Christmas Town A novella

Mary Shreve is a thirty year old lawyer in New York lawyer who is working too hard during Christmas time. When her eight year old daughter, Amy, thinks she is missing out on the festive season, she meets Santa Claus, whose kindness in Christmas Town spreads throughout the city that never sleeps.


1. Christmas Town-Part One


It was a sense of dry laughter at the New York Board Meeting that caused Mary Shreve to ponder on the news which caused her to shift uncomfortably in her expensive black leather chair; her long, slender legs were covered in black stockings, as snow fell in the city. She gazed at Mister Davies, the Irish-American owner of ​Christmas Town​, a grand, magical, place in the city that never sleeps; a magical world which evoked laughter, humour, and child like innocence; a place which filled everyone with pleasure at the way Santa Claus, the elves, and everyone who celebrated Christmas every year. "I'm sure you'd be involved in the annual charity cause, Mary", he stated. "No", she said. She shook her head. "No. ​You're sure! All of us shall be able to...", he faulted. "No; no. I have no time for Christmas". And she shook her head, as she waited for Mister Davies to stop speaking.

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