Her man.

He's a suit man working in an office whom always goes to the same cafe at the same time with the same friend.
She's a crazy, tattooed, bluehair girl whom always sees the same man in the cafe, same table, same time, same coffee, same friend.
What would happen if one of her brothers tells her to start sending him notes?
After all, she has nothing to lose.
Hey, there!
I'm Kat, I'm a Spanish girl who wants to learn and improve her English so I'm gonna translate my spanish stories I have in Wattpad to practice. Don't be rude with me, please, I'm trying my best!
Thank you!
See ya!


3. Note #3


You didn’t expect me to continue with the notes and you were surprised again when you saw the yesterday one in your chair… Again.

I like when you look around the place and stare who might be the girl who write this thing while your friend talks to you and you don’t listen to him.

You look cute when you’re distracted.

Signed: an attentive girl.

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