommy.”

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