Her man.

He's a suit man working in an office whom always goes to the same cafe at the same time with the same friend.
She's a crazy, tattooed, bluehair girl whom always sees the same man in the cafe, same table, same time, same coffee, same friend.
What would happen if one of her brothers tells her to start sending him notes?
After all, she has nothing to lose.
Hey, there!
I'm Kat, I'm a Spanish girl who wants to learn and improve her English so I'm gonna translate my spanish stories I have in Wattpad to practice. Don't be rude with me, please, I'm trying my best!
Thank you!
See ya!


1. Note #1


No, I don’t like it… Too informal.

What about with “hello”?

Honestly, I don’t even know why I’m doing this.

Well, in fact I do because I like you, but it doesn’t make any sense if you don’t know who I am.

Maybe you might think this is too childish, a game of teenagers in high school or something like that and you’re a man whom is not for this, right?

That’s what I told to my brother!

You wouldn’t like this or you would think this is a game but he insisted me to do it and, you know, I lose nothing trying it.


The point is I know you come every morning to Juice about 11am, sit in the same table next to the window and ask for a strong double coffee without sugar.

Please, don’t think I’m a stalker!

I just want you to know that I always see you coming with your friend but I can’t help and lose myself in your smile and I’m too shy and coward to get close to you.  More if you’re not alone.

I’m not gonna tell you who I am, at least for now.

Signed: a shy girl.

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