December night in Lower Manhattan A novel

Jenny Marlowe is a nine year old girl whose parents ignore her. When she finds out that all of the children are also ignored, she insists on getting a campaign to get them power during the month of December.


2. Jenny Marlowe-Part Two


​My room was massive. 

There was a bed in the middle. A glass window to the left. To the right was a tan cupboard. "The bed is bigger than mine", I said. Emily nodded. "If you need me, I'll be in my bedroom. Good night!", she said.

"Good night!", I said.


The next morning, I awoke.

I stared at the window.

Three children were shivering. 

Snow was falling.

I watched them. 

I opened the window.

"Are you alright?", I asked them.

"No. We're not alright. We haven't got presents", a girl who was eleven answered. I nodded. I gazed at them. "I'm Jenny. I can take care of everything for you". And I meant it. The cold, December weather created a storm. I saw their parents were too busy talking to other parents. They weren't concerned about them. Or me. I was thinking about what to do when Emily opened the door. "Breakfast is in the Dining Room. I'll show you where it is", she told me. And I nodded, and headed out of my bedroom. After I'd finished eating, and drinking, I'd make sure that all of New York's children would be safe, and enjoying their freedom.



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