A Mother for the Princess

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  • Published: 20 Dec 2017
  • Updated: 28 Dec 2017
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Princess Annalise is young, naïve and is spoiled. She’s a pretty princess who lives in a beautiful castle with a daddy who spoils her rotten. The sad part is, she doesn’t have a mother. When King Edward realizes that his daughter needs a mother, he decides to host a royal competition. Each competitor will be given a period of time to learn about Annalise and to get to know her and learn to love her. At the end, Annalise must decide which one of the four princesses will become the new queen and her new mother.

Alex Kingston as Elizabeth
Lana Parrilla as Eva
Rebecca Mader as Charlotte
Mariska Hargitay as Olivia
Adelaide Kane as the late Queen Adelaide
Sean Maguire as King Edward
Maggie Smith as Edward's advisor


8. Charlotte: The Perfect One

Annalise kisses Eva’s cheek and bids her goodbye. She smiles as Charlotte comes in wearing a beautiful black dress. King Edward stares at Charlotte before being pulled away by Cynthia. She sternly chastises him…

“Edward, Annalise can’t see the way you look at Charlotte. You can’t influence her.”

“I haven’t the faintest idea of what you’re talking about.”
“I see how you look at Charlotte…you look at Charlotte like you looked at Adelaide.”

“Charlotte doesn’t even resemble Addie.”
“Edward, what if Annalise chooses Eva. What are you going to do then? You can’t let your feelings get the best of you. It’s going to be an arranged marriage whether you like it or not.”

“If Anna chooses Charlotte…it won’t be. Goodnight Cynthia!”

“Goodnight Edward.”

            Cynthia briskly walks off and Edward takes one final look at Charlotte. At the end of the week, he’ll be married to one of the four ladies. Whether it be Elizabeth, Olivia, Eva or Charlotte…he’s going to be married. Edward stares at Charlotte and then turns heel and walks off. He doesn’t even look back to see Charlotte’s perfect interaction with his baby girl.

            Charlotte enters the ballroom from the west wearing a magnificent black dress. Her red locks are perfectly curled and pulled into a tight chignon. Annalise is sitting on the floor in the center of the room wearing a beautiful dark green dress that highlights her eyes. Charlotte sneaks up behind the princess and starts to tickle her. After, the tickle fest is over Charlotte lifts Annalise into her arms and wordlessly carries the little girl to the bedroom.

            Charlotte tucks Annalise in and proceeds to read the Wizard of Oz…Charlotte kisses Annalise’s head and whispers.

“Goodnight munchkin. I’ll see you in the morning green bean.”
“Goodnight Charlotte…” Charlotte turns…smiles at the little girl and calmly says.

“Call me Charlie…Charlotte is so strict and so…old fashioned. I like the name Charlie… so call me Charlie.”

“Goodnight Charlie…”

“Goodnight Annalise...”

            Charlie pulls out Annalise’s white frock with sunflowers and a bright yellow bow to put in her hair. As soon as Charlie moves to wake Annalise up she knows that the princess is in a bad mood.

“Wake up Anna…it’s time for school…”
“NO! I hate that dress and I hate school!”
“I was going to help you with maths today…”
“I HATE MATHS! I HATE YOU!” Charlie makes a pouty face and pretends to start crying. Annalise sees Charlie’s tears and wraps her tiny arms around the beautiful lady with red hair. Charlie surprise attacks Annalise with the tickle monster. Annalise laughs…she hasn’t really laughed like this since…she’s never laughed before…

“Come on Anna, put on the dress?”

“Please? Put it on!”


            Annalise puts on the elephant dress and runs over to her toy chest. She pulls every toy out and then goes over to the bookshelf. Charlie sees the mess and stands over it with her hands on her hips. Charlie’s opted to wear blue jeans and an olive-green t-shirt. Charlie puts her hands on her hips and points.

“Annalise, clean up your mess?”

“NO! I have a maid!”
“I won’t have you making a mess and not cleaning it up. I don’t want my daughter to be a slob!”
“I’M NOT YOUR DAUGHTER!” Charlie walks over to Annalise pulls the girl up under her arm and sits her down in her timeout chair.

“Five minutes and then you’re going to clean up your mess!”

“Yes Charlie!”

“Thank you!”
            Charlie reads the Wizard of Oz while Annalise cleans up her toys. Charlie smiles when she sees the little princess making her bed. Charlie looks up from her book a while later and finds Annalise struggling to do her maths. She smiles as the child counts her fingers and erases with ease. She’s just a normal child…the only difference is that her father runs the country. She needs to be raised normally. Can’t have a spoiled brat on the throne one day…

            Charlie silently pulls up a chair and starts to help Annalise do her maths. Three hours later, Annalise is done with all her schoolwork for the day and so Charlie decides a swim in the pool might be nice.

“Anna, do you know how to swim?”
“No, Daddy’s always busy.”

“Well, I’m going to teach you!” Annalise smiles and runs to change into a swimsuit. Charlie smiles as Annalise comes out wearing cute one-piece suit with little tiny crowns stitched in. The word Princess is written over the chest. Charlie puts Annalise on her hip and the duo walk to the swimming pool.

            Annalise kicks and splashes around and throws water at Charlie. Charlie throws water and tickles the princess. A few hours later, as Annalise tries to swim around on her own Charlie looks up to see King Edward standing over them. Charlie gets out of the pool and lifts Annalise out. She bows to the king and Edward lets out a grin.

“I can tell you’re having fun. I came to inform you Charlotte that tomorrow you will be christening the new royal naval ship. You can come up with a name…I’m sure. And Annalise…your governess is coming to help you will schoolwork!”

“I took the liberty to help her already. She’s all done. And call me Charlie…your majesty.”

            Edward bows and leaves…Charlie throws Annalise into the pool and jumps in after her causing a big splash.

            The next day, Charlie dresses sharply in a black shirt with a pocket, a pair of sunglasses and olive-green capris before going to wake Annalise up. She dresses Annalise in a floral print dress and gets ready to go out but Cynthia stops them.

“What are you wearing Ms. Lewis?”

“Christening clothes.”

“No, you aren’t wearing that…please change. What is Annalise wearing?”

“Isn’t she coming?”

“No, she’s going to spend the day with her nanny Emerald…”

            Annalise runs away and Charlie sighs. Charlie runs after the princess and finds her in her bedroom. Charlie says goodbye to Annalise and changes into a floral print shirt with black pants and black boots. Charlie also pulls her hair up into a ponytail and lets the curls hang down. Charlie leaves the palace and rides to the docks in a black limo. On the way, there she can’t help but think of Annalise, at the palace, all alone. Poor baby, I wish I was there with you but a queen must do what she must.

            Charlie steps out of the limo and is announced with must happiness.

“Lady Charlotte Staples Lewis…” Charlie waves the royal wave and climbs up the stairs. She shakes hands and gives hugs and interacts with the commoners. Even if she herself is a commoner. Cynthia observes how Charlie’s style is much like the style of the late Queen Adelaide’s.

“Lady Lewis to christen the new royal naval ship. Lady Lewis, what is the ship’s name?”

“I christen the ship the Royal Annalise…after Princess Annalise…”

            Cynthia’s taken aback…only a princess would christen a ship after a child or a person…Cynthia smiles. She approves of Charlie’s queen characteristics.

            For the remainder of the week, Charlie disciplines Annalise, has fun with Annalise and is fitted for her wedding gown. Charlie even helps Annalise pick out a dress for the ceremony.

“Are you ready for tomorrow Anna?”

“Not really, I can’t decide who I want to be my mommy.”

            Charlie sits down and pats for Annalise to sit in her lap. Charlie wraps her arms around Annalise and starts giving words of advice.
“Anna, no one can replace your mommy. She gave birth to you but whoever you choose, I can assure you they will try their best to be your mother.  She will love you and will raise you. You can call her mom if you want but never forget who your real mother is…your real mommy is in Heaven and she loves you very much.”

“Thank you, Charlie. I love you!”
“ I love you too Anna. I’ll see you tomorrow okay?”

“Okay, see you tomorrow.”

“I love you Anna.”

“I love you too Charlie!”

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