Christmas Town A novella

Mary Shreve is a thirty year old lawyer in New York lawyer who is working too hard during Christmas time. When her eight year old daughter, Amy, thinks she is missing out on the festive season, she meets Santa Claus, whose kindness in Christmas Town spreads throughout the city that never sleeps.


2. Christmas Town-Part Two


Amy Shreve glanced at the children who were lining around to meet Santa Claus. She was overly excited to see him; she was sad that her mother wasn't there to take a selfie with him; she gazed at Rhonda Webster, an eight year old girl who screamed at her parents until she got what she wanted-like a character from a Roald Dahl book. Amy didn't care about screaming; she wasn't a screamer; she wasn't a crier; she behaved normally. At eight, Amy was a resourceful girl. She was dressed in a red and white dress, black socks, and light, brown, shoes on her small feet. Her long, black hair was down her back. Her brown eyes focused on the huge festive throne in the middle of the spacious room.

"Can I have a plane, Santa?", Tim O'Grady, nine, asked him.

"Yes, as long as it's a toy one", Santa Claus answered. And he nodded, as Amy walked towards him. 

"Ho! Ho! Ho! What do you want to have for Christmas, little girl?".

"My Mom home for the holidays, Santa", Amy said.

"And where is she?", Santa said.

"In a boardroom. She's too busy for me".

"That's terrible. Would you like a present?".

"Yes! I'll have a doll please! Not a superhero or Star Wars​ figure. That's old". And she smiled, as Santa nodded. 

"Here you are. What's your name?".


"Have a Merry Christmas, Amy".

"Thank you, Santa. Good bye! And Merry Christmas!".

"Merry Christmas!".


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