The Protectors of Magic: The Fates of Magic

In a land full of Magic, Saly and her family have lived in peace within their forest village for many years. However, after the shocking death of the queen of the kingdom, Saly's family was requested to become the new royal family in the queens will. Will Saly and her siblings adjust to the royal grooming or will they discover that there are many doors left unopened in the world? They will have to face many new people and magic they have never seen before.


1. Chapter 1: Dreams of Darkness

Black.  Nothing like the darkness behind closed eyelids.  Black that swallows every fragment of light and color.  No.  More like suffocating every fragment of life.  Yet, there was feeling.  No, that’s not quite right.  There was something.  More of a recognition of the world tilting to its side.  Similar to lying on one’s side when waking up.  The strange dimension between sleep and waking, dream and reality, a place where you are not quite ready to leave or stay.  There was just… nothingness.  

All of a sudden gravity seems to change. If the world was a cube, then it was suddenly flipped onto it’s side. It’s instant, enough so that it seemed like you were stuck on a wall instead of a floor.  Then, you were just floating, just falling but oh so slowly.  Gently drifting down, you make contact with flooring, feet landing gently and quietly, not a breadth of noise. You don’t breath as you hear droplets of water echo like crashing waves in the silence.  So small yet so powerful to make such disruptions in the calm.

There was a change in the air and color and light appeared as if they removed their cover’s at the same time to reveal the world.  There is water on the ground, all through the floor with a crescent shaped miniature island behind me.  The crescent curves away from you and across it, you see a pool.  Many cliff like layers had water pouring from each level down to the next like a carved fountain, bending to the natural form of land in a beautiful design.   Within these levels, and amongst the water, are rocks with some kind of glowing engravings, pulsating in a weak light.  As this water cascaded down to the pool at the bottom, the water gently rippled.  There was no sound from rushing water.  I looked up to see a darkened sky but there was something different.  Water droplets are falling from it like a leaky roof did.  There was a moon but it was covered in an impossible black shadow that seemed to suck in even the darkness around it.  Such a mystical name for something called the Dark Moon.  In this world there is so many different meanings to such a rare celestial body.  But there was definitely something strange to go along with this powerful omen.  There were no stars.

Suddenly stepping forward causes ripples through the water.  The water rivets and waves away from the step.   It appeared that time had stopped.  However, one of the most powerful emotions had a grip on all things living.  Fear hanging in the very air like a poisonous mist that was paralyzing everything.  This debilitating force grabs on to your very soul and chokes it.  Walking forward to one of the glowing rocks, I place my hand on it.  It seems warm in my hands. Then as if a switch was pulled, the glowing stopped and the magic becoming stiff.  

I turned to the pools and leaned over the edge.  Clear water gave perfect vision of what almost looked like an endless pit.  There is something that is amiss.  Nature may have made a mistake, but memory serves that there should be some form of life in this pool, but there is nothing but water and the contour of the earth.  There was no algae, not fish, no small bugs or creatures.  The pool was still, as if the lack of life within its waters had stolen the very life of the pond.  The lack of movement made the environment felt similar to being in a room with a corpse.  Sorrowful, empty, struggling to keep from collapsing from the pressure of death so close to you.

Turning around and dragging a foot across the water creates waves and splash in a form of a spiral.  Yet, instead of continuing on to the shore, there was a section that stopped abruptly and rippled back towards me.  There was something in the water.  This thing didn’t look like anything.  It was laying there almost in sync with the water, but it was a black.  The spiraling rivets of the water had touched it and yet it did not move.  Slowly, the shape began to rise, and it began to form.  Within it, you could see a face, even a body, but instead there was something much more disturbing.

This object was a hand, a face in the middle.  But it was made out of a liquid goo that was a dark black, but had stripes of glowing purple, pulsating malevolently.  Stepping back in a rush, the ripples are violent, trembling in a way.  This malformed creature suddenly lunges forward.  Coming close to me then... the world, then goes completely dark, with just a pulsating purple light… and darkness.


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